Israel: Rising Star Finalists Decided

IsraelIsrael – Yesterday was the semi final of Rising Star which has determined the four acts that will be performing at the final next week to determine who will be representing the Country in Kyiv this May. Two females, a male and a group have made the final but who will be picked?

The songs each act hope to take to Eurovision are still to be revealed but we know the four finalists will be…

Beatbox Element
Diana Golbi
Imri Ziv

The final will take place Monday 13th February and the winner will be following previous Rising Star winners  Nadav Guedj and Hovi Star.

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27 comments on “Israel: Rising Star Finalists Decided

  1. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it on another thread, but Norway revealed snippets for their contenders this morning. In my opinion, it’s their worst line-up yet :( . There’s some folky-songs that aren’t bad, but they have so many dated reject songs from 10-20 years ago, and empty pop (that even the Wiwibloggs crowd doesn’t like).

  2. I haven’t checked the Israeli hopefuls yet becaus I’ll wait for the songs. I have listened to the Norwegian hopefuls though … and indeed … oh my. I am only interested to hear more of the 2 ethnic songs in the line-up. Ella’s entry might be fun for all the wrong reasons. Kristian has a ballad and the snippet doesn’t tell us much. This one might be either terribly boring or a gentle pleasure. I can already say at this point that I will totally detest the rest of the bunch with Ulrikke auditioning for my first object of hate this season. The song is sh*t and I hate all that second rate I am very bourgeois but look how sexy I am posing. It’s ludicrous and utterly tasteless.

  3. the awful norwegian lineup reminds me of one of the reasons why I started loving all the people on this site. remembering the great lineups from norway in 2014 and 2015 and the appreciation of high hopes, silent storm, and bensin (such a masterpiece omg) in the really cool mgp 2014. just missing the national finals full of understated but beautiful songs instead of these average lineups :(

  4. Did Norway follow Switzerland’s method of selecting the artists for their final?lol
    It’s just 15 sec snippets tbh but i’d go for the folky sounds atm.

  5. Ok Israel, pick Imri and get it over with :))

  6. I’ll check Israel when there are some songs on offer. Norway seems to have become 100% plastic; I have little wish to listen to the snippets. Very little effort is put in the making of these songs, imo: just add water and paint it with shiny colors. :(

  7. Well, Dimitri, I tried Beatbox Element and I like what I heard, but I am glad that they won’t be singing what they sang on the link (a bit confusing and ‘show offy’, so to speak).

  8. No idea to comment on Israel before the songs are revealed.

    And maybe no real idea to comment on Norway either, since we only have 10 seconds clips for now. I just gonna say that it’s sad that Glam from Wig Wam has abandoned his 80’s platform shoes and silver dress. Come on, come on, come on. :p

  9. Diana Golbi is a WORLD CLASS!!
    She is my fave before the songs appear.
    Beatbox Element is all right I guess, but i’m not to fond of these beatbox bands from tallent shows all around the World, we have sen that in ESC too alreday, I wasn’t fan..
    Julieta can also be interesting, in Hebrew language, but from te performance i see here I fear it can be too cheap.
    And Imri Ziv is the least promising, it’s quite cliche, ordinary, uninspiring color of vocal..
    Everything depends on the songs here..

  10. I have just listened to samples from the Norsk MGP 2017 and there are several very promising ones, BUT this:

    In Fusion – “Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over”

    I literally cant wait to listen to the full version and watch their performance..

    This will be BRILLIANT!! <3

    This will be a GEM 101%!

    I'm sure that In Fusion – "Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over" is a serous contender in Kyiv!

    It's so fresh for ESC, it can make a total revolution in Kyiv! Be sure in that!

    They said that among 10 entries in Norway one is an ESC potential winner, and now I'm sure which one that is! :)

  11. I don’t see what is so underwhelming about the Norwegian snippets? It’s just like every year. The 15 seconds sound unoriginal, and usually they are. However, two or three translate into great full songs. This year, I can see “Mesterverk,” the Sami song, and the folk girls turning into pretty good songs. Of course, they could also turn out to be terrible.

  12. For Norway: Um yeah idk what has happened to MGP but hey no tween boy bands this year at least. Jenny Augusta’s song sounded most promising for me. And I am oddly interested in the lady with the branches(?) in her hair.

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