Germany: It’s Levina to Kyiv!

levina germany 2017.pngGermany – Unser Song 2017 concluded last night with Germany opting to send Levina singing ‘Perfect life‘. She received standing ovations in the coves round singing ‘When we were young” by Adele. In the end it was only Levina, with the choice of two songs. Watch the winning song now… 

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99 comments on “Germany: It’s Levina to Kyiv!

  1. Not a very good score both from the juries and the televoters.

  2. Copy/paste from the other article: well as far as songs go, it was the better of the two VERY mediocre songs… as far as singers go, they were all amateurs without charisma… I see juries not hating it, and since they have to rank all entries, they will, out of 5, find points to it (around 13th-18th) but I see it last in televote, with a possible 0-5pts, and in the current system (see Czech Rep 2016) it means bottom 5, possible last place.

    It’s empty of any emotion, almost any talent and interest. I dont get how this could win a NF (whereas if it was internally chosen like France, you’d get why they’d go astray). It’s the most mediocre thing out of all things mediocre. I don’t hate it, I just don’t get/feel anything towards it. How disappointing from the country of “Taken By A Stranger”…

  3. The juries’ darling is about to take the stage.rofl.

  4. Gigi looks much better tonight compared to the heat. I like the chorus much more than the verses here but Gigi is a performer that can elevate anything with her vocal abilities. She is vocally consistent and passionate. Such ballads are tailored to her and I can see her as a good hungarian representative.

    P.S. I will always miss “Ugy Faj” from esc :(

  5. Gigi Radics: lol at the dress and all the rocks and precious stones on her and her mic.It’s a really generic ballad with really generic lyrics.Funny thing is although Gigi is good vocally she doesn’t have the Diva-like strong vocals.The irrelevant jury lady has wet her pants with what she saw and heard. 6/12

  6. Gigi Radics : Better dress
    #Not another ballad
    In case it wins I prefer both Georgia and Albania over this in the same genre
    A Dal is mostly about 7s and 6s this year I’m afraid. Not attrocities though. The above mentioned fact boosts their National preselection’s average on my list (compared to other preselections)!

  7. A wet jury for Gigi. Brilliant#not

  8. Gigi is by far first now and got the highest public vote score as well alongside soulwave so far :) Go girl, well deserved :) !

  9. These people are completely irrelevant to the current music scene(expect the guy on the right).As i understand they consider her and the song perfect for eurovision.

  10. James Henderson: He’s camera friendly and engaging but the vocals are really average and the song nothing to go wow about.It becomes repetitive at some point. 6.5/12

  11. sorry for the late articles on Hungary and Italy, I was working out of town today and just got back.

  12. White Shadows : Another song that goes nowhere. But at least I can enjoy some production values and the stage lights!

  13. Everyone in A Dal is getting a 37…

  14. 2 painfully generic,female ballads are leading the vote.

  15. I don’t know but you guys but I find this SF boring. Why am I here? LOL. It was a bad idea after all.

  16. obviously anyone east or possibly west of her and her horrible song wont vote for her, thus she will end up as a horrible 20th century song

  17. Ah! Origo is tonight. I like this one.

  18. Joci Pápai – Origo: Finally a song with character.Perfect vocals but i have my objections on the presentation.His outfit and the rap part are not really my thing. 8.5/12

  19. And all of the sudden Joci becomes a huge favorite.

  20. David seems like a very likable guy and I think this entry would fit right in Supernova’s more electro trends rather than A Dal. It’s not bad but it’s too repetitive for my taste and he is not that stable vocally.

  21. Ugh Joci first :( ? I am sorry I do not like this entry at all..

  22. Why don’t we all move to A Dal’s thread Hulluna created?

  23. Gina Kanizsa – Fall like rain: a moody ballad that stands out.She’s not my favorite vocalist and i don’t really like the dancer running around with the silver wings.I believe it will suffer with televoters. 9/12

  24. The German song: Nothing special, and I don’t think it will really stand out. It’s not entirely without charm, but its lack of melodic content could make it drown.

    It’s got the “4 Chord Song” progression in the verse btw.

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