Spain: Who Should Win Objetivo Eurovision 2017

spainSpain – Tonight we will learn who will be representing the remaining two big five countries. Italy and Spain will be completing the big five selection of songs but who would you like to see represent Spain?  There are six songs up for the ticket.

The winner will be decided by a tele-vote and a jury panel split 50/50

Paula Rojo “Lo Que Nunca Fue”
Mirela “Contigo”
Maika Barbero “Momento Critico”
Mario Jefferson “Spin My Head”
Manel Navarro “Do It for Your Lover”
LeKlein “Ouch!!”

The songs can be heard below:

Who should follow in the footsteps of Barei who represented Spain last year? Please comment and vote below.

18 comments on “Spain: Who Should Win Objetivo Eurovision 2017

  1. Someone else.

  2. I’m beyond fed up of all the women so my vote has to go to a man because at this point, any man will do. Manel has the best song of the two men here so I want him

  3. Paula Rojo’s song is quite decent. Got my vote!

  4. Mirela has received a lot of critics because of the lyrics. They are not thaaat bad, it’s not a poem but it has some uplifting meaning BUT there is this line: “Tú y yo cabalgamos más” = “You and I ride (a horse) more”… and get ready for this… it comes from Don Quixote (in some way)!!! LOL

  5. My vote went to Paula. Buena suerte!

  6. Mirela, Maika or LeKlein for me I think before the live performances.

    Manel’s song is a bit too carefree and a tad too simple for its own good imo.

  7. I literally can not decide who is the best option,both fr me and resultevise, cause I don’t like anything, and I think all would struggle in Kyiv.. :(

  8. I guess Mirela? I’m okay with LeKlein, I guess.

  9. Conrgatulations to Manel. I do not think he was the best choice out of those available – quite the opposite – all the girls were better imo. I hope he does well though, it is a different and bold choice for Spain to go for something so layed back and indie like.
    I am afraid I will have to rank him last for now – till Italy finishes the dated carcrash it has going (at least he is not the embarassing circus act Fransesco will be if he is chosen to represent Italy and all the alternatives wet their panties about). Good luck.

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