United Kingdom: Lucie Jones to Kyiv

lucie-jonesUnited Kingdom – In the first of this weekends National Finals, the United Kingdom decided that Lucie Jones will fly the UK flag with her song “Never Give Up on You”. Lucie beat of competition from five other artists including her X Factor Series 6 cast mate Danyl Johnson 

Lucie was decided by the UK Public and a three person jury consisting of Singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Vocal Coach CeCe Sammy and Dancer / Judge Bruno Tonioli.

Lucie competed in the 2009 series of the X Factor making the finals under the Girls Category mentored by Dannii Minogue. She made it through to Week five where she was eliminated after losing a sing off to Jedward who also moved onto Eurovision Success.

What do you think of this years Eurovision Song? Will Lucie be a hit with the public and the jury in Kyiv?

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39 comments on “United Kingdom: Lucie Jones to Kyiv

  1. Hm, for me this wasn’t the best choice – I liked more Holly or Selena, however she’s a good singer so this could get possibly more votes from the juries in Kyiv. Good luck UK!

  2. Well I hate it. It’s the kind of song I despise at Eurovision. It lacks all personalty which Lucie Jones has always had trouble with and it’s how Jedward were able to kick her off the X-Factor.

    The juries should be all over this though

  3. UK 17 wants to be an emotional ballad, but fails completely; one tunes out after the 90 seconds – 100% plastic which prevents the song from conveying emotions. Lucie does her best and her performance is solid The monolithic juries will most probably love it. Good luck!

    P.S. – I support the juries, but ESC needs to come up with a more diverse bunch of people as far as musical backgrounds go.

  4. 1st – Belarus (jolly)
    2nd – Albania (bulky)
    3rd – UK (plodding)
    4th – Georgia (nontog)

  5. It was the best of a really poor bunch tbh. Danyl was appalling. Holly was a warbling yawn fest, Holly was singing as song way beyond her years it was ridiculous, Salena was a mess and Nate was just okay. The whole show was pretty poor with Mel trying to make it funny and failing dismally. The ‘expert’ panel were nothing of the sort. I don’t mind Miss Ellis-Bextor and Bruno but that CeCe was so damn irritating. At least they put on a show but the BBC once again fall way short of offering anything with real credibility and the lack of excitement and transparency regards the voting leaves me feeling the whole thing was just a pile of doggy doo doo. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves though.

  6. 1.Albania (7/10)
    2.Belarus (7/10)
    3.Georgia (7/10)
    4.UK (5/10)

  7. Copy/paste from the previous thread:

    Her pitch is a bit uncertain. Indeed for some types of performances that can be a positive thing, especially if there is some sort of edge present, as with Lena or with several types of rock music (especially the more punky ones).

    The problem here is the combination of the slightly uncertain pitch and a soft vocal sound, and that is not a particularly lucky one. I think she will have to either work on her pitch or take on a more raw vocal expression. The latter would clearly give the very soft sounds some welcome counterweight and perhaps add a bit more personality.

    Still, it cannot hide that the song is not too well written. It contains a rather unnatural melody that is going nowhere and which doesn’t really express anything (which is sadly the case of many pop melodies nowadays), and there isn’t put much creativity into the orchestration either.

    She doesn’t have a bad voice though, and in some passages there’s nothing to put on her pitch. It differs throughout the song. But it is by no means an interesting vocal performance. It lacks nerve and personality.

  8. Talk about being boring. Three minutes can be a very very long time. Lucy can sing, but she really has nothing to sing.
    In alternative reality this could be “the big and touching ballad” in West End musical, that failed miserably and closed down after two weeks.

    • Eurovision anyone? Lol gosh it was truly bad (though I had a laugh watching it)

      • Well, I think we are allowed to laugh, since whole UK is laughing under guidance of Graham Norton for rest of the Europe in May. You do know this is just a big joke 😃

        • LOL! No, I meant the musical Eurovision (Andrew Lloyd Webber backed it though am not sure if that’s the actual title as all records of it seem to have disappeared, will have to root out my ticket, it starred James Dreyfus and Anita Dobson) which only opened and closed in less than two weeks. Big flop.

      • Oh well……..another Eurovision year we can laugh at the big joke. “sigh”
        Who’s going to win Finland’s place tonight Hjallis? Martin, you got a secret little bet on your buddy’s song winning?

        • No Dhaibhidh, it’s not doing well in the polls but that could mean nothing these days. I also know someone whose song is going to be in the Portuguese NF!!

