Germany: Unser Song 2017 Final Tonight

GermanyGermany – Tonight sees the German national final take place to select the country’s representative for Kyiv. All of the tracks have been released on Spotify in advance of tonight’s TV show. Each act will sing a cover version initially and 3 of the 5 acts will go through to the next round. 

5 artists have been chosen internally for the final:

  • Axel Feige
  • Felicia Lu Kürbiß
  • Helene Nissen
  • Levina
  • Yosefin Buohler

germany 2017.png

The three successful candidates after the cover version round will then sing either ‘Perfect life‘ or ‘Wildfire‘, the two songs in the running to be performed in Kyiv.

One more act will be eliminated and the two remaining acts will then sing the other song that they have not already performed out of ‘Perfect life‘ or ‘Wildfire‘.

At this stage there are 4 possibilities left of artist / song combination and everyone will be very confused. It makes Lithuania seem very straight forward in comparison. Voters can vote for the artist and song they like best and the top two face off. So you could have two artists singing the same song e.g. ‘Perfect life‘, or a different song each. Or the same artist being the sole contender singing both songs. Make sense?

Oh and then they throw a jury in too.

In between the confusion, former Eurovision winners Nicole (1982), Ruslana (2004) & Conchita Wurst (2014) will perform a Eurovision medley. Everyone loves a good Eurovision medley, don’t they?

You can watch it from 20:15 (CET) on the Official German Eurovision Website.

Join us below in the comments to discuss it as it all happens.

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131 comments on “Germany: Unser Song 2017 Final Tonight

  1. As much as I dislike the song, I need to say that Levina’s vocals were rough because she is suffering from a bad cold atm. I am confident that her vocals will be much stronger in Kiev but alas that won’t help because the song is just BAD.

    • If that is her vocal low (she was already stunning) I cannot wait to listen to her when she is at 100 % ! I am VERY hopeful for Germany this year !

      • Yes, she is a good vocalist but the song sucks big time, at least for ESC. :(
        As I said above, bottom 5. The song is nice and will be around 13th place on everyone’s lists. 13th doesn’t get you points though. :(
        Germany desperately needs to reconsider imo.

        • The song is pretty good imo. All these people comparing it to “Titanium” probably dont know that is a big compliment. As I already said to Morgan with Levina’s performance lifting it this can do top 15 and definately top 20.

          Is it ideal ? No but it is a vast improvement already for Germany.

          • I don’t even know what “Titanium” is. Probably old man’s syndrome. LOL I simply think that the song is weak. Shall we bet? My money is on bottom 5. :( (And don’t get me wrong. I think that Albania, Georgia, the UK and Switzerland have worse songs.)

            GOOOO Belarus and Finland! :)

            • I think we have the most promising start in any season I have experienced so far.

              I love Switzerland more and more as days go by and now Germany and France have joined the group of very good songs as well :-)

              Finland and Belarus are right after, with their flaws but very promising and then the UK and Albania are growing on me each day to the point I think Lucy may surpise everyone in May with how well she does.
              Heck even my last place for now, Georgia is humming in my head.

              I honestly need a song to hate at this point because everything is well above average this year so far. I need an entry to vent my frustration towards lol

            • Sorry but Switzerland is just off-the shelf imo. I am rooting for France, Belarus and Finland atm. I don’t want to listen to any of the others ever again. :(

            • Oh well whatever..I cant stop listening to Switzerland or the UK these days :-)

  2. Hmmm many critics, I’m really thinking “what to do with this”… live singing and color of voice is quite good, it’s quite current type of voice, still not tahat boring to me, but smth is missing to make it totally different, outfit and hair are HORRIFIC, wearing these pants and that blouse while singing this song is hmmm…
    Composition is Okish, not that GREAT, far from being bad..I’m afraid this lefts me completely cold, I don’t love/like it, I don’t hate it..I will give it 6 in the poll, not a good sign I’m afraid..

  3. well as far as songs go, it was the better of the two VERY mediocre songs… as far as singers go, they were all amateurs without charisma… I see juries not hating it, and since they have to rank all entries, they will, out of 5, find points to it (around 13th-18th) but I see it last in televote, with a possible 0-5pts, and in the current system (see Czech Rep 2016) it means bottom 5, possible last place.

    It’s empty of any emotion, almost any talent and interest. I dont get how this could win a NF (whereas if it was internally chosen like France, you’d get why they’d go astray). It’s the most mediocre thing out of all things mediocre. I don’t hate it, I just don’t get/feel anything towards it. How disappointing from the country of “Taken By A Stranger”…

    • You won’t believe it (but perhaps you’ll do because we are talking Germany here …) but everything else was worse. LOL ROFL *does harakiri*
      TBAS <3 <3 <3

    • Strongly disagree. I feel we got one of the strongest performers we will see in this year’s contest and a very engaging, interesting performance. I would say possible top 15, definite top 20.

      • like Rykka? :p joke aside, all I can say for now is the infamous “we’ll see in May”

        • In a contest where Estonia came last in semi and Poland and Lithuania were top 10 Rykka not making it means nothing really :-)

          I think we will see in May indeed :-) The quality is very high this year already and things may get more unpredictable.

  4. Germany keeps trying to do the indie female pop thing even though it hasn’t worked for them since Lena (I absolutely loved Elaiza though).
    Idk, it’s not bad but it’s just another plain song.

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