Estonia: 1st Eesti Laul 2017 Qualifiers Known

EstoniaEstoniaEesti Laul started today and we have our first qualifiers of the year. Five out of ten acts have qualified for the final next month with another five due to qualify from the second semi final next week. Will Stig Rasta have yest another song at Eurovision this year?

The voting system has changed this year where the top four are determined by a 50/50 split vote between a jury and the public. The act with the highest public vote of the remaining six also makes it to the final meaning five will qualify each semi.

In semi final 1, the top four were…

Elina Born “In or Out”
Ivo Linna “Suur Loterii”
Lenna Kuurmaa “Slingshot”
Whogaux & Karl-Kristjan feat. Maian “Have You Now”

Before they announced them, the jury top 4 was revealed and they had Carl-Philip in instead of Ivo, who is therefore a strong candidate for televote. And the act from the remaining six with the most public backing was…

Ariadne “Feel Me Now”

Elina Born who represented Estonia in 2015 with Stig Rasta is favourite to win Eesti Laul with her Stig Rasta penned song “In or Out”.

Does she have stiff competition? Let’s find out next week as most favorites are there (Daniel Levi, a former runner-up, former winners Laura and Koit in joint forces, and international star Kerli).

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19 comments on “Estonia: 1st Eesti Laul 2017 Qualifiers Known

  1. Grrr. I’m really sad for the SHCBB guy. He was my absolute favourite in this semi. But I’m fairly ok with the qualifiers. Lenna Kuurmaa entered with one of her stronger songs, while unfortunately Ivo entered with one of his weaker. Even if it had its charm too.

  2. Yes! Go go go Ivo!!

  3. Ivo was my absolute last. The fact he’s there only thanks to a big fanbase is annoying. His song is totally empty. So sad televote is still backing him up, his 96 entry is simply awful. Glad juries still have their amazing senses in Estonia.

    Elina is hot as hell (and I’m gay) and I like the song a lot. Usually not a fan of Lenna’s song but love “Slingshot” but I was annoyed by the performance. A bit too schlagerish for the song which was minimalist.

    Whogaux surprised me. I didnt like it in audio because their voices don’t work together. They also don’t live so that’s why I dont love it. But they’re adorable in their modern-estonian-country look. And they’re both fine vocally, though he’s better! And cute!

    Speaking of cute, Carl-Philip was hot tonight. Juries had him top 4 and he slipped overall (probably 5th). Can you imagine: he would have qualified in the old system! Too bad. Ariadne has a nice song but an awful uncharismatic live.

    Uku’s live was AWFUL (mans rip off) and he is WAY too full of himself.

    Next semi has Kerli, Rasmus, Antsud and Almost Natural: 4 of my 6 favorites this year! However, the awful Laura/Koit song “Verona” (my 19th overall) has an assured place thanks to televote! and probably in superfinal too :/

  4. My full ranking for tonight’s EL semi and revised scores compared to the live :

    1. Lenna Kuurma – “Slingshot” : On second listen it totally won me over along with this elaborate stage presentation with the flowing interpretive dance. Lenna looks and sounds at her best and the song is very good and has substance – 8.5+/10

    2. Elina Born – “In Or Out” : She just keeps delivering. The sax in the orchestration adds depth and a nice groove to the song. Elina’s vocals on point and she just knows to handle the stage. The song is not “Goodbye to yesterday” and it does not need to, it is effective enough and memorable – 8+/10

    3. Carl-Philip – “Everything But You” : A great live delivery here, his vocals were on point (and that killer smile of his really helped as well). A proffesional, complete performance of a good, catchy song.A travesty he didn’t make it. – 8/10

    4. Uku Suviste – “Supernatural” : It was a mans rip off stage wise but I liked it a lot overall. He has charisma and he is really enjoyable to listen and watch while he performs. The song keeps a steady high energy level and the tune is a well made clubesque addictive tune that could do well even in esc imo.Again, a pity he didn’t make it – 7.5+/10

    5. Ariadne – “Feel Me Now” : It has rnb and house influences that mix well and the song is very well produced overall. Her smooth, clean delivery really boosts the song. It is a definite radio success but the live is equally good surprisingly for such a kind of song – 7.5/10

    6. Leemet Onno – “Hurricane” : The song is very good and has character and the stage presentation was simple but effective. Problem is he has no charisma to deliver a song that needs more of a personality to be performed.It did not get better when he tried to dance. He failed to convey a great atmosphere – his diction did not help either. A lost chance here – 7-/10

