Italy: Who Should Represent Italy?

italyItaly – Tonight we will see the final of San Remo, the very poplar music festival in Italy that showcases songs which could represent the nation at Eurovision. The winner of San Remo will be offered the chance but may not take it. Whoever the winner, who would you like to see represent Italia?

The finalists have been decided and are as follows…

Fabrizio Moro “Portami via”
Elodie “Tutta colpa mia”
Lodovica Comello “Il cielo non mi basta”
Fiorella Mannoia “Che sia benedetta”
Alessio Bernabei “Nel mezzo di un applauso”
Samuel “Vedrai”
Clementino “Ragazzi fuori”
Ermal Meta “Vietato morire”
Bianca Atzei “Ora esisti solo tu”
Marco Masini “Spostato di un secondo”
Sergio Sylvestre “Con te”
Michele Bravi “Il diario degli errori”
Paola Turci “Fatti bella per te”
Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali’s karma”
Michele Zarrillo “Mani nelle mani”
Chiara Galiazzo “Nessun posto è casa mia”

As we know from 2016, the winner can refuse the right to take part in Eurovision and RAI can approach someone else in that case. That may be the runner up (as was the case in 2016 with Francesca Michielin) or they may approach the winner of the Newcomers Contest (as was the case in 2011 with Raphael Gualazzi).

Lele won the Newcomers Category this year with his song “Ora mai” so I have included him into the poll as well.

The poll is for who you want to represent Italy in Eurovision and not who you think will win San Remo or who you think RAI will approach but feel free to comment below.

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58 comments on “Italy: Who Should Represent Italy?

  1. I don’t usually watch San Remo because it’s such a long night but I may tonight because these songs are really good.

    I have voted for Francesco Gabbani because I felt he should have been picked last year when Stadio declined. His song is really fun and he has a unique voice.

    If not him then my personal choice would be Clementino because I love a good rap at Eurovision

  2. I got the Western Karma’s flu ;)

  3. The system of choosing for Eurovision is different this year. Winner gets first refusal, but then they will ask the second and if they refuse as well the third etc. I don’t think the Newcomers’ winner is in the cards.

  4. I like Ermal quite a bit but I haven’t heard every entry.

    It’s a big NO from me to Fiorella’s dated drivel and Fransesco’s novelty act.

    • I read some srong words here

    • By which standards exactly is Fiorella’s song dated? By Anglo-American and Scandinavian standards? Songs like that are still very popular in Italy, and thus I wouldn’t call it dated but traditional by Italian standards.

      • I have just heard it – not the live version. It is a pleasant song but I wouldn’t fall for it. Not just yet.

      • It’s a dated typical San Remo song that would fit right into esc in the early 90s imo, not now.

        Enjoy super saturday :)

        • Okay, it is one of those nights when we better not talk.

          • *sigh*

            We have a different opinion on a song and a singer. It’s not the end of the world, nor a first occurence.
            I did not like your comment on MF either on the Super Saturday thread, I found it terribly offensive but I did not say anything in an effort to keep things as nice as possible. Can we PLEASE at least start off on a better note tonight ?

            • “dated drivel” is not an opinion but a degrading statement in my world. You know that phrasing is very important to me. And I honestly don’t see why my MF statement should be offensive. After all, both IKEA and MF are very successful.

            • And in my world “Well, we all know that Sweden is the expert on providing mass-produced middle of the road stuff for the … let’s say less sophisticated segments of the market. ” is an offensive, degrading, elitistic sentence that looks down on people who enjoy those songs and their intelligence. What can we do now about it ?

              Is there a specific reason you are causing all this right now ? I really did not want to say any of this stuff about your comment on sweden but you forced me.

            • That’s no problem at all. I don’t feel insulted by this comment. In fact, elitist is a badge of honour in my world. ;)
              And I never said anything about intelligence …

            • So I felt offended by something you said, you felt offended by something I said let’s call it even and move forward on this saturday shall we ?

  5. As for winning Sanremo, my vote went to Bianca but when it comes to the question whom to send to ESC, I’d say Francesco. I voted for Bianca anyway … LOL

  6. Fra!

  7. *Reposted for those interested.
    Tonight’s SR Final running order.
    1 Elodie, 2 Paola, 3 Samuel, 4 Fiorella, 5 Michele B, 6 Fabrizio, 7 Ermal, 8 Michele Z, 9 Lodovica, 10 Sergio, 11 Clementino, 12 Alessio, 13 Chiara, 14 Francesco, 15 Bianca, 16 Marco

  8. Francesco is in another league. Lele is a great choice too :) I love Ermal but his song is based on the message and it won’t be appreciated in ESC because of the language barrier.

  9. My top 6 :
    1) Francesco Gabbani
    2) Elodie
    3) Alessio Bernabei
    4) Sergio Sylvestre
    5) Fabrizio Moro
    6) Bianca Atzei

  10. I love/like 12 of the entries in the final, but Firella is my choice for Kyiv deffo!

    In MF after listening 02:30 studio versions, I can say I LOVE the best Etzia and Roger Pontare, I gave them 10/10! They have mesmerizing entries! <3

  11. It was between Marco Masini and Bianca Atzei. Voted for Marco as Bianca had a vote!

  12. I wish we could enjoy and celebrate San Remo final in this thread instead of that one threat suits all.

  13. I’ll probably listen to all songs and make a ranking list, the traditional way, once all (40?) entries are chosen come mid March(?).
    You guys enjoy tonight :)

  14. My top 5:
    1) Fiorella
    2) Francesco
    3) Marco
    4) Bianca
    5) And bring back that bloody unbalanced woman called Giusy for my 5th place

  15. (repost)
    This just in:

    Fiorella will reject ESC if she wins (which some say it’s the most obivous outcome), but allegedly anyone else is fair game.
    She has like six concerts that week.

    Some say Francesco sounds a lot behind-the-scenes

  16. As expected Italy provides the first utter embarassment of this year’s contest.

    A silly novelty act, one of those that give esc a bad reputation and are used by esc critics to attack the contest.

    Disgraceful, especially from a country that has provided quality acts in the past.

    Bottom 5 is what I predict and hope for this thing.

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