Hungary: Watch Heat 3 of A Dal Online Tonight

hungaryHungary – Heat 3 of this year’s A Dal contest takes place tonight and 10 more acts go head to head to try and progress to the next round. Six acts will go through tonight…5 chosen by Jury / Public votes and the 6th act decided by the public in a 2nd round of voting. February 10th will see the 1st semi-final comprising of 9 acts. 

 Tonight’s line-up:

  • Pápai Joci – Origo
  • Orsi Sapszon – Hunyd le szemed
  • The Couple – Vége van
  • Zävodi + Olivér Berkes – #háttérzaj
  • Kyra Fedor – Got To Be A Day
  • Enikő Muri – Jericho
  • Benjámin Pál – Father’s Eyes
  • Gigi Radics – See It Through
  • Soulwave – Kalandor
  • TOTOVA – Hosszú idők

Watch Live HERE at 21:30 (CET)

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156 comments on “Hungary: Watch Heat 3 of A Dal Online Tonight

  1. I will finalise the Iranian FdlC points now which means that I will be listening to much better music.

  2. Started going through the Sweden performances now that a dal is done.
    Nothing earth shattering after 3 songs.

  3. Ieva won the jury vote in Lithuania. Too bad they will never do the right thing and send her.

  4. I’m glad for The Couple and sad for Orsi. Zävodi + Olivér Berkes were good too but burning piano is sooo 2015, lol.

  5. I am not surprised with these results. Reality is what it is. The NFs are always a means of finding new names and I found Orsi Sapszon and bought her album that I love very much. I like 4 out 6 qualifiers very much and that is also good. :)

    • Indeed.This is what counts at the end of the day.

    • I like Orsi’s song too but her problem was that the song wasn’t “catchy” at all. Plus, she had a very simple performance. Alas, an approach like that very rarely works in televised song contests. Gloss ‘n’ Glitter Gigi and her void and pompous ballad will probably sail to Kiev. LOL
      I miss Gigi’s hotties and the fun I had back then…

  6. Ok back from my swedfest and ready to listen to tonight’s a dal entries :) Gigi made it according to what I read and that’s a first positive sign :)

  7. TOTOVA – Hosszú idők : I LOVED it ! A very powerful tune with something very mystical in its orchestration and she delivered it with good vocals and passion. Best A Dal entry thus far for me – 8.5/10

  8. Orsi Sapszon – “Hunyd le szemed” : It may have been a tad soo sugary for its own good in terms of presentation.It’s not bad but quite dated imo. There is elegance and smooth vocals that I appreciate though – 7-/10

  9. The Couple – “Vége van” : This is on the same category as the last one but done better. Atmospheric, sensual vocals, very classy presentation. I cant fault it on any level almost. Elegance, simplicity, emotion at the right doses. Just lovely – 8/10

    • Glad to learn that you liked Orsi and The Couple. You seem to like everything in A Dal tonight. :)
      Btw, which act did you like best live in MF?

      • I do, this seemed like a really strong heat :O Or I am just too nice after my swedfest earlier lol.
        Not too fond of Orsi but I know Shevek likes it, I am trying to be as nice as I can.

        As for MF I am torn between Nano and Ace. It was a really dissapointing semi overall though, especially due to Dinah Nah – she was like another person :(

        • I haven’t seen the live performances of MF yet (I am ranking FdlC songs atm … LOL … another great edition), but even the PB crowd, who are probably the biggest MF fans in the universe, seemed pretty … well … deflated with what they saw and heard tonight.

          • Damn FDLC is going on in nf period ? Tough :P

            Yeah none of my swedish mates were too excited and agreed with me it was a pretty bad semi. Ace and Nano stood out for them as well and Boris not for the song but his talent.

            • Yes FDLC has a January/February edition this year. I have entered with a song that is very close to my heart (Iran). If I don’t come top 5, I’ll be down in tears. I think that you would like it too. It has a fantastic video clip and great lyrics, very poetical yet subversive when it comes to the powers in place in Iran.
              Well, let’s hope that the remaining MF heats will have better stuff on offer. After all, I have always found a song I love in MF every year. Alas, none of them has ever won. LOL

            • I will try to listen to it – already struggling following nfs though haha :)
              I am positive they will, especially the 4th semi :) !

