Italy: San Remo Heads Towards Conclusion in Penultimate Night

italy flag 150Italy – Tonight sees the 4th night of this year’s San Remo festival. You can watch tonight’s episode on Rai here at 20:35 (CET) and the show is expected to run for about 4 hours. There are 20 acts performing in the Campioni competition and 4 in the Nuove Proposte final. 

The acts in Campioni are:

  • ElodieTutta colpa mia
  • Alessio BernabeiNel mezzo di un applauso
  • Samuel Umberto RomanoVedrai
  • Ermal MetaVietato morire
  • Lodovica ComelloIl cielo non mi basta
  • Al BanoDi rose e di spine
  • Fabrizio MoroPortami via
  • Fiorella MannoiaChe sia benedetta
  • ChiaraNessun posto è casa mi
  • Michele ZarrilloMani nelle mani
  • Marco MasiniSpostato di un secondo
  • Paola TurciFatti bella per te
  • Gigi D’AlessioLa prima stella
  • Francesco GabbaniOccidentali’s karma
  • Michele BraviIl diario degli errori
  • Sergio SylvestreCon te
  • ClementinoRagazzi fuori
  • Bianca AtzeiOra esisti solo tu
  • Giusy Ferreri Fa talmente male
  • RonL’ottava meraviglia

16 acts will go through to tomorrow’s final.

The 4 participants in the Nuove Proposte final:

  • Francesco Guasti – Universo
  • Leonardo Lamacchia – Ciò che resta
  • Maldestro – Canzone per Federica
  • Lele – Ora mai

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243 comments on “Italy: San Remo Heads Towards Conclusion in Penultimate Night

  1. This is by far the strongest SR edition i’ve followed.

  2. I liked what I saw of Bianca and Sergi too.

  3. Alessio is handsome and although his live vocals are not great his song is better than most esc entries chosen so far.

  4. Elodie, Fiorella, Michele B., Bianca, Giusy, Francesco, Michele Z. and Paola to the final!

  5. I like Gabanno, but i don’t want him in ESC, I want smth CLASSY in ESC for Italy! :( :( I want Fiorella, I want some Italian OLDSCHOOL CLASS, to hit me like a HURRICANE in the sea of other ESC songs!! I NEED that desperately!

    Fiorella Mannoia go to Kyiv!! <3

  6. I’ll try another prediction: Clementino, Giusy, Samuel and Ron out. This won’t happen…

  7. 1.Fransesco
    7.Paola Turci
    9.Lodovica Comello
    10.Fioella Mannoia
    11.Marco Masini
    12.Ermal Meta
    14.Michelle Zarrillo
    15.Al Bano
    19.Fabrizio Moro
    20.Sergio Silvestre

  8. It seems everyone is watching SR lol. I d say save some strength for tomorrow..After checking the favourites I expect Italy to be last on my list anyway no matter if the choose Fransesco or Fiorella.

    Good luck !

  9. Expected result for Giusy.

  10. Al Bano is out.

  11. Al Bano should be in final because he is Al Bano, bloody hell.

  12. Gigi is out!

  13. I’ll miss Giusy …

  14. If Sergio was out too that would be the perfect result for me.

  15. Francesco got the biggest applause. Good luck to the finalists. Good night!

  16. Hey, all you sanremites, men of style, goodnight and thank you for good company 😃

  17. Bianca FTW!

  18. Don’t know if I will be able to watch anything tomorrow – my computer sucks big time when it comes to web streaming – but I wish everyone good luck.

  19. Sergio Sylvestre has overtaken Francesco and is now in 2nd place.Fiorella is going up too. :(

  20. Fransesco’s desides entertainment offers some food for thought too.
    Here’s the English translation of Occidentali’s karma (Westerners’ karma) :

    Be or must be-
    Hamletic doubt
    contemporary like the Neolithic man.
    In your cage 2×3 get comfortable.
    Intellectuals in coffee bars,
    Honorary associates in the anonymous meetings of selfie-addicted
    Intelligence is out-of-date
    Easy answers
    Worthless dilemmas.

    A.A.A Seeking, seek, yes
    Grand finale’s stories
    Hoping, hope, yes
    Whatever happens, everything goes by
    and singing in the rain.

    Nirvana lessons
    there is Buddha in indian style, one line
    Ricreation time for everyone, glory time.
    The crowd shouts out a mantra,
    evolution stumbles.
    the naked monkey dances;
    Westerners’ karma,
    Westerners’ karma,
    the naked monkey dances,
    Westerners’ karma.

    It rains drops of Chanel,
    on aseptic bodies,
    save yourself from the smell of your own kind
    Each person is a know-it-all thanks to the web,
    cocaine for the community,
    poor people’s opium

    A.A.A Seeking, seek, yes
    virtual humanity,
    sex appeal, sex appeal,
    Whatever happens, everything goes by
    and singing in the rain.


    When life becomes distracted,
    men fall.
    Westerners’ karma,
    Westerners’ karma,
    the monkey gets back up
    Namaste, yeah!


  21. He often uses an ancient Greek phrase in his lyrics (Heraclitus 535 – 475 BC)
    “Τα πάντα ρει = Everything changes, nothing is stable

  22. If anyone’s still around: I have to do articles for tomorrow. Should I do a Super Saturday article or individual ones?

  23. This year’s edition of San Remo is head and shoulders above all other national finals. The odds as they stand at this moment:

    1) Fiorella Mannoia (with a huge lead)
    2) Francesco Gabbani
    3) Sergio Silvestre
    4) Elodie
    5) Chiara (WTF???)

    I think the top4 makes a lot of sense and three of them will probably end up in the superfinal. Among the 16, Alessio Bernabei and Clementino are last in the odds. I thought Sergio improved vocally last night, but he was visibly nervous and sweaty and had terrible eye contact with the camera. I am sorry Giusi Ferreri’s amazing song is out, but she really brought it to herself with those lives. I have no objections to the rest of the eliminations, I am really glad that both Gigi and Al Bano are out.

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