Latvia: First Supernova Heat Takes Place Tonight

LatviaLatvia – The first heat of this year’s Supernova kicks off this evening, amongst claims that Spotify streams have been manipulated. Latvia is the first country to use streaming as a way of measuring popularity of the acts, but it seems there are allegations of cheating. Any irregularities found will have votes uncounted. 

Tonight’s line-up:

Linda Leen – ‘Who is in charge?’
Katrīna Cīrule – ‘Blood runs quicker’
Anna Zankovska – ‘Rage love’
Lauris Valters – ‘Magic years’
Edgars Kreilis – ‘We are angels’
First Question – ‘Naked’
Miks Dukurs – ‘Spiritual priest’
Pikaso – ‘U (Can keep your cools)’
Crime Sea – ‘Escape’
Franco Franco – ‘Up’
Rock’n’Berries – ‘Feel the love’

The show starts at 20:25 CET and you can watch  at LTV Online. Only 4 acts will qualify for the next stage, 2 from the public vote and 2 from the jury.

Check out all of the participants here.

UPDATE: The qualifiers were: Franco Franco and Miks Dukurs by the public vote, and Linda Leen and Lauris Valters by the jury vote.

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256 comments on “Latvia: First Supernova Heat Takes Place Tonight

  1. My fave tonight after performances is First question – “Naked”, I really liked it, perfromance, outfit song, lyrics, singing..it has sense, it is art! Linda Leen was good, but perfromance and outfit can be a bit better..I think my overall fave will be Ludvig from te 2nd semi, but it will depend on perfeomance..I have to check Katrine Cirule from tonight, cause i missed her performance and I quite liked the song in studio version..

  2. I don’t even want to comment on the last supernova act for tonight, my mood is totally spoiled.

    Certain people’s biases, attacks and delusions have ruined another esc night for me. I was super patient yesterday with many things I read, super patient thus far today but it just seems some people are out there to test my patience limits year after year here.

    My final remark for tonight : Be biased against ANY country you want. Try to turn your back on the contest’s chronic bias issues as much as you want. I don’t care at all about anyone’s delusions on those issues. DON’T try to pass your biased opinion to me as fact and discredit someone else supporting entries YOU do not like (and they are in no way bad).

    If some people continue like that I will stop trying to be nice honestly and we will back to the good old times where I will speak my mind on everything I do not like and find offensive. Your choice.

    Peace out.

    • Guitar, let’s not go down that road this year. You were watching Supernova as I was; wasn’t Miks Dukurs supposed to sing this evening? Did you catch his performance?

      • He did sing and he just qualified for the final.

        • Indeed. I like his song, but I somehow missed his live performance.

          • He was 2nd up tonight. I like the song, it’s just that the “spiritual priest” line sounds awkward imo in the chorus. Verses are top notch stuff.

            • I know the title is a bit weird, but I do like the song very much Was he good live?

            • Very good imo, he delivered.
              It sounds awkward and anything with religious connotations is a turn off for me as well so I am unsure how I feel about it overall. We’ll see what the 2nd heat has to offer but I may end up supporting him now that Crime Sea are out :(

            • Thanks for the link. I do like it very much and it may grow more on me.

            • I am glad he delivered live, then. Let’s see what the other heats will bring to the table. Have to go now. Good night, Guitar, and everyone else.

              P.S. – tomorrow FdlC 18 will come to an end. You should check the songs, if you have time.

  3. And every year I have to waste my time moderating a playground. There was absolutely no need for any of this bitching tonight. I will put people on moderation with no hesitation this year because I do not have the time or energy to deal with this utter immature nonsense. Enough already. This is seriously the only warning I’m giving this season. The rules are clear on the forum, treat people with respect and stop causing trouble. The rules apply to everyone equally. End of conversation.

  4. What happened to ‘Spiritual priest’?

  5. Not a fan of the Swiss song. It isn’t bad, just kinda empty. A typical pop-ballad that leaves me feeling nothing. I think it’ll be a repeat of last year where originally everyone was excited that they’d be back to the final, but as all the songs get selected they fade further and further into the background and place somewhere near the bottom in their semi :(

    As for Latvia, Crime Sea ftw

  6. ‘Magic years’ :)

  7. There he is, ‘Spiritual priest’ :) I like the song, but I miss its live performance. :(

  8. Crime Sea are out and Franco Franco in ? Really Latvia ?
    “Spiritual Priest” making it is somewhat of a comfort but that was a big dissapointment..

