Romania: 15 Finalists Confirmed… Watch their Auditions Now.

romaniaRomania – We now know the 15 acts who will perform in the  Selecția Națională semi-final on 26th February. 84 songs were submitted. 72 took part in live auditions, and a jury has decided on the last 15.  

The jury panel is made up of  Luminiţa Anghel (Romania 2005), Ovi Jacobsen & Paula Seling (Romania 2010 & 2014) Adrian Romcescu and Andrei Tudor10 acts will perform in the final on 5th March 2017, all chosen by televote.

Here’s the 15 semi-finalists and their auditions:

Elizé & No StressFără Bariere (Without Barriers)’
Cristina VasiuSet the Skies on Fire’
Tudor TurcuLimitless’
Ramona NerraSave Me’
Ana-Maria MiricăSpune-Mi Tu (Tell Me)’
InstinctPetale (Petals)’
D-lema ‘Adventure’
Ilinca ft. Alex FloreaYodel It!’
Tavi Colen & EmmaWe Own The Night’
ZangaDouă Sticle (Two Bottles)’
MaximAdu-ți Aminte (Remember)’
Eduard SanthaWild Child’
M I H A II Won’t Surrender’
Alexandra CrăescuHope’
XandraWalk On By’

9 comments on “Romania: 15 Finalists Confirmed… Watch their Auditions Now.

  1. Interesting mix, some good some bad, some early contenders for Barbara Dex.

  2. Feeling down and can’t get to sleep, even though I have to get up for school in 4 hours. A lot of shitty stuff happened at my school this past weekend that’s just further divided us; I’m not gonna get into details, but it’s just pretty sad stuff. The Class of 2018 was known for being the one grade that was able to unite itself like a family, but we sure aren’t acting like it right now. Sorry for the mini-rant, I don’t know where else to write it so that no one at my school sees it. Good night guys.

    • What’s happened? As a professor, I can maybe help

      • It sounds like a bad school… ce sont des premières ? There should be a lycée psychologue (et le médecin scolaire) to help you guys out. But don’t forget, everyone should work to succeed in their own because this is a bubble and not all there is to in life.

        • The thing is it isn’t even a bad school, it’s a really good school, there are just people who make bad decisions. I don’t mean to sound like braggy or whatever, but I come from a kinda wealthy area, and the schools are amazing here. Some kids just do bad things. The sad thing is that I think the school is gonna try to sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen. There might be a minor assembly regarding the first issue, but I doubt the second issue will ever be talked about. Part of the reason why she’s been out of school is because of how the school did nothing to handle it.

          Can I ask though that you delete my other comment, I don’t want the off chance someone from my school stumbles upon this website and sees Lina’s been spewing information to strangers.

          • Well we’re in legal territory there, so she should go the police with her accusations: if the school did prevent her from doing so, they’re complices of a crime. Besides that, if you’re upset you can talk to friends or teachers. I dont think we can go on in an atmosphere we dont like anymore.


  3. I hope everything is settled down well, dear Lina. Hold on, be strong ;)

    • Well we’ll find out today. Thankfully none of the drama is about me, but it does involved some mutual friends, so we’ll see how that all goes.

  4. I listened to snippets of the songs and I can’t say I liked any, sorry.
    The worst by far is “Yodel it” which I’m afraid will be selected.

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