Switzerland: It’s Timebelle to Kyiv!

timbelleSwitzerland – Die Entscheidungsshow culminated in a much improved national final for Switzerland tonight and the winner, who will go on to represent Switzerland in Kyiv in May, was Timebelle singing ‘Apollo‘. Timebelle will perform in the second half of the second semi-final in Kyiv on 11th May. Watch the winning song now…

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40 comments on “Switzerland: It’s Timebelle to Kyiv!

  1. A tiny snippet of one of the Greek entries.Recording with the ERT symphonic orchestra:
    [video src="https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/16506423_275770596176278_2014654860883918848_n.mp4" /]

  2. I just did CH… and oh my god, I seriously think that what I read Saturday night was… too nice? This was probably the worst NF I’ve ever watched from a big rich Western country. How does one of the two, three richest countries in the world put together such a weak show? Anyone watch Nadya’s live and tell me there isnt a simple micro/sound problem that a single sound check earlier that day would have saved!

    Ok to the songs. Nadya was hands down the only decent singer. But with her awful mic problems you simply couldnt hear her. She looked great, but it didnt fit the song which was a bit like Amber’s Warrior. Seriously it’s the one I think could have qualified Switzerland with a good show in Kyiv.

    Ginta went for the immortal slut look. Awful, the ghost show was hilarious, and she couldnt hit a single note right. Oh yeah, the sogn’s awful.

    But hey, Michèle is an even worse singer. Your sister’s best friend you have to take to the club. Her “wooow” were the most annoying thing I heard tonight. The backing visuals or her dress were so 90s you were sure she’d puke Britney soon.

    Freschta’s voice is so incredibly off putting I dont get how anyone let her have a “career” in the music industry? A deserved last place on the simple fact everyone probably covered their ears. Too bad, the song was half decent!

    “Exodus” has to be the worst song I’ve heard all season. The lyrics are an actual insult and the song is an empty beat done on a computer in 30s. MF forty years ago was more advanced…

    Timebelle is the only one who looks professional enough. Vocally decent. Lyrics are annoying and pointless. Musically this is also 15 years too late without any real passion. I dont get how some people can write such stuff and call themselves “musician”. It’s not “AWFUL” which means I dont see ANYONE voting for this in May. An almost certain three in a row for CH in esc!

    PS: I didnt do Lithuania at all and I’m told there are stuff worse than there. And I didnt go over all of Belarus or Moldova’s casting shows.

  3. 6 bad songs with 5 bad vocalists (Nadya, you are excluded, but we couldn’t hear you, baby).

    There’s literally nothing to talk about.

  4. It goes nowhere. Another epic failure for Switzerland…

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