  9. Crime Sea are out. :( Linda Leen and Franco Franco were very lucky, imo.

  10. Crime Sea are out? Nooo. Well guess just have to hope at least one of my faves survive Heat 2.

  11. I liked “Singing About Love” better but Timebelle didn’t qualify with that a few years ago. I still listen to that.

    It’s going to be a mess trying to sort out all the female ballads this year. Nobody wants females performing at ESC more than me, but they can’t all be singing the same song. What fun is that?

    Plus it looks like an argument ensued over Switzerland and biases. Lol

  12. All of tonight’s performances are available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1GtAB9S4eh4CZmao52Ayig

  13. I’m listening to the live performances again and I must say that Super Nova is quite strong this year actually. It may lack diversity but quality is high. And almost all vocal performances minus Edgars’ were really good tonight!
    Still gutted for CRIME SEA !!!

  14. I’m listening to Tayanna’s entry in Ukrainian language. She should go with it!

  15. Ok!I’ve been through the first semi hopefuls.It was a rather weak semi and i struggled to watch full performances of all the songs.My 2 favorites were:
    Rock’n’Berries “Feel the Love”
    Crime Sea-Escape
    They both failed to qualify lol.
    On to the qualifiers:
    Lauris Valters “Magic Years”- 6.5/12
    Miks Dukurs – ‘Spiritual priest’-6.5/12
    Franco Franco “Up”- 4/12
    Linda Leen “Who Is In Charge”-3/12(like really???)

  16. Overall, the first semi of Supernova had a pretty high standard. Nobody was outright terrible, but in terms of stage show and concept, some really dropped the ball. First and foremost for this, Linda Leen & Crime Sea. Linda Leen looked like a female Trump singing with about the same skill and Trump’s presidency has been thus far. Crime Sea had a bad concept to begin with, and though they tried to do it professionally, it came off more art school than intended.

    The best act in terms of a complete package was Franco Franco, which both looked and sounded awesome. Some other highlights were good performances by Anna Zankovska, though the song was inconsistent and hard to follow, and Edgars Kreilis, though the song was MoR dance pop with no personality.

    First Question had the craziest live, and it almost worked. Two things fucked it up: the technical execution of the facelessness and the fact that the long-haired backing singer had more stage presence in her pinkie finger than the guy had in his whole body.

    My qualifiers would have been:
    Anna Zankovska
    Crime Sea
    Franco Franco
    First Question

  17. Unlike many people here, I totally loved Supernova’s level since the songs were released. At least 5 or 6 songs got me interested in their artists, and yeah it’s very me in that it’s electro-pop, and I guess the diversity isnt really there, but since it’s my alley I wont complain too much. The execution of the show was professional, I really liked the small stage which created a cozy atmosphere to all acts, even when they went all insane on us or wanted a big routine. Overall, a good strong experience in Supernova, which after a disappointing 2016 year which was saved by Justs, my fave of esc 2016, anchors itself as a standard HQ national final.

    Franco Franco and Crime Sea were my favorite songwise. And I’m glad Franco Franco seemed to have gotten the biggest cheer and the jury favorite. The live was great, everything about it was on the line of being ridiculous and dumb but it worked. Crime Sea on the other hand had maybe a better song but the overall package felt like the incestuous and lesbian child of Hungry Hearts and Laing. She was better than the group, and as MNTHA had us expecting more.

    I liked First Question’s song a lot but the live was too weird for me. I didnt like the concept nor the execution and the backing singer was way better than him, and she was like the center of it all lol.

    Katrina, Anna and Edgar all surprised me. I didnt care much for their entries before hand, but I thought they all did better than expected live. Edgar is insanely hot and charismatic and vocally he was fine though not very interesting… yet! I feel like he was a young Dons and I expect him to come back stronger. Both Katrina and Anna did good with what they worked with and Anna even made me enjoy the song a lot.

    “Spiritual priest” is a disaster of a song, and while he was fine I cant accept it as an entry, as the lyrics are definitely worse, i’m sure, than Charlotte’s.

    Rock’n’Berries, Lauris and Pikaso were annoying as hell live. The songs are ok, but live they turned out either boring or terribly irritating.

    Linda Leen was awful. Everything about it screamed a deserving last place on my books.

    Next semi is stronger on paper, with The HiQ, Up, Triana and of course The Ludvig! But with a spot assured for Markus, at least in televote, it means one of them is already sure to miss the cut :(

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