Finland: National Final UMK Tonight

FinlandFinland – In the second National Final of he weekend, Finland will be the nation deciding their Eurovision Entry tonight with Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. Ten acts will be singing for the public and an international jury vote with the winner heading to Kyiv.

The Countries participating in the Inernational Jury are Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, France, Israel, Norway, Spain, Ukraine and the UK. These and the public will be voting for the below ten songs in contention…

Emma “Circle of Light”

Alva “Arrows”

Günther & D’Sanz “Love Yourself”

Anni Saikku “Reach Out for the Sun”

Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies “Caveman”

Norma John “Blackbird”

Lauri Yrjölä “Helppo elämä”

Club La Persé “My Little World”

Zühlke “Perfect Villain”

My First Band “Paradise”

Finnish Broadcaster YLE have let the public vote online in a pre-show poll. The results of this poll have already been released and may indicate who will win tonight’s show. The poll results are as follows:

Emma – Circle of light 30.4%
My First Band – Paradise 15.0%
Zühlke – Perfect villain 12.5%
Günther & D’Sanz – Love yourself 8.4%
Norma John – Blackbird 8.3%
Club La Persé – My little world 6.9%
Alva – Arrows 5.9%
Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies – Caveman 4.7%
Lauri Yrjölä – Helppo elämä 4.1%
Anni Saikku – Reach out for the sun 3.8%

Who would you like to see represent Finland in Kyiv?

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563 comments on “Finland: National Final UMK Tonight

  1. Way off topic – this is the line-up os both FdC 17 semis:

    1st Semifinal
    1. Agora – Márcia (Letra e Música: Márcia)
    2. Para Perto – Golden Slumbers (Letra e Música: Samuel Úria)
    3. Poema A Dois – Fernando Daniel (Letra: Nuno Marques da Silva / Música: Nuno Feist)
    4. O que eu vi nos meus sonhos – Deolinda Kinzimba (Música/Letra: Rita Redshoes / Letra: Senhor Vulcão)
    5. O Teu Olhar – Rui Drumond (Música e Letra: Héber Marques)
    6. Without You – Lisa Garden (Música: Pedro Saraiva / Letra: Lisa Garden)
    7. Amar pelos dois – Salvador Sobral (Música e Letra: Luísa Sobral)
    8. Nova Glória – Viva La Diva (Música e Letra: Nuno Gonçalves)

    2nd Semifinal
    1. My Paradise – David Gomes (Letra: Joana Duarte / Música: Tóli Machado)
    2. Nunca Me Fui Embora – Lena D’Água (Letra e Música: Pedro Silva Martins)
    3. Ao Teu Olhar – Beatriz Felício (Letra e Música: Jorge Fernando)
    4. Don’t Walk Away – Pedro Gonçalves (Música e Letra: João Pedro Coimbra)
    5. Andamos no Céu – Helena Kendall (Música e Letra: João Só)
    6. Primavera – Celina Piedade (Música e Letra: Celina Piedade)
    7. Gente bestial – Jorge Benvinda (Música e Letra: Nuno Figueiredo)
    8. Se o tempo não falasse – Inês Sousa (Música e Letra: Noiserv)

    P.S. – Inês Sousa replaced Elisa Rodrigues.

  2. On MF 17 – as far as snippets go, I am interested in two of them: ‘Her kiss’ and ‘Mitt Liv’; the rest sounded completely pointless. Waiting for the lives. Good luck to all hopefuls!

    P.S. – what happened to ET? Is everything alright with the editors? I certainly hope so.

