Spain: Objectivo Eurovision Final Confirmed for 11th February

spainSpain – Spanish broadcaster RTVE has at last revealed that the date of the national final, Objectivo Eurovision, will be February 11th, adding to Eurovision fan’s headaches on what is already a Super Saturday with 6 other selection processes underway that night.   Eurovision fans will have to choose between programmes in Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Sweden, Italy and Estonia and now also have Spain to watch. The Spanish final is however later than other shows (except maybe the end of Italy’s San Remo), not starting until 22:05 (CET).

The line-up is:

Manel Navarro – ‘Do It For Your Lover
LeKlein – ‘Ouch
Paula Rojo – ‘Lo que nunca fué‘ (What Never Was)
Mario Jefferson – ‘Spin My Head
Maika – ‘Momento Crítico‘ (Critical Moment)
Mirela – ‘Contigo‘ (With You)


9 comments on “Spain: Objectivo Eurovision Final Confirmed for 11th February

  1. Why not on Wednesday? :P

  2. Spain, dear Spain, why you have such a weak line up AGAIN? :( Why you have lost your compass for ESC completely dear Spain :(

  3. Very weak line-up. Won’t be paying much attention. Buena suerte!

  4. I’ll skip this one. It’s a very weak line-up. Whatever they choose will struggle to get out of the bottom 5. Buena suerte!

    • I have just read that Marit Larsen, very good singer and songwriter from Norway is behind one of entries which will compete in the German NF in the end..that is promising now…and also promising is that probably pame faul will represent Czech republic in Kyiv! :))

  5. Why the 11th ?! Ugh..Thank god Ukraine is early even if it goes on forever but between Sweden, Estonia and Spain it will be tough..

  6. Not sure which is more tolerable 1.”the rain, the rain, the rain, THE RAIN” or 2. “ouch, ouch, OUCCHHHH, ouch”.

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