          • Happy that Portugal are back for 2017. I’ve a soft spot for Portuguese at ESC, hope they come back with a real good song. Hope your friend does well for them. :)

            • Am not quite sure what his role has been tbh, but I think it’s something to do with the writing. I wouldn’t necessarily call him a ‘friend’ either, he’s someone I know but not always for the right reasons either. (He used to run All Kinds of Everything – the Irish Eurovision site before it became tied up with Eurovision Ireland, although it is still running on FB) He can be quite a controversial character tbh. But, yes, it would be interesting if he did manage to do well for Portugal.

            • Controversial? Hmm, does this mean we’re about to see a Portuguese Peri-Peri cock version of Dustin the Turkey grace the Eurovision stage? Lol

  9. I liked both the song and performance of Lucie. Love her voice. Hopefully she can give a better result to UK. :)

  10. I’ve listened to it 3 times already……..and I still cant remember what it sounds like to hum it,……… no catch! Not a good sign for the Final night where she’s only got 3 mins to hook the tv audience. Needs major improvisation to make it memorable!

    • Someone really should tell BBC that ESC doesn’t stand for Eurovision Snooze Contest.

      • Lol, ESC Snooze Fest! The BBC have been told countless times by UK fans they want something up to date, something contemporary and something they can feel proud of. BBC have even admitted they dont “do” Eurovision and entertainment shows very well …… but they still refuse to give up their broadcasting rights to Eurovision, and give one of the other EBU-registered UK broadcasters a chance to make a success of the rights!

        • They really should pass it over to ITV and Simon Cowell.

          • One of the independent tv stations: Yes.
            Simon Cowell: No
            Employ a real music mogul who appreciates real music!

            • I was kind of expecting your answer 😃
              I think UK needs shiny over the top pop spectacle with excellent results both in competition and UK Top40 to turn the ship. It needs prime time viewers for weeks to get mojo and the resources back. As ESC is laughing stock of the nation drastic actions are needed.
              ESC in UK is now playing ground of d-tier diletants. To attract the b-tier like in Sweden you need to get the music industry behind the project and there need to be money and fame involved.
              It’s strange that UK hasn’t ever used their strengths of manufacured pop and stage spectacles in ESC. It has always been a far cry from what has been going on in UK music scenes or entertainment. Funny thing is that Björkman and Sweden actually play with UK strengths and keep winning.
              Unfortunately beggars can’t be choosers. Jump from d-tier to b-tier is way too big without a proper bang. That’s why my money would be on ITV, entertainment mogul Cowell and ultra commercial take on ESC with reality TV series and biggest possible hype at home and in Europe.

            • I take your points and agree, except for the Simon Cowell part. Yes he was instrumental in X-Factors’ early success, growth and format. But I lost interest in the show from late 00’s when ITV (with or without Cowell’s approval) started emphasising and promoting those crappy “novelty” acts at the expense of far greater musicians/singers losing out from ever reaching the final. All in the name of “entertainment”?

              I feel if Cowell did an ESC show, we’d see plenty “novelty” acts in the final……. because “that’s what Eurovision is all about…….novelty”. Well at least in the eyes of the Producers and the British public who now view the ESC with such disdain.

              The problem, for years has been the BBC’s approach to Eurovision. For years they laughed at it, denigrating the quality of the music while still continuing to send some of the worst songs they could dig up (BBC are notoriously tight with their entertainment budget). Terry Wogan (as fun as he was commenting) eventually also tapped into the BBC modus operandi of “they dont like us, why should we bother?”. Of course this attitude eventually turned the British into public cynics of Eurovision. It would take a massive slap for them all to wake up and take it seriously.

              I’m afraid nothing will change while the BBC are in control and we’ll continue to see d-tier acts dominate the “best of” British. Such wasted opportunities. “sigh”

  11. Emmelie de Forest’s composition is not terrible and Lucie has a good voice but after a while you get tired of all the sense of sobbing and whining this song exudes. So far, it’s only better than Albania in my books.

  12. I fear the Dutch song will be in a similar style. :-(

  13. What an incredibly soulless and boring song.

    She’s very pleasing to look at while singing either, which is kind of important for this kind of ballad.

  14. Uninteresting ballad but Lucie….😍

  15. It’s defo growing on me but still think it needs a little beat, do you think?

  16. Well, she is good singer indeed. Song is ok, but maybe not winner material after all. Anyways very best of luck to you Lucie and to whole nation of United Kingdom! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/ :)

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