  3. The snippets of the first Ukrainian semifinal that takes place on Saturday.There’s one big favorite among them:

  4. It almost became a tradition for me that the first heat of MF is bad!! This season its almost HORRIFIC for me based on rehearsal snippets…Nano is such a let down for me at least, but I see it gets very positive comments..
    I rank like this:
    1. Adrijana – “Amare” 8,5/10
    2. Boris René – “Her Kiss” 8/10
    3. Charlotte Perrelli – “Mitt liv” 7/10
    4. De Vet Du – “Road Trip” 6,5/10 – tbh can be higher in full version, it has potential
    5. Nano “Hold On” 5/10
    6. Dinah Nah – “One More Night” 1/10 ugh. I liked her last attempt, it was catchy and intersting, but this is TORTURE I’m sorry
    7. Ace Wilder – “Wild Child 0,5/10 – Gosh it seems this becomes my least favorite ESC related act ever, I simple detest this singer and her songs.. :(

  5. As usual, I’ll be ET’s unofficial correspondent from the Gothenburg MF heat’s dress rehearsal tomorrow night. Judging the short snippets from today, I must say I’m a bit disappointed so far, especially with Dinah Nah, since I actually really liked her 2015 attempt.I can only hope everything will look better live or otherwise, 500 SEK were just wasted, lol.

    • Ugh those 500 SEK will once again keep me away from the 2nd semi and Malmo arena despite the fact it is 15 min by train for me :(

  6. The official video for one more Icelandic entry:

  7. Mello and I go schlager tomorrow. From the snippets I like Boris’ disco schlager, Ms Perrelli’s country rock schlager and De vet du’s rap schlager.
    Strict no to rest of the bunch, bland and boring default Mello stuff, the worst being Dina Nah. Her beige dance pop number must have been competing in MF since 2001 year after year. They really should have disqualified it by now.

  8. FdC 17 is being featured in the media. Diário de Notícias (a quality daily newspaper) put it on its first page today, calling their readers’ attention to yesterday’s press conference. The main title says ‘New blood in FdC that has become pop’. We’ll soon see and hear. FdC is rarely mentioned on the first page of any newspaper nowadays so this was very surprising.

    • my dear shevek, you are right about such media attention in Iberian peninsula/portugal,as you know I’m a journalist (in Catalonia which in itself is very complicated), good to hear portuguese media appreciaties eurovision here in Spain obviously we always have our on take on portuguese ESC songs en fin

    • Let’s see!I usually prefer ethnic sounds but in Portugal’s case it would be really interesting to hear something contemporary or a combination of two a la Ukraine 2016.

  9. Germany needs you!Esc fans across the world will be able to vote for their favorite song and contestant once the songs are available on February 8.This is free of charge through the official Eurovision app.

    • indeed am guessing pro all that is good via ESC apposed to all that younger generation thus I give up

      • I intend to use it if i really like a song.There are people of various age groups that use smartphones and apps nowdays.

        • you know I would I (we with my partner) would never under or over estimate you here ever, and in the end we get back to what is important via ..

  10. The lyric video of “Bammbaramm’ which i think will be one of the Icelandic favorites to win the ticket to Kyiv:

  11. Oh God!Ruslana is one of the guest acts in the German final.She will be performing the 2012 eurovision winner. :P http://esctoday.com/140408/germany-three-eurovision-winners-invited-unser-song-2017

  12. News on the Netherlands: The girls’ father alongside Rory de Kievit wrote their esc entry.Listening to some other songs by them doesn’t make me really excited.Let’s hope they did a really good job this time.

  13. Kerli singing her Eesti Laul entry live.She’s good but i still can’t really warm up to the song:

  14. The first Eestli Laul semi was recorded today and here’s the photo gallery.A live broadcast of the recording was also available: http://menu.err.ee/v/galerii/dd0305fd-5028-417f-984c-a2ebe0b39896/galerii-eesti-laulu-esimese-poolfinaali-salvestus

  15. So now I’ve attended, as usual, the MF dress rehearsal in Gothenburg. A great tradition for me ever since 2006. It’s always a really great party feeling in the hall, and with a lot of happenings. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed by the show this year. The three hosts were all pretty lame with half-ass jokes and with a shaking chemistry. There were two interval acts too, in which one was lame too and the other was… odd but kinda fun, I must say. And now for the songs:

    1. “Her kiss” – Boris René: Boris tried to be retro last year, but is trying a more modern and funky approach this time. Musically, it sort of sounds as if Bruno Mars was doing a cover of the disco classic “I’m so excited”. If that sounds strange, well, at least I must say that the result really do work for me. It has energy but is nicely relaxed at the same time. And Boris is once again a sparkling performer who is radiant with joy, which also makes the song soar imo. Funky but classy, and that is enough to make me enjoy it. (8/12).

