Poll: Who has the Best Song of the Big 5?

pollPoll – We now have the five songs that will automatically make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 but do any of them belong there? Who do you think has the best song of the Big Five last year? Last year France won our Knock Out Competition but are they onto another winner?

If you’re new to Eurovision you may or may not know that Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom make up the big five who automatically make the final due to their large contribution to the EBU.

This year, the National Final was the selection of choice with the Big Five with only France opting to go internal. Female singers have been the most popular too with a 3:2 ratio.

The Big Five Songs are as follows…

FranceAlma “Requiem”

Germany Divina “Perfect Life”

italyFrancesco Gabbani “Occidentali’s Karma”

Spain Manel Navarro “Do It For Your Lover”

UnitedKingdom Lucie Jones “Never Give Up On You”

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63 comments on “Poll: Who has the Best Song of the Big 5?

  1. La scimmia nuda balla :) :) :)
    Go Francesco !!

  2. Well I mean dont really mind any of them that much tbh, but Italy stands out the most for me, so it got my vote here:

    1. Italy: 7
    2. UK: 6
    3. France: 6
    4. Spain: 5,5
    5. Germany: 4

  3. Italy is my favorite closely followed by France and the UK which isn’t bad either.

  4. France:
    Sounds like a song that could have been in ETSC or FdlC too. It’s a fine pop song with a slightly oriental touch. Good melody. If anything the production is a bit thin, and as I am a sucker for small sonic details, I will miss them here. A solid effort in any case.

    The intro instantly makes me think of “Every Breath You Take”. Unfortunately the verse is based on the 4 Chord Song progression, but the harmonics are doing other things in the chorus without exactly surprising the listener at any point. OK vocals, and the music sounds very professional, but also a bit too slick and harmless for me personally. But not a bad song, and it is performed in a pleasantly down-to-earth way.

    After having heard it once and subsequently reading some of the comments, I was surprised to learn that it was considered a humorous song. It was not really the first thing that came to my mind. What I heard first of all was a rather ordinary mainstream pop song that could have been released some time back in the 1990’s. Once again very feel good like and soft, and the composition seems quite uninteresting to me. In any case the singer has a good voice.

    Could have been a boyband song had it not been performed by a solo artist. Once again very harmless, but this time there’s a singer who is both boring and slightly unsure in his intonation (especially in the middle eight) – not a good combination. Most memorable aspect is probably the “ba ba ba” backing vocals in the chorus.

    United Kingdom:
    Staged as a “big female power ballad” á la Celine Dion. OK but not overwhelming vocals. OK but rather anonymous composition that doesn’t really convey the emotions it is suggesting. At least you can remember the chorus. 5/12

  5. So my vote will go to France :-)

  6. Italy ftw! An instant favorite of mine and its warm reception is making me more optimistic than I have any right to be.

    1) Italy
    2) France
    3) UK
    4) Germany
    5) Spain

  7. Francesco has overtaken Lucie. Common sense seems to prevail after all …

  8. Ok my top 5 of big 5 which may sound horribly familiar!
    1/Italy – I’m a sucker for this kind of thing even though have no idea how it will do on the big night
    2/ France – there are a lot of elements of the song I really like such as the tango feel parts, just wondering about the live performance
    3/UK – I’m not a great fan of this song as it seems to have potential as a big ballad but is somehow forgettable, however after listening again maybe a good performance from Lucie and the right staging could take it out of the bottom 5 as many have predicted
    = 4 (is that allowed?!) Germany/Spain I couldn’t decide on their equal merits to separate them
    To add something here from Spain, obviously other TV channels took advantage of the TVE show fiasco to make even more people on social media than actually watched the NF (a record low) comment on it like the “corto de mangas” of Manel Navarro (not sure how to translate that in English? f++k you with your arm sign? video attached), there are plenty more polemics and in journalist circles there may be a “Españagate” type scandal ahead (sighs!!), the corte de mangas (sleeve cut):

  9. Italy my favourite and my favourite Italian entry since Nina Zilli in 2012. Interestingly enough, “Occidentali’s karma” is the first ESC song of the year to enter Top 50 iTunes downloads in Sweden (46th at the moment).

    France is my 2nd and the rest I don’t really care about. Maybe UK 3rd, Germany 4th and Spain 5th.

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