    7. Whogaux & Karl-Kristjan feat. Maian – “Have You Now” : He alone in his part of the song is a solid 8.5/10. She alone at her parts is a respectable 7/10. Together they are a mess though.These two have zero vocal chemistry, it feels like 2 random people who met on the stage for the first time. So much potential here for greatness and 2 good solo singers..Why this underwhelming duet ? – 6+/10

    8. Ivo Linna – “Suur loterii” : It’s just..nothing. Why is it in the final ? Dated, dull and underwhelming in a semi that featured much better songs. Yeah he performs it well ok but that’s about it. This is not 1996 and this is not “Kaelakee Hääl” for sure – 3.5/10

    9. Laura Prits – “Hey Kiddo” : Pointless and immature are the 2 words that come to mind with this one. It’s so basic and cringy live that it qualifies as borderline bad novelty act. Meh. – 3+/10

    10. Janno Reim & Kosmos – “Valan pisaraid” : This was painful to listen to fully due to his voice which is one of the most unpleasant things I have heard recently. Complete carcrash – 2+/10

    Overall it’s a travesty Ivo made it over Carl but other than that the results were ok. Lenna and Elina will definately be big assets for the final. The level is ok for EL standards – not too high not too low, although some very bad songs made it to the semis and they shouldn’t.

  5. ELINA BORN – “In Or Out”, I beg you Estonia to avoid this!
    It’s on the level of tasteless disaster..
    I loved her ESC entry with Stig so much, thus I don’t understand this at all.. :/

    Have just watched performance of Lenna Kuurmaa – “Slingshot” and I’m impressed, what a good vocals, what a beautiful performance, what a great minimalism, fantastic backings, fantastic melody, orchestration, choreography!

    My 4 BIG faves are in the second semi, so I care lot more for it than for the first one!

    And I think Kerli is the BEST possible choice for Estonia for Kyiv, seeing these samples from the 2nd semi now..and if she goes I would support her in full!

    With Kerli – “Spirit animal”, Tallinn 2018 doesn’t look impossible at all! ;)

  6. My favorites of this semi are Ariadne and Whogaux, both delivered live. However, my overall eesti laul favorites are in the next semi (Verona & Spirit Animal).

  7. Eesti Laul is so boring and uninspired this year.
    From semi 1, I actually cared for only one song : Ariadne’s. However it is more of a studio track and the live performance lacked any sparkle and looked static.
    On the other hand, Elina born knows how to elevate an entry !!! I’m not the biggest fan of her song but she sells it well <3
    My 3rd pick would have been the sweet duet. Ivo Linna sings a harmless, nostalgic tune I don't mind. Carl -Philip completes my top 5 tonight.
    As much as I appreciate Lena Kuurma as a singer her song this year has a very annoying chorus and it's a pity cause verses are good!
    Uku Suviste sang a lukewarm song and he didn't even learn from Greta last year that it's not safe to copy Mans.
    I totally forgot about Leemet Onno while I find the other two (Valan pisaraid and Hey Kiddo) below average

  8. None of these songs are interesting. Waiting for the second semi. Supernova is so much better than EL this year.

  9. Absolutely gutted about Carl Philip. He delivered his little pop gem spot on was left behind. Thank you very much Estonian televoters.
    My only two favorites in Eesti Laul, Whogaux and Ivo survived, yey.

  10. I meant to comment this before, but Elina was SO sexy during her performance, and I’m straight (more or less).

  11. Ariadne has by far the most YT views (2nd to Elina) from last night’s performances. I believe jury ranked her extremely low. Watched them again.
    My full ranking and scores :

    1.Ariadne 7++/10 *best song
    2.Elina Born 7+/10 *best performance
    3.Karl-Kristjan & Whogaux ft Maian 7/10 *Sweet but with vocal blending issues
    4.Carl-Philip 7-/10 *Underrated
    5.Ivo Linna 6/10 *Nostalgic
    6.Lenna Kuurmaa 6-/10 *underwhelming climax to the chorus
    7.Uku Suviste 5/10 *void song/stage approach but good performer
    8.Leemet Onno 5/10 *forgettable
    9.Janno Reim & Kosmos 4/10 *Not that bad but it drags on
    10.Laura Prits 4/10 *Not the biggest fan.

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