UK OGAE Fans Can Register for EUROGLITZ 2017 Now

ogaeUnited Kingdom – UK OGAE members now have another chance to experience the ultimate UK based Euro-joy – EUROGLITZ 2017. The historic City of York will again play host to a weekend of Eurovision delights, culminating in a live screening of the Kiev 2017 contest in York’s City Screen cinema. 
Interested? You should be! There are 80 packages available for OGAE members who cannot make the trip to Ukraine. Here is what’s on the weekend EuroGlitz ‘menu’:

The EUROGLITZ Riverboat Tour

Cruise up the Ouse for four hours of pure Eurovision indulgence – food, drink, music, karaoke and a special Eurovision A Cappella group.

Elevenses EUROGLITZ style
Join the rest of the Eurovision family for coffee/tea and a fun filled quiz – within the walls of the historic city.

Sing-a-long-a Eurovision
Nowhere else can you experience the Euro-delight of singing at full voice with fellow EUROGLITZers as we belt out those Eurovision classics.

Dinner and Cocktails
Enjoy a hot meal at Pitcher & Piano, overlooking the river, right next to the cinema, before the main event begins.

Eurovision 2017 – screened live from Kiev at City Screen, York
Experience the glory of Eurovision on the BIG SCREEN and in comfy seats! Enjoy a beverage or two from the bar and bite your nails with fellow Eurofans as we sit through the new style voting!

The Eurodisco!
The contest may be over, but the Eurodisco is just beginning. Nip downstairs and dance the night away till the early hours as you overlook the river and enjoy the late nightEUROGLITZ buffet and drinks (let’s face it – you need to keep up your strength for dancing and celebrating!).

So – never mind agonising over when those Kiev tickets will be released – 80 EUROGLITZ packages are officially now on sale.

To book your place on EUROGLITZ 2017 – please email euroglitz@hotmail.com and register your interest.  They will email you a booking form and further details. Be warned – this booked up very quickly last time.

Organisers have secured 15 twin bedded rooms at a 30% discounted rate for Friday and Saturday night at the centrally located Premier Inn, Blossom Street North.  Total package price including accommodation for both nights £195.00 per person (based on 2 people sharing, £45 per night single occupancy supplement).  Please let the organisers know if you would like to reserve a room, but hurry, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Weekend event price without accommodation is £105.00 per person.

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365 comments on “UK OGAE Fans Can Register for EUROGLITZ 2017 Now

  1. Back to the contest
    Ron: I didn’t like it. After listening the others songs I think this one is bad.
    Raige & the girl: I liked it but the use of standing microphones hurts the performance, the second part is so much better without them. Bad staged.
    Bianca: She elevates the song. I don’t know if the song is good or if she’s an angel :(
    Clementino: If there is a young Italian watching this and he/she likes rap (I doubt it), please vote for him. I hope the juries pay attention to the lyrics.
    Giusy: One of the best song and that awful live performance. She looked angry at the end, something is going on there. Are her concerts like that? :/
    Nesli & the other girl: Maybe it has a special meaning but the tattoo of the girl looks bad. I like Nesli but watch him singing that song is very dissapointing.

  2. YES!!! I had high hopes but I didn’t expect it. Thanks Italy, well done Ermal :)
    PS: Now I feel like an old crazy Italian :'(

  3. So, Nesli and Raige are out (as Carlo said “curiosamente”…).

  4. A quick update about EuroGlitz in York, the event is for Eurovision fans, you don’t have to be a member of OGAE to book a place and enjoy the weekend with fellow fans.

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