Poland: Ten Finalists Revealed

polandPoland – National broadcaster TVP has announced the 10 acts in contention to be Poland’s representative in Kyiv and some of their songs are appearing online. They were chosen from 132 entries and will take part in Krajowe Eliminacje 2017. The final will take place next Saturday on 18th February 2017 at 20:30 (CET) on TVP 1, and the winner will be decided by 50/50 jury / televote.

The jury consists of Alice Węgorzewska, Maria Sadowska, Robert Janowski, Wlodek Pawlik and Krzesimir Dębski.

The ten finalists are:

  • Martin Fitch – ‘Fight for us’
  • Aneta Sablik – ‘Ulalala
  • Kasia Moś – ‘Flashlight
  • Paulla – ‘Chcę tam z tobą być
  • Carmell – ‘Faces’
  • Lanberry (Małgorzata Uściłowska) – ‘Only human
  • Olaf Bressa – ‘You look good’
  • Rafał Brzozowski – ‘Sky over Europe’
  • Isabell Otrębus-Larsson – ‘Voiceless’
  • Agata Nizińska – ‘Reason


14 comments on “Poland: Ten Finalists Revealed

  1. Without being a strong entry Agata Nizińska – ‘Reason‘ is my personal best.

  2. GOSH, of these 5 you have posted, 4 are AWESOME:
    1. Paulla – “Chcę tam z tobą być”
    2. Agata Nizińska – “Reason”
    3. Lanberry (Małgorzata Uściłowska) – “Only human” – but pity it’s not the Polish version “Piatek: :(
    4. Kasia Moś – “Flashlight”

    and one bad song:

    1. Aneta Sablik – “Ulalala”

    and 5 more to be revealed! :O
    GOSH this NF will knock me down completely of AMAZINGNESS!!

  3. Don’t know the songs yet. Good luck!

  4. I ve heard 3 of the songs here and they were all pretty underwhelming imo. Although it seems Poland does not need a good song anymore to do well anyway so..

  5. Lanberry’s Polish version of the song was released before September 1.

    TVP are bringing in a nice mix of new artists, made-for-Eurovision stuff and current domestic hits, so shout out to them. Interest seems to be growing and success is almost guaranteed with their televote power.

  6. I’ll listen to those later next week.
    Off-topic: There is a commentary with discussion on the role and merits of Sweden in ESC on PB today. People have very different opinions but everything is respectful and civilized.

    • A) what you mean by civilized may he the furthest thing from civilized in reality (like alts mocking supporters of the swedish entries) so wont be taking your word on that.
      B) if that is indeed the case after all take some notes, they will be helpful.
      C) Why sweden only ? Why not a discussion on the role and merits of e.g. Poland, Russia or Italy in esc ?

  7. I really like the opening to Lanberry’s song, but the rest of it gets pretty generic. It’s still my favorite so far though. I hope it doesn’t get disqualified.

  8. Olaf Bressa:

  9. The 8th Polish finalist:

  10. The penultimate finalist:

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