Latvia: Supernova Continues Tonight with Heat 2

LatviaLatviaSupernova continues with its second heat tonight and another 11 acts go head to head to try and win one of the four places into the next round (and look more interesting that Riga Beaver). Two acts will be chosen by the jury, and two by the televoters, including the amount of streams that the song has had on Spotify for the first time.  

The acts for tonight are (in no particular order)

Markus Riva – Dynamite
Triana Park – ‘
The Ludvig – ‘I’m in love with you’
Miks Galvanovskis – Runaway’
My Radiant You –All I know’
The HiQ –
Taju ot Lyubvi
Katrine Lukins – ‘
UP – ‘One by one’
Laura Lo feat. Chris Oak – ‘Little weird’
Santa Daņeļeviča – ‘Your breath’
Toms Kalderauskis – ‘We won’t back down’

Watch from 20.25 (CET) on this link here.

The 4 qualifying acts from tonight will join Miks Dukurs, Lauris Valters, Franco Franco and Linda Leen in the next round.

Which is your favourite song tonight? Vote now

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200 comments on “Latvia: Supernova Continues Tonight with Heat 2

  1. I just adore the lyrics in “One by one”. They are so mortifying and so dark.

  2. Expected My Radiant You would make it..Not the best but I can live with it.

  3. Oh come on Ludvig over UP :( ? After Crime Sea Latvia kills the best act in the 2nd semi as well..Not a great selection of songs overall.

    Shocking Marcus Riva is out as well.

  4. The only qualifier i didn’t see coming was Santa.

  5. I would’ve switched Santa with UP :/ Overall, I agreed with 3 of the qualifiers and I hope one of them wins the final.

  6. I only watched Markus leaving the stage. That was a sad moment :(

  7. Markus Riva Beaver is out

  8. I was out for a few minutes! The Ludvig, Triana and who else?

  9. So qualifiers were:

    My Radiant You
    Triana Park
    Santa Danelevica
    The Ludvig

    • I understand these choices. I was very susrprised to see Rivas eliminated, but he did not deserve to reach the final with that song. Congratulations to the finalists!

      And the weekend is over! Time to relax now. LOL Good night, everyone!

  10. Next week’s semifinalists in Latvia :

    Miks Dukurs “Spiritual Priest”
    Lauris Valters “Magic Years”
    Franco Franco “Up”
    Linda Leen “Who Is In Charge”
    Santa Daņeļeviča “Your Breath”
    My Radiant You “All I Know”
    The Ludvig “I’m In Love With You”
    Triana Park “Line”

    Out of all those only Triana Park and maybe Miks Dukurs can provide a Q for Latvia. Certainly no great choices like the last 2 years..

  11. Good evening, everyone.

    My favourite in this heat was Toms Kalderauskis with “We won’t back down” (9/10), followed by Katrine Lukins (7/10) and then The Ludvig, Triana Park and Markus Riva (6/10 for all three of them).
    All the other songs were below average, in my opinion.

    This is my complete vote:

    01. Silhouette – Katrine Lukins — 7/10
    02. Dynamite – Markus Riva — 6/10
    03. We won’t back down – Toms Kalderauskis — 9/10
    04. One by one – Up — 5/10
    05. Runaway – Miks Galvanovskis — 4/10
    06. Taju ot lyubvi – The HiQ — 3/10
    07. Your breath – Santa Danelevica — 5/10
    08. Little weird – Laura Lo & Chris Oak — 5/10
    09. All I know – My Radiant You — 5/10
    10. I’m in love with you – The Ludvig — 6/10
    11. Line – Triana Park — 6/10

  12. I listened to all of them again. My overall ranking and scores :
    1.UP 8/10
    2.Triana Park 7,5/10
    3.The Ludvig 7/10
    4.THE HiQ (Underwhelming live) 6/10
    5.My Radiant You 6/10 (Well performed, bland song)
    6.Markus Riva 6-/10
    7.Toms Kalderauskis 6-/10
    8.Santa Daneleviča 5/10 (Qualifier really?)
    9.Katrine Lukins (5-/10)
    10.Laura & Chris (4/10)
    11.Miks Galvanovskis (3/10)
    We’ll miss UP :(

  13. Wow, so 4 of the last 5, including the last 3, qualified… though it’s a better result than last week, where Linda or Miks qualified though they were among the worst (Linda was my last overall).

    The jury is very coherent and good: after Franco Franco, they qualified Ludvig, who is now my personal favorite of Supernova 2017 and Triana Park. Sadly, Up was in this semi and it’s a great song! I would have liked her through though it was sure televote wouldn’t vote her. Good that they ignored Markus (whose blonde hair is hot, but the song is sh*t).

  14. Hello everyone, guess who’s back for the 2017 season ;)
    And where better to start than the latvian final.
    I am impressed by Triana Park’s song, I hadn’t listened to it before the show. I had already listened to The Ludvig’s and My Radiant You songs and I liked both as well. so I’m glad they both made it to the semi.

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