Tonight: Melodifestivalen Starts in Göteborg

melodifestivalen swedenSweden – It’s the most anticipated National Selection within the Eurovision Fandom and it starts tonight with their first of the four semi finals. Melodifestivalen is finally here and we have some familiar faces taking part in this first edition.

Seven Acts will take to the stage at the Scandinavium Arena in Göteborg and will compete for the chance to make the grand final on March 11th. The top two will reach the grand final and the acts that comes third and fourth will proceed onto the Second Chance round. This week we see the return of Boris René, Ace Wilder, Dinah Nah and Eurovision 1999 Winner Charlotte Perrelli.

Boris René “Her Kiss”
Adrijana “Amare”
Dinah Nah “One More Night”
De Vet Du “Road Trip”
Charlotte Perrelli “Mitt Liv”
Ace Wilder “Wild Child”
Nano “Hold On”

The outcome will be decided by 100% televote and the show will be presented by Hasse Andersson, David Lindgren and Clara Henry. The show starts at 20:00CET (19:OOGMT) but you can tune in from 18:00CET to watch the introduction show

You can watch using the this link – http://www.svtplay.se/melodifestivalen

To listen to the songs (almost in full) you can click here

Who would you like to see make the final? Who do you think will?


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86 comments on “Tonight: Melodifestivalen Starts in Göteborg

  1. Very strong start in Mello this year. Very good hosts and show. Highly entertaing.

  2. Ugh…
    Ace Wilder made it again…

  3. It appears that they have toned the graphic effects town a bit compared to last year. Good to see.

  4. Just caught the 2 songs going through. I prefer Ace Wilder to Nano. I see Miss Perrelli bombed. Was she that bad?

    • A rather corny guitar ballad in Swedish.A recipe for disaster in MF.

    • not bad but not MFfriendly at all

      • Hello Donnie. Wondered where you’d disappeared to…..

        • I’m caught in eurovision fever ! :P

          • So it would seem. :)
            Have you managed to submit your FDLC scores yet?

            • Lol ! I will do my final listening and submit my final votes tomorrow most probably. I initially thought it would be easier but a song I always considered a definite contender for my points in the beginning is ranked #11th currently and I don’t think it’s fair for this specific song AT ALL cause I love it!!!

            • Oh I know all about it. Been through it myself. I even think now there’s two which didn’t make it that should have really yet I’d be loathed to omit any so it was just a case of biting the bullet and going for it.

      • I agree, its not something for mf atm as to why im thinking about submitting a rather high critic to the “Gothenburg post” to see if something will happen to this disaster that is called “hjärtröster” aka the “voting for free votes”. I have already submitted a critic to SVT, but they have even denied me on their forum lol. Guess it was to controversial for them :P

  5. No surprises at all tonight. Ok, I expected Adrijana 5th instead of Dinah Nah, but that’s nitpicking. Boris, Ace and Nano were the ones I cared about so I’m glad they’re all through, even if I wanted Boris “direkt till finalen”.

    The hard rock version of “Änglahund” reminded me of Black Ingvars (from MF 1998), a band making hard rock covers of children songs. I enjoyed it, lol.

  6. Got to give Ace Wilde credit: she has a rabid supporter base. That she can get to the final with average/below average songs is a testament to her.

  7. And hashtaf melfest is trending worldwide, together with goya2017. :)

  8. No surprises here indeed. MF is terribly predictable. I hope there are better songs in the coming heats.

  9. Eh I didn’t really care for any of the acts. Nano is my clear favorite and Ace Wilder’s song isn’t THAT bad but I sill think it’s her weakest attempt. Everything else is eh. Hoping that the other semis are stronger.

  10. Nano: Easily the best song, meaning another predictable pastiche of well-known radio hits that MF is so well-known for. However the performer is desperately uncharismatic – they should have been showing the gospel choir much more than they did. Ace Wilder: I found the chorus rather catchy but what an embarassing show and dance routine that was. She really should start growing up at some point. Boris was rather nice but giving a second chance to Du Vet Du really means they were scraping the bottom at Malmö. I am all for fun and irreverent entries but this was downright painful to watch.

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