    2. “Amare” – Adrijana: Here we have the first sign of SVT’s attempt to make the contest more modern and youthful. Ten years ago, this would have been just a dead fish in the water, but we’ve seen the voting base change through the years and hence, this stands clearly a better chance today. Music wise, it’s very “P3” (that is young and up-to-date radio music). Some hip-hop related music with really heavy beats. While not that bad, it’s just not my kind of music (P3 music rarely is) and I personally think this kinda disappears among the rest of the songs. The chorus is simply too anonymous, or at least for me. But a plus too for being in Swedish (4/12).

    3. “One more night” – Dinah Nah: Yes, “Make me la la la” was actually one of my favourite MF songs in 2015, a year I also consider to be one of the best editions of the 2010’s. I enjoyed “Make me la la la” for being a straightforward, catchy dance pop punch with a lot of power. So I had a lot of expectations here, but this was a huge disappointment. It sounds mostly like a copy of Adelén’s “Bombo” from Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2013, if you remember. A pale and dull dance schlager with some minor Latin American beats, but everything sort of vanished into thin air as soon as the song ended. The only thing I remember from the performance is her pink hair, and that’s not a good sign. (3/12).

    4. “Roadtrip” – De Vet Du: These kings of YouTube (seriously, 2 million viewers for their college humour clips?!) are definitely trying to be the Sean Banan / Samir & Viktor of this year. That is, the obvious “hits for kids” comedy entry. The song is… nothing. Yeah, that’s sort of how I would like to sum it up. It’s nothing. This is 100% comedy entertainment, 0-5% song. But as far as comedy goes, it’s almost like an antidote of Sean Banan’s batshit awful “Copacabanana”. While that one was just a hysterical attempt to throw in as many puns and wacky silliness everywhere a la Dustin the Turkey, this is sort of funny in an unfunny way, if that makes any sense. There is not even a clear joke here, they’re just singing about travelling in their car (and yes, they have a car on stage). But this random nothingness is sort of that kind of humour I appreciate. I was kinda entertained here – despite the lack of a song – and that is more than you can say about many of the songs tonight. (4/12).

    5. “Mitt liv” – Charlotte Perrelli: We’re far, far away from the old school dansband schlager we got with “Take me to your heaven”. Now Charlotte has decided to bring her guitar and become a singer-songwriter, singing “personal” tunes about her struggles in life. And God is this something I don’t want to hear from her again. Allright, she is a really good singer and artist. And yes, there is an okish melody here that could have worked with some revamping. But the lyrics. Omg, the lyrics. They are beyond awful. They’re pretentious, they’re tacky, they’re dumb, the rhymes are the lamest ever. If I had just happened to hear this on the radio, I would have thought that this is some kind of a “personal” singer-songwriter parody. It’s about how tough it is to face hatred on social media and how she wishes to be an ordinary girl. But it’s done in such a bad way that it’s almost laughable. Charlotte as a singer and performer is the only one saving this from total catastrophy. (3/12).

    6. “Wild child” – Ace Wilder: Yet another year for the dancing pop lass. What I especially enjoy about Ace is that she is often avoiding songs about being madly in love, and instead does more chill out themed songs about daily matters, like “don’t wanna work” and “my coffee’s cold, my cars too old” :p . When she’s now trying MF for the third time, she has left the Debs and instead chosen the help from Thomas G:son. And as a result, this one is of course a bit more schlagerish and not as “hard” as her earlier entries. But there is still some, as I said before, relaxed and chilled out charm about this song that I like. This is how you’re supposed to do a modern pop schlager when traditional ones obviously have had their time in the festival. At least for a while. (7/12).

