Sweden: Melodifestivalen Semi Final Two Results

melodifestivalen swedenSweden – Tonight ends the second semi final of Melodifestivalen which has seen two more reach the grand final and another two make the Second Chance round. So who lost out on their place? Read on to see who made it and who was sent packing.

Well Mariette was the winner of this Semi Final with Benjamin Ingrosso coming second. Lisa Ajax and Dismissed made it through to the second Chance Round.

Mariette and Benjamin join last weeks qualifiers Ace Wilder and Nano to the Grand Final in March.

Mariette “A Million Years”
Benjamin Ingrosso “Good Lovin’”

Second Chance:
Lisa Ajax “I Don’t Give A…”
Dismissed “Hearts Align”

Did the right people qualify?

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66 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Semi Final Two Results

  1. All of them are mediocre anyway. Bring the next semi.

  2. Disastrous results!!

    For now I rank like this n the final:

    1. Nano 9,5/10
    2. Mariette 5/10
    3. Ace Wilder 0/10
    4. Benjamin Ingrosso 0/10

    this is shaping into the worst final EVER, I hope it gets better from the 3rd semi

    Second chance I rank like this:

    1. Dismissed 9/10
    2. Boris René 9/10
    3. De Vet Du 6/10
    4. Lisa Ajax 3/10

    The problem is that the 3rd semi is very bad for me on the paper

    The only one REALLY promising is Jasmine Kara!
    Others seem really weak – awful, but for now..so I have to wait a bit and see..

    Oooh jeez.. :/

  3. Dismissed are my first big love in MF: amazing live, even with shaky vocals here and there, and a great song! I most of all love how it’s straight forward poprock and not schlagery-MFish. Ola Salo writing is probably the reason why! I hope they qualify from AC: I can actually see them do a shock Moniker top 5 in the end!

    Mariette had a fine song, but weaker than her last effort, and the cirque du soleil performance was meh and will probably cost her (I see her top 5 with juries but weaker in televote).

    Ben’s HOT shaking and hot eyes and hot lips did the trick for *cough girls’ sms* televote (he’ll be top 5 in televote but bottom 3 with juries). The song’s fine enough in its naughtiness, but he’s too much of the Anton Ewald of the year to do better than he ever did.

    Roger was fine, though the chorus was very schlagerish (G:son wrote it). He should have been top 4 above Lisa, who had an ok song (better than I expected) but an awful live: bad styling, bad gesture and the narcissistic screen was both pointless and annoying. I think she’ll do an Isa and fail to qualify from AC.

    The rapper deserved to be higher than Etzia who was a shock “not last” but the worst MF entry so far this year: awful vocals, AWFUL LOOK and rollers as a gimmick.

  4. This collided with my dinner time. Don’t know if I will have time to watch it as it will be taken off the SVT website on Monday, and I am away tomorrow to Monday. But I will try to find some YouTube clips of the songs later on.

  5. Well, let the big Pontare fanboy mourn for a while. I’m glad for Dismissed though who had a good song, even if their looks still are a bit distracting for me. The lead singer looks like the love child of David Bowie and Marilyn Manson.

    Mariette was my 3rd with a fine enough song, and Benjamin 4th. It looks like the final so far is turning up to be very middle-of-the-road for me.

    I don’t care about the rest (or should I say I don’t give a f?).

    1. Roger Pontare (9/12)
    2. Dismissed (8/12)
    3. Mariette (6/12)
    4. Benjamin Ingrosso (6/12)
    5. Etzia (4/12)
    6. Lisa Ajax (4/12)
    7. Allyawan (2/12)

  6. Other than the very obvious bottom 2 (Etzia should not have just placed last she should be DQed for providing the worst thing I’ve heard this national final season really – what a travesty) it was a tough semi.
    Mariette was the obvious stand out, really delivered yet again.
    Dismissed surprised me very positively. They did not just serve stylish statement but a strong performance of an elegant for its genre song. I am glad they got to AC.
    Then it was very close for the other 3 for me, because Roger overperformed, Lisa underperformed and Benjamin well..did his own thing.
    At the end I am not sure if I am happy Lisa made it and Roger is out tbh – and I never expected I would say that.
    MF is gearing up and I expect the level to go higher next week and then skyrocket at week 4 with all the names competing there.

    • I’m a bit annoyed (and Gothenburg’s fans should be too) that semis 1 are always so much weaker than the rest: plus they put big names (like Ace Wilder’s) there that qualify easily without much competition, when imo Ace would have been in trouble against Mariette and Ben. It’s annoying really…

  7. Mariette was the first truly good entry of this edition so far. Roger Pontare was solid as always, but he deserved to make at least AC (no way he was going to come close to winning, but still).

    The Fooo are looking a bit shaky- still obvious qualifiers, but lost a member recently and there may be some fangirl backlash. We’ll see next week :)

  8. Allyawan and Dismissed had the best stage approaches. They both struggled vocally though. Pity cause they had the most interesting songs.
    Mariette and Roger went for very predictable packages, however Mariette went safe as well.
    I’m not a fan of Lisa’s song nor presentation or outfit. At least she sings it well, unlike Etzia…Benjamin’s entry I quite enjoyed for the dancing and the funky vibes.
    I believe the best 2 made it through in the end. Deserved (and predictable) results.
    My overall ranking and scores :
    1.Mariette 7/10
    2.Benjamin 6.5/10
    3.Dismissed 6.5/10
    4.Allyawan 5/10
    5.Roger 5/10
    6.Lisa Ajax 4.5/10
    7.Etzia 4/10
    Not a winner in this semi either

  9. It was the weakest semi i’ve watched in years.Mariette and Roger Pontare were my 2 favorites.Mariette became far too “clean” and mainstream.”Don’t stop believing” made an impact because it was dark and edgy.Lisa Ajax was a disappointment.I really liked her 2016 song but this was just too safe and unoriginal.I wanted Roger to be in! :’/

  10. Mariette impressed me once again. I loved everything about her performance and I wouldn’t mind this winning. I am expecting her to get some tougher competition in the next two semis though.

