Sweden: Results of Heat 1

swedenSwedenMelodifestivalen kicked off last night in Goteburg and saw Nano with ‘Hold On and Ace Wilder with’Wild Child‘ go on to the final. Two more acts, Boris René and De Vet Du, went through to the Andra Chansen (2nd chance) round. Former Eurovision winner Charlotte Pirelli did not make it through. 

Next week’s heat comes live from Malmö, with Mariette, Roger Pontare, Etzia, Allyawan, Dismissed, Lisa Ajax and Benjamin Ingrosso in competition with each other. Watch from 20.008 (CET) on SVT Play.

The 2nd round Andra Chansen event takes place on 4th March 2017 and the Meldifestivalen final at Friends Arena on 11th March 2017.

49 comments on “Sweden: Results of Heat 1

  1. I only cared for Nano and Boris Rene in this heat.
    My 3rd option would be Road Trip for the fun of it and if I was forced to pick a 4th I’d go for Dina Nah for the stage value (and only).
    I’m tired of Ace Wilder’s “teenage” sounds which have nothing to do with her 35 years. I’d like to see her in a more mature effort. The emptiness of her song showed more this time with the lack of stage extravaganza (unlike last year)
    Overall decent and reasonable results!

    • She’s 35? I thought she looked “tired” and not too believable in singing this kind of bubblegum. No wonder it looks forced cos it is.
      Genuinly like Nano, Boris and Beefy Boys and the show as they didn’t try so hard and they had toned it down a bit so it was good above average start for me after quite many years. Nano also presents new and contemporary sound both in Mello and ESC. I’m sure we will see more spectacular staging of it in the final.

  2. Very weak semi with even weaker results. Boris and Charlotte had the only interesting songs. Hoping for better stuff next week. Congratulations to the oh so predictable qualifiers.

  3. I LOVE Nanos’ dark performance and composition is interesting, different, gospel backings are FANTASTIC! He was my number one after performances yesterday..
    But ace Wilder is my number 7 of course LOL :P
    I wanted Charlotte Perelli in the final and Brois Rene in the second chance…poor Charlotte, she is so nice and good, i saw her here in Belgrade in 2008! :(

  4. No winner for ESC yet… I was surprised Charlotte ended dead last though.

  5. OK, I have listened to the long snippets now. Nano has a decent song and probably is a deserved qualifier. However, I don’t get the all the fuss and buzz surrounding it because at the end of the day, it is nothing to get your knickers in a twist about. In fact, it isn’t even anything to write home about imo. “Hold On” has a contemporary radio sound and is in line with the hateful self-affirmation stuff flooding the charts these days. Of course our decadent societies love to wallow in self-affirmation soup because such an escapist approach allows to avoid the real problems we are facing these days. Last years, the juries already made clear that anything with even remotely relevant content would be sent home after the semi-finals (BIH, Greece). Yuck!
    There is not much to say on Ace’s song. It’s stuff for children, drunk people on holiday in S’Arenal, Benidorm etc. and people who have mislaid their brains. It is quite embarrasing to see a woman in her mid-30s perform stuff like that.

    Good luck and send Boris to the final please!

    • Ok I ve been patient enough last night but this one is really beyond me : What was relevant or indeed had any musical merit of ANY kind that would justify a qualification for Greece or Bosnia last year ?! I mean please..

      • Different opinions. That’s all … No need to get worked up.

        • Its just utterly dissapointing to me you join this senseless jury bashing let alone to defend truly indefensible acts from countries with former 100 % qualificatiom records.

          • But I sincerely liked both Greece and BiH last year … And yes, I think that the juries are doing harm atm. I would happily welcome a different approach to juries but the way they vote these days gets a big NO from me.

            • Well then yes we are on 100 % different sides now. Juries saved and continue to save the contest from the 2000s dark ages it has fallen into. A jesc jury-only approach would really skyrocket the contest’s credibility overall.

            • Truly dissapointing you prefer the era that “shake it up shekerim” could get 4th place. Truly dissapointing. That’s all I will say and end it here.

            • I never said that and you probably know that perfectly well. I support juries but only less narrow-minded ones than we have atm.

            • I haven’t seen any narrow mindness from the juries. They have supported songs of many different genres and awarded quality and good deliveries 90 % of the time.

              I thought televoting was doing kind of better lately but after it had russia 1st last year,poland 3rd and after I saw of how many points france was robbed of in televoting due to regional/political voting it died for me completely. Back to point zero.

