Hungary: Semi-final 1 Taking Place Tonight

hungaryHungaryA Dal sees the first semi-final take place this evening and we’ll soon know which acts will go into Hungary’s national final. Nine acts are currently taking part tonight but only 4 can progress through to the final. You can watch it here

The semi-finalists are:

ChaseDust in the wind
Dávid HendersonWhite Shadows
Gina KanizsaFall like rain
Joci PápaiOrigo
Gigi RadicsSee it through
Viki SinghRain
Spoon 21Deák
The CoupleVége van

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76 comments on “Hungary: Semi-final 1 Taking Place Tonight

  1. Just a little off-topic: The rehearsl audience in Malmö has voted and this was the result:

    1. Mariette 210
    2. Benjamin Ingrosso 206
    3. Lisa Ajax 147
    4. Dismissed 53
    5. Roger Pontare 37
    6. Etzia 30
    7. Allyawan 12

    Interesting that Lisa is so far behind the other two favourites, especially since she was one of the fake winners (the other was Allyawan) and thus got the chance to perform her song a second time.

    • The song’s meh and the big screen is bad, girls who vote are extremely jealous and tough with other cute girls; mariette, who’s a MF product, doesnt sound like a teen favorite, but as a MF favorite can sneak in. Ben will win massively the televote for kids

      glad for Dismissed! and somehow think Roger does deserve 5th

    • I like Mariette singing voice and Allyawan’s song isn’t too bad, according to what I heard.

  2. for my ice skating fans, Torvill and Dean were the precesessors of sexy French couple in ice dancng but nobody would ever beat Torvill and Dean in either Helsinki World Championships 83 or Bolero OLympics 84, personally I love and UK too helsinki 83!

  3. indeed am sorry got away from that thread. well only for the fact that nowadays France rules in such ice dancing stuff and hopefully one day in ESC too!

  4. Gina and Joci reached the final. :)

  5. I finally watched seriously all 30 performances of the Heats, and also caught up with tonight’s semi performances (thanks A Dal for finally having them on youtube this year)…

    Heat 1 was bad, 2 was ok, 3 was the best. Very unfair. Here’s my top 10:
    01 Spoon 21 – Deák
    02 Mrs Columbo – Frozen king
    03 The Couple – Vége van
    04 Zävodi + Olivér Berkes – #háttérzaj
    05 Soulwave – Kalandor
    06 Peet Project – Kill your monster
    07 Kállay Saunders Band – 17
    08 Rocktenors – Osz
    09 Eniko Muri – Jericho
    10 Gabi Tóth – Hosszú idok

    dont care about the other 20, even if AnnaElza feat. Júli Kása had a good song but ruined it live, or I find Zoltan an insanely good vocalist and even cute in his own way at singing his song, the song is not my type at all (too musical)… Leander were fine too

  6. I’m way too biased to TOTOVA to consider other songs XD

    If it develops an original identity, it would be Hungary’s best effort since 2014.

    I might accept and grow into Origo, but for me this is a one-woman race.

  7. I’m rooting for Joci and Totova.

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