Hungary: A Dal Results


hungaryHungary – Last night’s A Dal saw a further 6 acts progress to the next stage of the nationla selection programme: Gigi RadicsZävodi + Olivér BerkesTOTOVAJoci PápaiThe Couple and Soulwave. The winner of the heat was Gigi Radics singing ‘See it through‘. The semi-finals will be held next weekend on 10th and 11th February. 

14 comments on “Hungary: A Dal Results

  1. Totova had over the top performance/choreography, yes I CONFESS it!
    But did she sing good live? YES.
    Did she have unique and different color of voice? YES.
    Did she sing in her native language? YES.
    Did she have good, interesting, fresh, localsounded composition? YES.
    Did she look and act like a witch from the fairytale? YEEEES!
    All that is more than enough for me to say: GABI TOTH GO TO KYIV! :D

  2. My ranking & scores :
    1.The Couple – Vége van (8/10)
    2.Pápai Joci – Origo (7.5/10)
    3.Zävodi + Olivér Berkes – #háttérzaj (7/10)
    4.Gigi Radics – See It Through (6/10)
    5.TOTOVA – Hosszú idők (6/10)
    6.Orsi Sapszon – Hunyd le szemed (6/10)
    7.Benjámin Pál – Father’s Eyes (5.5/10)
    8.Enikő Muri – Jericho (5/10)
    9.Kyra Fedor – Got To Be A Day (5/10)
    10.Soulwave – Kalandor (4/10) (Weak live)

    So overall I agree with the results. I would have replaced Soulwave with Orsi Sapszon though. I don’t have a clear favourite for the Final. Songs I loved either got eliminated (such as Jartam) or had disappointing performances (Fall Like Rain). For the moment I will be rooting for either The Couple or Pápai Joci.

    A Dal 2017 average of songs = 5.8
    which ranks A Dal 1st for the moment among National preselections
    The list goes on like this :
    Belarus : 5.54
    Georgia : 5.32
    FiK : 5.26
    UMK : 5.10
    You Decide Song (UK) : 4.83

  3. I wasnt home last tonight and wont be home tonight, oh my SO MUCH to catch up tomorrow lol: Hungary, Latvia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine :o

  4. Gigi won this semi?! This says all there is to say about these slaying jurors. All in all, it was not too bad, because 4 good songs made it to the next round. Congratulations to the qualifiers.

    P.S. – thanks, Orsi, for an elegant melody, performed with class and for an equally classy choice of dress (learn something form this semi, Gigi; that dress is ludicrous).

    • Orsi has qute negative feedback from viewers…a lot more dislikes on yt than likes as well.. :( I like how simple it was and in a good way..for example Hungarian winner from 2015 Boggie with “Wars for nothing” was so simple but I hated it, it was my least fave that year of all countries..

      • Orsi’s song requires attention from people and today’s general attention span is limited with all the media that surrounds us.

  5. Totova’s performance was wild and I’ll admit I enjoyed it lol. I think as for songs though I slightly preferred Papa Joci. I don’t really get why Gigi Radics beat both of them but I’m gonna trust that the viewers ultimately won’t choose her.

  6. This is the only NF I have left to catch up with. I’ll do it tomorrow as I want to rewatch all three heats to finalize my rankings of the entire A Dal 2017!

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