            • I agree. We need different juries and a different voting public. ;)
              They both suck equally. Luckily, the combined results led to a fantastic 2016 winner at least.

  6. So now the day after my mind is more clearer and this is my score:

    Hold On: 9 (Possible winner tbh)
    Wild Child: 7
    Roadtrip: 7
    Her Kiss: 6
    Amare: 5
    Mitt Liv: 3
    One More Night: 3

    So a very good start for mello imo! Really liked the interval acts ( the metall song and the dancing). However Its very hard for MF to get good hosts and this year its no exception with all the Corny and cheesy jokes, but we have had worse hosts in the past imo.

  7. I wasnt home last tonight and wont be home tonight, oh my SO MUCH to catch up tomorrow lol: Hungary, Latvia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine :o

    As for Sweden, the results are exactly the ones I’d expect on paper without knowing the songs. It’s the same results I’d expect once I heard the snippets. Now based on what I’ve read, the only one I wanna watch is Boris. A disappointment to see him overthrown by Ace Wilder’s fanbase. I didn’t even like Ace in 2014 (yes it’s true), but I did like her last year. Now I’m sure I’ll join others in being bored of her, especially with G;son behind her now. She aint Loreen.

  8. I don’t understand all the hate against Ace.I really liked her first MF entry,not a big fan of her second one and i find “Wild Child” to be a lot of fun.It was evident that based on what we saw last night she deserved the second ticket to the final.And i’m sad to see comments targeting her age.Ace has her very unique style of this laid-back kinda being lazy performance and her own styling which i like.The lyrics of her songs are somewhat refreshing because she doesn’t sing about love and world peace and how we should stay strong in the face of adversity.She sings about everyday problems and feelings we all share all so often.Not wanting to go to work,the society that idolizes money and all stuff material,the fact she feels estranged from her real self and wants to leave her busy life behind and go into the wild.All things a teenage girl wouldn’t be caring about.I haven’t seen anyone commenting on how David Lindgren another singer in his mid thirties looks bad performing all those dance-club tunes dancing on stage,Double standards.

    • I just find something about her utterly irritating. Every song she’s ever entered just grates on me. I can’t explain why. It’s just a personal thing I guess.

    • I dislike David Lindgren too.
      Her first attempt was an anthem of laziness, something a spoilt brat would have sang imo

      • I think it’s a very narrow way of interpreting the lyrics.What she said was the meaning of her lyrics was “work to live and not live to work”.

        • The fact she insists on picking this kind of entries doesn’t help her either in my eyes. It seems like a very opportunistic approach of music imo.

          • Most MF singers pick songs that they feel will be popular too.And most of them have their own signature style.I don’t think she does something others don’t do.

            • Evey artist is free to choose his/her own “weapons” to proceed. In her case it’s a rebel/teenage personna and it pays off.
              I didn’t mind her first MF attempt, it’s just that she tries to make the most out of it with weaker submissions each year.

            • It may be her personal style in general.

    • oh god I totally hate how David tries to look like a teenager! and I just said I genuinely didnt like “Busy Doin Nothin” which wasnt even in my top 4 of its semi back then. I did like her second MF entry better, as a song and as a over the top live. Now I said I had to wait for this one, but was sad Boris wasnt given a ticket.

      • I believe Boris sounded like an AC act after listening to the snippet.And i definitely don’t have a problem with how they both look.

  9. This is MF so bitterness is to be expected at every turn here but anyway..

    Ace nailed it last night. She was well above everyone else and her entry is her 2nd best after “Busy doin nothin'”.
    This girl has an edge and a cool factor that makes her shine on stage even if she is not the best vocalist. This is a very strong year but I hope she gets to go to esc soon she deserves it 100 %.

    Nano was very good, the live performance was very effective and there was emotional substance here but it needs to grow on me more as a song I think.

    Boris is much better than his song this year but I think AC may help this groovy little song as it is definately a grower.

    The comic boyband roadtrip guys pretty meh overall. I get why they are through given the other 3 acts but still I hope they wont reach the final.

    Dinah Nah was a huge dissapointment. She did not even look like her it was truly wrong everything about it. Charlotte on the other hand showed us something very different and I am kind of sad she came last but every swede I asked agreed that the lyrics were pretty bad. The other girl I dont even care good riddance.

    Overall I expect much stronger line ups from now on.

    • It’s not bitterness and it has nothing to do with MF.
      It happens that I don’t like Ace and her last two attempts.
      I don’t understand why people feel the need to come to the rescue for her and why they insist on reading users’ comments in a personal way!

