Hungary: Final Line-up Complete

logoHungaryA Dal hosted two semi-finals this weekend and we now know which acts will go to Hungary’s national final. Eight acts qualified, four in each Semi-final. Find out the full line up!

In each semifinal, the jury members were Caramel, Zséda, Károly Freinreisz and Miklós Both. They picked their top 3 out of 9 songs and televote chose the 4th entry!

Friday night, the first semifinal had this line-up:

  1. ChaseDust in the wind
  2. Dávid HendersonWhite Shadows
  3. Gina KanizsaFall like rain
  4. Joci PápaiOrigo
  5. Gigi RadicsSee it through
  6. Viki SinghRain
  7. SoulwaveKalandor
  8. Spoon 21Deák
  9. The CoupleVége van

The jury chose Gina Kanizsa, Joci Pápai and Gigi Radics. Televote saved Soulwave.

Sunday night, the second semifinal had this line-up:

  1. Ádám Szabó – Together
  2. Benji  – Karcok
  3. Gabi Tóth –  Hosszú idők 
  4. Kállay Saunders Band – 17
  5. Leander Kills – Élet
  6. Mrs. Columbo – Frozen king 
  7. Peet Project – Kill your monster
  8. Roma Soul – Nyitva a ház
  9. Zävodi + Olivér Berkes – #háttérzaj

The jury chose Gabi TóthZävodi + Olivér Berkes and Leander Kills. Televote saved Kállay Saunders Band.

The final will feature these 8 songs and the jury will pick 4 for a superfinal where 100% televote will decide who gets the ticket for Kyiv! Who’s your favorite?

30 comments on “Hungary: Final Line-up Complete

  1. Tonight’s results in A Dal kind of balance out the kind of dissapointing result in Spain and the disaster in Italy. TOTOVA now seem to have a very real chance to win this and this would skyrocket them to first place on my list. A bit shocked Adam Szabo is out and was beaten by Andras and his band tbh.

    TOTOVA or Gigi Radics FTW :)

  2. Totova is my clear favorite. I would be okay with Papai Joci or Leander Kills as well.

  3. The time for Hungarian ethno has arrived!!

    Totova or Papai Joci go to Kyiv!!!


  4. I’m pulling for TOTOVA here. Now that’s a great song!

  5. Also worth noting that 5/6 (!) songs that qualified from heat 3 made it to the final – proving it was indeed the strongest one.
    2/6 songs of heat 2 made it while only one song (“Élet”) from heat 1 made it to the final after all..!

  6. I’m not a big fan of Totova’s entry mostly because of the off putting kitch stage performance. In the same genre I prefer Joci Pápai whose entry sounds and looks more genuinely folk.
    There are many other decent choices (Zävodi + Olivér Berkes, Leander Kills, Kállay Saunders Band to name a few) but nothing REALLY outstanding for Hungary this year.
    Hopefully Gina Kanizsa improves and they don’t go for the Gigi ballad.
    Soulwave are my least favourite performers out of the 8.
    Hungary had a great song this year (Jártam ) but it failed to deliver!

  7. TOTOVA needs to win. I’d be okay with Joci, Soulwave, or Leander Kills also, but none of the other do it for me.

  8. I have two personal favourites here that I love: ‘Fall like rain’ and ‘#háttérzaj’. They won’t win. I am also supporting Joci, Gabi amd Leander Kills.

  9. Out of all this I can only root for Joci Papai and “Origo”, but will Hungary’s voters go for something that so obviously has Romani culture written all over it? Unlike the case of Adam Szabo with his unsubtle and purposefully in-your-face lyrics, I would love to see this happen.

    I would also love to get behind another totally ethnic entry like Tóth Gabi but it doesn’t work for me at all. There is also a lot of subtlety missing here both in her performance and the staging. Out of the rest, only Zavodi seems half-decent.

  10. Most of the songs I like have made it to the final. My favorite is “Origo” followed by #háttérzaj.

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