Ukraine: First 2 Finalists Known


ukraineUkraine – Ukraine held its first semi-final last night to decide its representative as the host nation in Kyiv in May. TAYANNA and Salto Nazad progressed to the final from the 8 semi-finalists. The final will take place on 25th February 2017. Last year’s winner Jamala, Verka Serduchka (Ukraine 2007) and composer and producer Konstantin Meladze sat as jury members.

Next week will see semi-final 2 with Letay, Mila Nytych, Kuznetsov, Aghiazma, Detach, Rozhden, Panivalkova and Illaria performing from 18.00 (CET).

41 comments on “Ukraine: First 2 Finalists Known

  1. The Ukrainian jury and televoters left the best song (‘Geraldine’) behind. That does not bode well; these juries are very single-minded. FdC went for a nine-jurors gig, who have different backgrounds on paper at least. I hope they do not automatically go for the usual boisterous ballad. To make maters worse, Tayana is not that good of a singer. Congratulations to both qualifiers.

  2. I’d say they should skip the jury. Or maybe allow more ACTS to proceed…
    Arsen should have been through not because televoting said so, but because a juror’s bias in a jury panel of 3 is influencing the results WAY too much. (*cough Jamala*)
    Out of the 8 first hopefuls I liked Laliko and Mamarika more. Tayanna’s bombastic ballad is effective too but ugh that key change…

  3. Arsin was totally robbed. It is a solid schlager with charismatic performer (talk about bedroom face). Only worthy song in the set.
    Obviously they are playing it for I love you.

    I send greetings to AUS too, but then again, even though I didn’t like Dami it was better by miles as composition, production and performance as this I love you dud.

    So disappointed, after all this is not just any nation we are talking about. Ukraine did brought us Ms Lorak, Zlata, Verka, Ruslana and hamster wheel with some drip drop. Ok, ok and that Jamala. We are talking about major ESC power of this century that actually knows what diversity means with a proven track record. And of course, it’s a nation of very beautiful people.

    Ukraine, get a grip.

    I don’t start now with the show that makes formula 1’s look highly entertaing and eventful. After all they are only second to paint drying on the wall.

  4. I wasnt home last tonight and wont be home tonight, oh my SO MUCH to catch up tomorrow lol: Hungary, Latvia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine :o

    As for Ukraine, the vids are all on youtube so that wont take long: I’m sad to see that my two faves from this semi songwise, “Blue Bird” and “Geraldine” didnt qualifty when snoozefest Tayanna did (Jamala 2.0 in weaker in every way). Dont remember “O Mamo” songwise so I’ll come back once I’ve watched the vids, either late today or tomorrow!

  5. I love Salto Nazad… He really cannot dance at all and it’s so car crash. I love it

  6. Is this the guy we are talking about? <3

  7. Tayanna’s song isn’t bad imo. It’s quality screaming stuff and therefore simply not up my alley. Bathing suit and raincoat? is that a trend I missed?

    • I like outfit too a lot, it has some sense, she wears exactly the same thing in her video for this entry..and there is Russian version too, called “Osen” = “Autumn”! :)

  8. Salto Nazad’s song is jolly and unpretentious. I love a bit of funk but at the end of the day, the song is a tad too repetitive imo.

  9. Salto Nazad is an embarassment for a country that sent “1944” last year. Disgusting truly.
    Tayanna saved the day yesterday for Ukraine thankfully.

  10. After some backlash,Jamala explained that her criterion is whether a competing entry is suitable for esc and will do well there.I can understand the reasoning but i find it troubling she thinks Salto Nazad would do well in esc.But anyway,it doesn’t have the public support so i believe they have little chance to reach esc.

    • You don’t send home someone with such an amazing live. You simply don’t do that. Everything else is just silly excuses.

  11. Perfect result :) I think this year we’re not going to have a pleasant winner here like the strongest acts Jamala and The Hardkiss were last year.

  12. I am glad Tayanna went through :)

  13. Not sure what was going on during “O Mamo” but I think I loved it haha. Tayanna’s performance didn’t really impress me but she definitely had the best song. I also liked “geraldine” and “blue bird”.

  14. The acapella version of Tayanna’;s “I Love you”.I think Shevek may like it:

  15. This is how the 3 judges ranked the songs:

  16. 22nd semifinalist:

  17. I just went through the Ukraine’s semi 1. The weakest of the three of course, but it still featured one of my two fave songs in Ukraine this year, and it got bottom 2. The stage was superb, the production high. A good experience.

    In general, it was a fine decent show, with everything feeling, yeah decent, but not necessarly wow either. Except for Monochromea. I dont get why ET fans arent backing me up more on this one. Vocally the best singer this year, so far, yes? And a great song. So ok the look is a bit ByeAlex but that’s the only problem. The other two I liked best were Lumiere and Laliko, so the whole bottom 3 lol. I prefer Lumiere, a song I really liked in audio and I liked his look and zist for it all. Plus he’s pretty lol. I would have added another backing singer. Laliko is not a song I loved but it had a great live. With panache.

    I dont get the two qualifiers. Tayanna: was she hot or was she cold? Hateful screaming, boring song. Always hated this dull one and it would bomb in esc. I dont think it’ll go (I feel like they’re building a Illaria v. Vivienne final, as both close their semis). “O mamo!” what the hell. Insignificant, pointless. I had to rewatch.

    Skai probably was my 4th, he was fine but a bit too Phil Collins. Arsen was decent but it was boring after 2mns and his accent was really offputting to me. I did find it insignificant live, when the song is a nice piece in audio. Not worthy to go further I reckon. MamaRika was my last, but hey it would have been my first in Switzerland.

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