Ukraine: Two More Qualify for the Final

ukraineUkraine – Tonight was the second of three semi finals in the Ukrainian National Selection and two more have qualified for the Grand Final on February 25th. So out of the eight semi finalists, who was selected to go through to the next stage?

Well the jury, which consisted again of Jamala, Konstantin Meladze and Andriy Danylko gave their maximum points to Rozhden where the public gave their maximum points to Illaria.

As their combined votes made them the two highest scorers, both have qualified for the final with Illaria finishing first.

Rozhden and Illaria will join last weeks qualifiers Tayanna and Salto Navad along with the qualifiers of next weeks semi finalists…

Payushchie Trusy “Singing Pants”
O.Torvald “Time”
Anastasia Prudius “Flow”
Vitaly Kozlovsky “Be Your Light”
Kadnay “Freedom In My Mind”
Melovin “Wonder”
Green Grey “Future Is Now”
Vivienne Mort “Iniy”

Here’s a reminder of the first four finalists:

SF 1 Winner – Tayanna “I Love You”

SF 1 Runner Up – Salta Navad “O Mamo”

SF 2 Winner – Illaria “Thank You For My Way”

SF 2 Runner Up – Rozhden “Saturn”

What do you make of the Ukrainian Selection so far?

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12 comments on “Ukraine: Two More Qualify for the Final

  1. Illaria “Thank You For My Way”: I quite like this one, it’s very moody and somewhat atmospheric :-)

    On a visual note I find it rather overdone, especially with the Disney’ish backdrop, the dress and the gesticulations. Why not just sing the song without all these effects.

  2. Runner Up – Rozhden “Saturn”: A retro soul entry, but unfortunately not a particularly convincing one. Especially the production sounds cheap and demo’ish (synth imitations of brass instruments I think). There’s a rather messy melody, and the singer is overdoing his soul phrasing while being a bit off-key at times.

  3. All of them have some work to do but the material is there. :)

  4. Semi 2 was much better than semi 1 but I dont agree with the results again. Rozhden was a jury darling and Illaria won the televote massively. Both are materials for these votings (Illaria’s over the top performance was a huge letdown). My personal favorites were Letay (one of the best songs in all NF this year) even with an uneasy vocal performance, and Aghiazma. I did like Panivalkova tonight!

    In other words, let’s hope Vivienne Mort wins it all, else a great NF will be ruined by insanely awful results (Tayanna and “O Mamo” were the worst two in semi 1 and overall so far :/)

  5. I’m thrilled Illaria made it to the final.I didn’t expect her to win the semi,tbh!I love the song.If you listen to the lyrics and know about the personal story behind it you cannot help but get goosebumps.Rozhden was good but it won’t win the final,imo.
    Panivalkova is a really promising group.Their song is more on the experimental,organic side and it didn’t really get the public behind it.I hope they’ll come back with a more complete entry,

  6. The level in Ukraine is gradually rising..this semi was kind of better.
    Illaria did deserve to win but I would put Panivalkova through which provided a very interesting act overall. It’s not that Rozhden was bad but it felt a tad too conventional in an amateur way.
    Aghiazma served proffesionalism but loads of attitude as well and I did not like that much.
    So far things are tough for Ukraine imo. I hope semi 3 provides something that can help them retain a good result at home ground.

  7. I really don’t know what some ppl see in this Ilaria, not only now, but generally, to me she seems quite tasteless, both with songs she sings and clothes she wears..she reminds me of smth that would represent Moldova in ESC, and let’s say very unsuccesfully! Or smth tahat G;Son can write for Spain, her performance and background seems like Euren for exape, pointless kitsch! :/ This ballad she offered us in the NF is ridiculous, it goes nowhere. i don’t understand what she sings, her falsetto is not pleasent at all to my ears, and this is chaotic and messy that it hurts.. :(

    Rozhden “Saturn” is not better tbh, it’s also messy and surreal, but in another way! It doesn’t have concept and sense..

    These two are in and innovative MASTERPIECE Pnaivalkova – “Dokuchayu” out is a BIG SHAME for Jamala as the previous ESC winner and the to the whole jury!

    At least qualifiers form te fisrt heat ar both 10/10 for me! :)

    let’s hope the 3rd heat will be AWESOME and qualifiers from them as well…

  8. They missed a great chance with Panivalkova. Such a GREAT entry !!! ILLARIA is a well deserved qualifier but I’d wave replaced ROZHDEN with DETACH. Rock is missing in esc. My overall ranking and scores :
    1.Panivalkova 9/10
    2.ILLARIA 8/10
    3.DETACH 7/10
    4.ROZHDEN 6.5/10
    5.Aghiazma 6+/10
    6.KUZNETSOV 6/10
    7.LETAY 6/10
    8.Mila Nytich 4.5/10
    The 4 finalists sound 2 similars in pairs so far. Two female ballads and 2 funkier entries.

  9. Letay and “World is calling” was my favourite pre-NF but I have to admit it did not translate well on stage.

    Illaria: I love the ethereal folk in the verses, but the chorus gets too standard Eurovision balladry.

    Rozhden: Sunny, funky effort and a good performance. He deserves to be in the final.

    Panivalkova: I liked it but it got a bit monotonous as it progressed. They were right not to pick it.

    Aghiazma: Too loud for no reason at all, and I don’t mean just the music.

  10. Good choices, Ukraine! :) This was a better semi than last week’s.

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