  11. I’ll skip the 1st semi review. A week is like a million years during this ESC months.
    -Mariette: I prefer her “light” pop to her dark entry. Is this a new kind of pop? I’ve never listened to something like this, maybe because I live in the last portion of earth in the world. I like it but I don’t love it.
    -Roger: Sounds like a fake ethnic song to me.
    -Etzia: It was baaad. Saraha was a miles better.
    -Allyawan: First, I’m a zero in Swedish. He was out of tune but I like his rapping. Great staging!
    -Dismissed: The important thing is that I like the song. The instruments came at the right time, I was wondering if they are models, fashion designers or a band.
    -Lisa: Oh, eveything here is bad to me. “My Heart Wants Me Dead” was among my favourites. I tend to like all the pop songs in MF but I’m hating this one
    -Benjamin: He looks like a random guy, he is not a great singer, he has some moves, the song isn’t great and the staging is… (?) but Mr. Ingrosso is taking this opportunity in his life with the right attitude and I can see the effort. He added a spoon of charisma and a gram of stage presence and… you got it, the magic! My favourite so far.

    • I’ve said I love David Lindgren :) Hasse looks so out of place :D and is it me or Mariette looks very similar to Loreen?
      The results: Perfect! I really like Mariette’s song now lol and awwww little Benjamin and his song are amazing! (lol again)

  12. Dismissed main singer is so hot:

  13. 1. Benjamin Ingrosso. Very current song and in a style I like a lot. Confident dancer and confident singer enough with proper pop voice. Special thanks to trousers. And hairy arms, you man boy 😃
    2. Mariette. I like this airy and light dance track a lot. I wish Mariette could dance. It’s kind of compulsory nowadays if you sing songs like this.
    3. Dismantled wooed me in their fash glam rock world. Loved the staging, song was typical Salo affair, entertaining and uplifting but something was missing. Almost there, but not quite – the story of Ark.

    I would have love to see Roger Pontare again in AC. He is always entertaining with his pan shamanic antics. Lisa Ajax is trying so hard emulate Prism era Katy Pery and 1989 Taylor Swift. It’s a very bad take on Max Martin’s productions. It can’t be even counted as tribute.

    • Absolutely love the show and hosts this year. Interval act last evening was one of the best ever, absolutely hilarious. He actually managed to beat James Corden in Tony Awards with similar concept. Go David!

  14. Mariette: Good and solid pop effort, even though it’s inferior to her previous entry. She deserves her place in the final, even though I am not too sure about the hanging dancers (are they supposed to be angels or something?)

    Benjamin Ingrosso: Wow, a cute teenager who is also hairy? I am very surprised MF producers did not ask him to wax his arms, lol. This is fakely cheerful standard MF fare. I like the choreography but what are those aluminum foil caves in the background? It seems producers are seriously running out of ideas.

    Lisa Ajax: Seems like the kind of thing you would hear on american pop/r&b radio, so perfect for MF. She also seems like a good singer in the parts where we can actually distinguish her actual voice over the heavily pre-recorded vocal carpet in the chorus. Does she actually use the four-letter-word? If so, she will have to purge that if she goes to Eurovision.

    Dismissed: It is not the most original song pop-rock song out there but I loved listening to it more than any other song in this semi and the catwalk idea was perfect for the staging. The red flags in the end were not an equally good idea though. Did they try to match his lipstick, lol :)

    Roger: Instead of paying tribute to folk culture it felt to me they were mocking it with this over-the-top presentation that had a lot of Santa Klaus in it (and I don’t know if that was intentional or not). His vocals were also weak at times.

  15. Mariette has a good siging voice. Where are the good songs Swede’s composers can and do write? Not here, I’m afraid. MF needs to go for different stuff, imo.

  16. David Lindgren’s super interval act from last night:


  17. I dont understand the hype for Benjamin from that audiance, like what did they pay them or somethin? o.O That song was soooooo f***ing boring. I am deeply dissapointed, I thaught it was going to be a better Mello this year, but this semi was just pure crap tbh

    Hearts Align: 6 (the only decent song this semi and am so dissapointed and a bit very frustrated in the swedish public for picking Mariette and Benjamin over this)
    Mariette: 5 (radio song, such a huge let down after ”Dont Stop believing”)
    Up up up: 4 (not good, but better then the rest lol)
    Good Lovin: 3 (A cheap copy of ”Cant stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake. At least he didn’t grab his crotch like so many other ”girl idols” do)
    Himmel och Hav: 3
    I dont give a: 1 (Terrible)
    Vart har du vart: 0 (Mortifying)

  18. Benjamin’s mom and dad in Melodifestivalen 32 years ago. That’s where they met and fell in love, so he has the contest to thank for his existence, lol.

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