Tonight: Host City Ukraine Start Their Search

ukraineUkraine – Tonight, the host Country will be broadcasting the first of three semi finals to help determine the finalists for their Nation Selection that will take place on February 25th. Eight acts will be performing tonight, competing for the approval of the public and the jury panel

Composer Konstantin Meladze and 2007 Runner Up Andriy Danylko (AKA Verka Serduchka) will be returning to the jury panel and will be joined by last years winner Jamala.

You can listen to the songs below:

SKAI “All My Love For You”

Roman Veremeychik & Lumiere “Make It Real”

Monochromea “Blue Bird”

Laliko “Sugar Whisper”

Salto Nazad “O, mamo!”

MamaRika “We Are One”

Tayanna “I Love You”

Arsen Mirzoyan “Geraldine”

The show starts at 18:00CET (17:00GMT) and can be watched by clicking on the below links:
Official Website

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183 comments on “Tonight: Host City Ukraine Start Their Search

  1. It seems Tayanna’s song won (?)

  2. Oh my, I just discovered it was only a semi final. And they have to spend more that 4 hours on a semi final?

  3. The only interesting song is out. :( Another boisterous ballad is in. Thanks, Australia 16 and thanks, juries. These people do not know the meaning of the word diversity.

    • I posted a similar thank you AUS16 and the juries after Gigi’s victory in Hungary. Eagerly waiting for your thoughts on A Dal.

      • There is little to say.I knew, everyone knew, what was going to happen. The juries support big boisterous ballads and high-profile songs (which is not necesseraly bad) whereas the televote goes for pretty boys – I am generalizing, I know.

    • Jury really prefers ballad these days, in Lithuania as well, they gave 12 to one boring ballad tonight! :(

  4. So it is Tayanna (good) and the Mamo guy (really bad) ? And Monochromea 2nd to last ? I hope things get better for Ukraine in the 2nd heat cause this was very dissapointing. Thank god for Tayanna.

  5. The televoting results in Ukraine show it was a 2-horse race!Salto Nazad a very distant 3rd.Phewww!

  6. Although I ADORE Tayanna’s composition and I liked performance A LOT, I have to point out one thing, she has some problems with lower keys, she has to learn to sing verses better, it’s interesting that, let’s say, easier lower part she makes mistakes while in the chorus in the highest notes she “swims” fantastic..really interesting.. :)
    Сальто Назад – “О Мамо” is really GREAT, I loved it, it’s unique, fresh and different, so I’m happy with results 100%, although my taste would agree this time with televoting 100%, I’d also pick Tayanna and Arsen myself.. :)

  7. NAVIBAND slayed it live in Ukrainian NF :O They have blown me away! Naviband RULZ!! YAAAY!

  8. So the jury and basically Jamala herself managed to send packing the only song and performance that was actually worthy of the final. Nice job. Proves what a terrible idea having small juries really is.

    Naviband “navifying” 1944 was also quite bad I thought.

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