            • If you do, I would like to know your opinion.

        • Don’t be nice on my account. Just say what you think. We agree on The Couple and on Totova. :)

  10. Soulwave – “Kalandor” : Quite a disagreement between televoters and jury on this one. I was there was more oomph in the chorus but there is an amateur cozyness I like about this. I dont understand the lyrics but I feel the emotion in the music and his delivery. Worthy qualifier – 7+/10

    • I could cuddle the lead singer but he doesn’t really have a singing voice imo. :(

      • He has somewhat of a raspy voice I appreciate because I think it makes it easier to convey emotion when needed. I don’t find him attractive tbh at all haha :P
        Thanks for being around so I don’t have to do a review monologue :)

  11. Enikő Muri – “Jericho” : She looked and sounded dazzling tbh. What were they thinking and stacked all those great acts in one semi and acts like this had to miss out ? The song is not that great but damn she elevates it a lot. A pity it missed out – 7/10

  12. Another official video from Iceland:

  13. Benjámin Pál – “Father’s Eyes” : Now THIS is one cute boy that should have made it lol. Honestly though, this was not on the level of other acts in this semi. His vocals were just ok imo, his diction quite bad at times. The song quite ok but a tad repetitive towards the end. – 6.5/10

  14. Gigi Radics – “See It Through” : Gigi seems to be the big favourite right now given the scores. It’s not “Ug faj” which was excellent imo but it is a competent entry. She was dressed and styled awfully and that must change ASAP for the semi. Other than that it is Gigi, she is a stunning singer and this may be her time for sure – 8+/10

  15. Joci Pápai – “Origo” : I can see and appreciate the gipsy origins of this but I cannot bring myself to like it in any way. It is far from my taste, very far. Just not for me at all. I don’t know how to score it honestly. It’s not bad but I do not like it at all. I guess a 6/10..

  16. Overall TOTOVA ftw in this A Dal !
    I mean this is the best entry I have heard in any nf so far. Top notch stuff, spine tingling almost.

    Realistically it is between Gigi Radics and Adam Szabo imo and both would be great representatives as well.

    This heat was disproportionally strong imo which is unfortunate as some good songs had to be left out.

  17. Totova has over the top performance, yes I CONFESS it! :P But did she sing good live? YES. Did she have unique and different color of voice? YES, Did she sing in her native language? YES. Did she have good, interesting, fresh, localsounded composition? YES. Did she look and act like a witch from the fairytale? YEEEES! All that is more than enough for me to say: GABI TOTH GO TO KYIV! :P :D

  18. My ranking & scores :
    1.The Couple – Vége van (8/10)
    2.Pápai Joci – Origo (7.5/10)
    3.Zävodi + Olivér Berkes – #háttérzaj (7/10)
    4.Gigi Radics – See It Through (6/10)
    5.TOTOVA – Hosszú idők (6/10)
    6.Orsi Sapszon – Hunyd le szemed (6/10)
    7.Benjámin Pál – Father’s Eyes (5.5/10)
    8.Enikő Muri – Jericho (5/10)
    9.Kyra Fedor – Got To Be A Day (5/10)
    10.Soulwave – Kalandor (4/10) (Weak live)

    So overall I agree with the results. I would have replaced Soulwave with Orsi Sapszon though. I don’t have a clear favourite for the Final. Songs I loved either got eliminated (such as Jartam) or had disappointing performances (Fall Like Rain). For the moment I will be rooting for either The Couple or Pápai Joci.

    A Dal 2017 average of songs = 5.8
    which ranks A Dal 1st for the moment among National preselections
    The list goes on like this :
    Belarus : 5.54
    Georgia : 5.32
    FiK : 5.26
    UMK : 5.10
    You Decide Song (UK) : 4.83

    • Pápai Joci was my favourite in this heat, followed by The Couple that is a tad too subtle and unassuming for their own good. Toth Gabi is a big, kitschy ethnic mess – what is all the fuss about it? I am glad there are a lot of songs in hungarian to choose from, but please don’t choose this one. As for Gigi Radics and what the juries like, the less said the better.

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