    7. “Hold on” – Nano: And we’ll end this race with a song that many people predict to become a huge hit here. It has already recieved a winner buzz, which is interesting since almost no one knows who this guy is. So, what to say about this song? Well, it’s not bad at all, I’d say. It’s pretty much a new “Human” a la Oscar Zia, but with a more credible and steady artist imo. It starts off a bit like Hozier (which isn’t a plus in my book, I gotta admit) and then comes to this anthemic chorus with some gospel vibes. It’s no stand out to me but it is pleasant and welcome in this forum. I have a feeling it might grow a bit on me, even if I may have some objections for now. For example, I think his voice drowns in the chorus when the gospel choir and the heavy beats join him. But again, a grower. (7/12).

    So, song no 1, 6 and 7 for me. And it looks like the Gothenburg audience mostly agrees with me (I voted for Boris myself, as you would probably guess). Adrijana and Nano were the fake winners, who therefore performed their songs twice, which might have affected the result a bit:

    1. Nano 292
    2. Boris René 124
    3. Ace Wilder 120
    4. De Vet Du 103
    5. Adrijana 36
    6. Dinah Nah 34
    7. Charlotte Perrelli 11

    • Well, if De Vet Du are considered YouTube humor kings, I have pretty low expectations about their song. Especially if it’s on LMAO level (I really don’t get it, it’s just annoying and embarrassing for me).

      • You should have low expectations since it is almost no song to begin with. It’s just comedy and in a stronger field I would most probably have given it an even lower score, but among all the dead dull we have here, I enjoyed it a bit more than I should. But that’s maybe just my insane kind of humour. After all, I was the only one in the whole ESC universe who had fun to the Latvian “Tom has Jerry, Adam has Eve” song x years ago.

        • I must admit I have a rather silly humor too sometimes. I do enjoy some of the more ridiculous Eurovision entries sometimes. F.e. “Baila el Chiki Chiki” and “Leto svet”. I don’t consider them proper entries in a song contest, but I’m still somehow fascinated by them by the seeming senselessness of the acts. On the other hand I absolutely couldn’t stand Dustin the Turkey or the Lativan pirats – nothing about them that made me laugh…

        • “We Are the Winners” is another guilty pleasure.

    • Sad to read for Charlotte, the song sounded nice and I love her! Great for Boris, hope he can ride from last year’s final, even if Nano and Ace seem like the obvious qualifiers. I’m very curious for Nano now, though Boris might be my favorite at the end. Yeah, the promo this year seems weaker, the stage, the site, the hosts: it all seem like a lower edition than usual? Adrijana and De Vet Du seem like my MF horrors… we’ll see, i wont be able to watch live tomorrow night! and the next semis seem stronger on paper at least! And about Dinah, boy do I disagree: she’s always been a personal hatred of mine?

      NOW MORE IMPORTANTLY: are the hot dancers back?

    • Thanks for the rehearsal coverage. It was a pleasure to read.

    • Betting odds :
      1.Nano 1.33
      2.Ace 1.35
      3.Dina Nah 2.05
      4.Boris 3.50
      5.De Vet Du 5.00
      6.Adrijana 10.00
      7.Charlotte 15.00 (:o)

    • I am glad I do not understand what Charlotte is singing about then and that Boris seems to be doing well. Thanks for the info.

  16. I believe Dina Nah is out and tonight’s top 4 will consist of Nano, Ace (direct qualifiers) and Boris/De Vet Du (2nd chance)

  17. I have no idea if there are ET is going to follow the season or not, but I intend to do so, by focusing on A Dal this evening. I’ve listened to the first Ukrainian hopefuls I did not like what I heard in general – insipid stuff mostly. ‘Geraldine’ was the only one that made me pay more attention. ‘I love you’ is the big favourite to win this semi, I guess, but the song’s melody is dull and barren whereas the orchestration is stale and quite boring.

  18. Nano will slay this heat..but Im disappointed with his entry, I hope I will like it a bit more after full performance, but I doubt..

  19. The link to the Ukrainian broadcast which starts at 18:00 CET:

  20. The 10 best Greek esc entries result-wise:

    • 2011 and 2013 stand out for me in a sea of pop extravaganza.
      In the pop field I would go for 2008 (*blush*)

      • From those 10 i prefer 1992,2001 and then 2011 and 2013.Not great stuff though.At least,it’s fun to watch all those up-tempo entries.

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