Poll: Who Should Switzerland Send to Ukraine

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – Tomorrow Switzerland will be selecting their Eurovision Entry for Kyiv with their annual show Die Entscheidungsshow. Six acts will be competing for the ticket to Ukraine in May and the winner will be decided by the public only.

If you have not heard the songs competing, you can do this by watching the videos below.

Freschta “Gold”

Ginta Biku “Cet air là”

Michèle “Two Faces”

Nadya “Fire in the Sky”

Shana Pearson “Exodus”

Timebelle “Apollo”

Do you have any favourites in this bunch of songs? You can vote in the poll below…

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21 comments on “Poll: Who Should Switzerland Send to Ukraine

  1. I honestly don’t know. They are all either weak or bad. I fear that we’ll have another ESC final without a Swiss act this year. Good luck!

    Freschta and Timebelle are probably the best (*cough*) options …

  2. I haven’t heard any of the Swiss hopefuls yet.

  3. I am rooting for Ginta Biku for all the wrong reasons <3
    Apollo seems like the big favourite and it's quite decent in this abysmal bunch of songs but nothing I would rate higher than a 6/10. That sums up my opinion of Die Entscheidungsshow 2017 (and in general)

  4. Ideally someone else.

  5. Idk why but I personally really love Freschta. It’s probably the swiss nf song I’ve replayed the most and there’s something about her I really like. However, realistically, I recognize the song itself isn’t that great and would give them last in the semi for 3rd year in a row. So I hope she returns with a better song. Timebelle is the clear decision imo.

  6. Ginta Biku reminded someone :)) Very poor choice but Timebelle is the best on offer ;)

  7. My heart is with Freschta here, since I loved her as a singer for quite some time but we’ll see tomorrow

  8. I love how they find some random ppl on the street and bring them to the stage to compete in the NF for ESC.. :)

  9. There’s also SuperNova tonight
    Go Crime Sea !

  10. ahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah

  11. In honour of tonight’s final :

    With eurovision references :P

  12. 2017 PRE-CONTEST
    FIN : Norma John – Blackbird (8/10)
    ALB : Lindita Halimi – Botë (7/10)
    BLR : NAVI – Historyja majho žyccia (7/10)
    GEO : Tako Gachechiladze – Keep the faith (7/10)
    CHE : Timebelle – Apollo (6/10)
    GBR : Lucie Jones – Never give up on you (5/10)

    A weak National Final for Switzerland again this year :
    1.Ginta Biku : 6/10
    2.Timebelle : 6/10
    3.Nadya : 5/10
    4.Freschta : 5/10
    5.Michèle : 4/10
    6.Shana Pearson : 2/10 (Horrible live)
    Average of live performances = 4.66 which ranks Switzerland last out of all National preselections so far :

    A Dal : 5.80
    Belarus : 5.54
    Georgia : 5.32
    FiK : 5.26
    UMK : 5.10
    You Decide Song (UK) : 4.83
    Die Entscheidungsshow : 4.66

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