      • I was not referring to you specifically, it was a general comment. If you opted to take it personally then that’s not my problem.

  10. Wow even after a relatively good semi, MF still gets a lot of backlash from you guys. Nano was an original for this contest, hell even for eurovision itself and that should be praised rather then frowned upon even if you liked the entry or not. If you Compare it to a lot of similar songs in the “mainstream land” Nano sings this song very authentic-like, while a lot of other artist has a huge problem of even trying to convey feelings on stage. I also like the lyrics for that matter, not everything have to be sung in riddles for it to be amazing.

    And on the other hand Ace who has slowly become my favorite mf artist has always a unique sound with a different approach. And as a fellow ET user said, she dont sing about the normal stuff like love and world peace which I think is extremely refreshing. Maybe you should try to see things in a different perspective before you decide to completely disregard her or Nano for that matter.

    Even if Charlotte Perelli for example had a unique sound to mello it was an extremely boring one and I agree on seeing her in last place, Dinah Nah would have been a better last placer, but thanks to the app that didn’t happen.

  11. Well it’s a tradition for MF to have awful first semis, I remember 2007 most of all (Anna Book qualified directly to the final with another senior artists and they finished 9th and 10th overall in MF final that year), but this felt particularly subpar. I hope Mariette, Roger, Wictoria, Loreen, Jon, Robin, Sara arent going to return with weaker/weakest entries to date either, or else it’ll go from exciting on paper to awful in reality. Anyway, many of the first time artists seem cool too, so we never know! And truly, most other semis are exciting!

    My main problem was, the dullness of it all. The opening and the Hasse interval acts were god awful. David Lindgren went from awful MF finalist (always in the final, always outside any chance whatsoever) to awful host. I get that many former MF artists became hosts and had a second breath there, before actually returning to the competition stronger, but my god Sarah Dawn Finer, Danny Saucedo and most of all Mans were INSANELY charismatic, funny and with the kind of persona you grew attached to. David is nothingness, Hasse was the most annoying podium reaching act in years (with the Moniker, who remembers that crap btw?!)… The stage is nice, but I grew totally in love with MF stages and their screens everywhere, it’s like a dystopian future came to life and I really genuinely like it.

    In general, the pace was off, the acts disappointing, I hate the hosts. And I kinda enjoyed my 90 mns nonetheless (wink wink to Marie & Sanne) and I hope for the best in the following weeks.

    Personally, i’d have:
    1st Boris, he’s cool, he swings it, he sings it, he shakes it, we all dig it. It was a huge ripoff to “I’m so excited” and it got me.
    2nd Nano, a nice chorus and an interesting voice. But the live was godawful, the lightning, the chorus on the SIDE?! and the least charismatic of all artists ever on the MF stage besides Babsan (who remembers that crap btw?!)

    3rd Ace, my least favorite of all her songs and my god does Kerli do the wild child better this year. I didnt hate the live, but I felt like it was a weaker routine than usual, just like the song. People say “oh it’s still her” but nope. Just like Loreen, she failed to win with her own style (and the Debs, who won in 2013 and 2015 but only got second in 2014 with her) so she got G:son. But “Euphoria” was nothing to write home about if it wasnt for Loreen and guess what, Ace isnt half of what Loreen is. The blonde dancer who shakes it heavenly was my fave bit in the whole semi though.
    4th Charlotte, aww seriously, the best singer vocally speaking, and a simple str8 forward song I didnt hate

    5th Amare, the song was ok-ish but the girl cant rap to save her life which brought everything down, and the “amare amare” bit bleh
    6th Dinah, my god it takes wonders to save Dinah from last place, where she’s always been in my rankings in every MF semis she took part in. Why do they keep giving her a spot in MF btw, she didnt ever got far
    7th Joke entry, not an entry. Last.

    • Yep the Hosts except Clara was awful, now im not trying to safe her, bacause yes she was a bit dull, but and its a big but ( ;) ) she has the potential just like Gina Dirawi had when she had her first time as host in mello to do way better in the next ones. So I still have a bit hope for her! I have to disagree on Danny doh, I mean they used his strength as a performer and his body in one segment lol, but as a host he stumbled all the way to the final.

      • yeah he was the weakest of them all, but still he was charismatic the way David cant ever be. Mans and Sarah were better, and in “old” (but recent) MF, Charlotte or Carola were nice hosts too

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