Italy: Francesco Gabbani to Represent Italy

francesco-gabanniItaly – San Remo 2017 has just come to its conclusion and it was last years Newcomer Winner, Francesco Gabbani who is taking home, what I think is the best Trophy in the world (It’s so gold and green). 

Francesco Gabbani has won the 67th San Remo Music Festival with his song “Occidentalis Karma” and as the winner he will have the first offer to represent Italy in May.

Francesco beat off 2nd place Fiorella Mannoia and third place Ermal Meta after a super final reaching victory.

Rumors before the show said Gabbani was willing to take part in the contest but official word from both Francesco and RAI is still sto be confirmed. Fiorella will get the next offer if Gabbani declines but she has already expressed disinterest in running for Eurovison

Congratulations to a worthy winner I say. Will we be in Italy in 2018 if Gabbani takes the offer?

Edit: RAI have confirmed that Francesco HAS accepted their invite to represent Italy in Kyiv.

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122 comments on “Italy: Francesco Gabbani to Represent Italy

  1. Not a song I would like to hear once again but It is Italy and needs to be overhyped as usual😏
    Good luck anyways

  2. So Italy did the right thing and will send Francesco Gabbani to Eurovision! Gutted for Fiorella Mannoia who really deserves to cap her career with a San Remo award (and she was simply glorious last night) but I am sure she understands :) Just loved the moment when Francesco was announced as the winner and he dropped to his knees to kiss her hands. Respect to both these amazing artists.

    San Remo proved why it is the crown jewle of european song festivals last night. In any other country Sergio and/or Elodiewith their loud, formulaic ballads would have finished as the winners with strong jury support. In Italy they finished 6th and 8th respectively.

    Heraclitus’ “Ta panta rei” to Kiev. Yay! :)

  3. And lovely new avatar Dimitris. I think of changing it too :)))

  4. Italy will be sending yet another good song; this time they’ve managed to combine fun, wit and talent in the same bag, which is not easy. How will it fare? Not too well, because this does not sound like Anglo-American/Nordic fare and that is what the EBU seemingly wants. Good luck!

    • Or simply it will be judged as the embarassing novelty joke act it is and crush and burn appropriately so truly great songs and singers can shine result-wise.

      I d say lets lock up all the fans of that and throw the key away.

  5. This is the Pokusaj of 2017. Enough said.

    • And what’s wrong with Pokusaj?

      • Exactly. Some would view it as a briliant satire piece worth of a high placing, while others are just confused at the funny man and monkey duo.

        I am more in the former btw :)

        • Francesco’s approach is much more starightforward, imo; people may not get why the gorilla is there though and that may hurt his chances. Morgan made an interesting point on this matter, last night.

        • If he gets rid off the gorilla his act would be valid IMO. According to lyrics he is on about Orientalism (as opposed to Occidentalis). Gorillas are native to Africa only therefore the presence of a gorilla in the whole act is awkward and does not make justice to his point.

          • It does make sense, but one would have to understand the lyrics and the references they make; that is why I fear people may read it the wrong way.

            • In what way is it relevant?

            • People are imitating cultures they know nothing or little about, they are losing what makes us human (intelligence, individuality) and becoming more like monkeys, for instance.

            • Quite too academic for ESC standards, hence the confusion ;) Yet again being open minded always helps. Results in May are going to be very interesting. It is a divisive entry.

            • Indeed, they will.

        • I don’t think there is anything “confusing” personally. It is an old esc recipe tried by Ukraine 07, Spain 08, Ireland 08, Bosnia 08, San Marino 12, Montenegro 12, France 14 etc etc over the years. Novelty act with wannabe deep meaning behind it to give the impression of something of “high” artistic value. Been there done that.

          Maybe Timebelle or Levina need some gorillas in their act to reach the levels of “sophistication” appreciated those days. Good vocals and tasteful presentations are not good enough it seems.

    • Pokusaj is in my top5 for the 2008 esc edition.

    • Pokusaj was a shameful esc embarassment indeed – still used by esc critics to attack the contest in the same way this will be used – but this is more an “Aven Romale” case.

  6. Full split results of Sanremo:
    The result of the combination of votes is impressive.

    • Yes I have seen it already. It seems that Giorgio Moroder’s expert jury broke heavily for Ermal in the superfinal, even though he was only their second behind Fiorella in the preliminary round. Both the televote and the demoscopic jury kept the same ranking of the three songs in the superfinal, while the expert jury completely reversed them, ranking Fiorella third down from first in the preliminary round.

      • I don’t know about Giorgio Moroder, I think Samuel did so well just because of him :P I believe that Rita Pavone was a strong supporter of Ermal (he was a big favourite pre-contest in the Sala Stampa), and one of the juries said something like: “I only have one thing to say, MODERN” lol, so obviously he downgraded Fiorella.

    • Thanks, Franco.

    • So it’s an Il Volo case where the televoters came to the rescue for the winner.

  7. Had high hopes for Italy, as I always like their songs since the return in 2011. Along with the Norwegian hopefuls, I doubt either will do well in ESC this year. Shame really.

  8. List so far:
    1) France
    2) Italy (I really feel this could win it all)
    3) Belarus
    4) Albania (REALLY hope Lindita makes it happen. Her voice should not be wasted in a bad Albanian revamp)
    5) Switzerland
    6) Finland
    7) UK
    8) Germany
    9) Georgia
    10) Spain

    Romania: Sergiu Bolota
    Hungary: TOTOVA
    Sweden: Mariette (to date)
    Moldova: Sunstroke Project
    Malta: Brooke Borg/Jade Vella
    Estonia: Kerli or Laura/Koit
    Lithuania: I’m like a Wolf

  9. Well song is quite nice, but there is one thing which bothers me. It’s his voice, sorry just don’t like it. But in anyway i would like to wish very best of luck to Francesco and to Italy! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  10. Not my taste, though I have nothing to put on the song’s level of professionalism. Just not for me.

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