United Kingdom: BBC Reveal the UK Hopefuls

united kingdom UKUnited Kingdom – Today, on the Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2, the six songs up to represent the UK at Eurovision 2017 were revealed. Including songs by international song writers, the winner, will be chosen on Friday by jury and the public on BBC4.

The UK Selection this year is female heavy with only two male competitors for them to fight off.

Two of the six songs will be performed by a singers known to the United Kingdom already in. Lucie Jones and Danyl Johnson both competed in the 2009 series of the X Factor which was the same series Jedward competed in as well as the successful Olly Murs. In fact, Simon Cowell famously saved Jedward from a deadlock against Lucie in week 5.

In fact all of the six contestants come from the X Factor as Salena Mastroianni tried out for X Factor 2012 and Olivia Garcia and Nate Simpson tried out in 2016. Holly Brewer tried out in 2015.

You can listen to the songs below:

Olivia Garcia “Freedom Hearts”
(Gabriel Alares, Sebastian Lestapier, Linnea Nelson, Laurell Barker)

Holly Brewer “I Wish I Loved You More”
(Kevin Fisher, Courtney Harrell, Laurell Barker, Mattias Frändå, Johan Åsgärde, Oliver Lundström)

Lucie Jones “Never Give Up On You”
(The Treatment, Emmelie de Forest, Lawrie Martin)

Danyl Johnson “Light Up The World”
(Dan McAlister, Rick Blaskey, Greg Walker, Chris Sutherland, Ameerah Roelants)

Salena Mastroianni “I Don’t Wanna Fight”
(The Treatment, Nicole Blair, Marli Harwood)

Nate Simpson “What Are We Made Of”
(Jon Hällgren, Eric Lumiere, DWB)

The winner will be decided by a public voted split 50 / 50 with that of the jury vote. The jury will consist of singer Sophie Ellis Bextor, Strictly Judge Bruno Tonioli and vocal coach CeCe Sammy.

What do you think of the UK hopefuls? How will the UK fair? Who should they choose? Poll and comments below.

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248 comments on “United Kingdom: BBC Reveal the UK Hopefuls

  1. i wil be 50 years old this year and thus my interest in ESC via 50 years :-)

  2. The UK almost grabbed my first place for now – a very pleasant surprise. Reading all the feedback before listening to the songs made me think I would hear monstrosities. Lucie is very talented and the song is very good but she needs to feel more comfortable on stage and not be so stiff. This may not do a Jade Ewen but, depending on the rest of the entries of course, I think the UK can hope to a potential top 20 result.

    Good luck !

    1. Belarus – 7.3/10
    2. United Kingdom – 7.1/10
    3. Albania – 7.0/10
    4. Georgia – 6.3/10

    wow I think it is the first time the UK chooses that early !

    • top 20 isn’t exactly difficult to achieve. All u need is 6 worse songs

      • “All u need is 6 worse songs”

        Only if you are among the priviliged BIG 5 … I wonder on how many occasions the UK would have qualified to the final since 2004. Jade, Blue and perhaps Molly?

      • For some countries it is more difficult than others. If we talked about Armenia that would be utter failure. For the UK it is good :)

        • UK doesn’t have to get through semis though as Toggie noticed

          • Not much of a privilege imo rather a drawback. Entries heard at the semis have a chance to be heard twice.

            • Still, not that UK has ever sent a Grand Amore recently…

            • I would be VERY surprised if the UK ever sent anything similar to Grande Amore tbh – it’s the furthest sound from the british culture to compete in the contest recently lol

            • I was obviously talking about appeal not genre-wise…

            • I would disagree since Molly comes to mind and I never got the fuss about how bad her performance was etc. Really underrated imo.
              I think this year they stand a good chance for something better, we’ll see.

            • I liked Molly too. Europe disagreed though. And it has nothing to do with the country. that’s why I mentioned Italy and Grande Amore in first place. In my opinion ANY country can win it…I know you disagree, but you know, Germany won it too in the last decade!

            • When someone like UK/Ireland/Portugal/Spain/France wins it I may agree. Till then..we have a long way to go.

            • I don’t think defining “weaker” countries is the right attitude imo. 7 years ago you would have included Germany in that list too. UK, Spain and Ireland are nowhere near winning with their attitude imo. France could definitely win it if they continue last year’s “current” recipe.

    • I think the UK can hope to a potential top-20 result.
      lol!This is your optimistic prediction?

      • As I answered to Donnie I take under consideration it is the UK we talk about. IMO this is the kind of big voice+good/ok song that would do an easy top 10 for some countries. It’s not easy to predict better for the UK..We saw what happened to Molly..

        • Yes,poor UK.Look what happened to poor Australia with a big voice and a ballad last year.But then again,with so many neighbors competing it wasn’t possible for Australia to fail.

          • Australia got mainly the jury vote if you remember. And I don’t feel like having this conversation tonight really. My opinion is clear : Things have got somewhat better in the last years but it’s still easier for certain countries to do better than others, even if represented by the same song theoretically.

            See you tomorrow for the UMK final, goodnight

          • You mean big screaming.

  3. Lucie’s voice/performance really surprised me. She has a gorgeous voice. However, even with her voice and emotion, the song is still hard to remember. I think with a revamp and right staging it could be a decent entry.

    1)Belarus 8/10
    2)UK 7/10
    3)Albania 7/10
    4)Georgia 6/10

    On a positive I will say at least all the entries so far have strong vocalists.

  4. It’s very average to me, I don’t think it’ll do well in Kyiv but we’ll see.

  5. Catching up with UK – I haven’t checked the result yet.

    All songs are below-average to begin with.

    Danyl, Lucie and Salena were painful to listen to…Holly and Nate were good but still not the best live singers. Olivia, was by far the best tonight.

    Off to watch the result now.

  6. Lucie??? Well, good luck with the bashing UK…

  7. Hm, whatever. It’s not one of the worst songs they had in the final, but I can’t see it doing well.

  8. Interesting btw. that most people here mention the entries by the singer rather than the song title…

  9. I am well known to be sucker for piano ballads but this is just plodding and tedious imo. I am not a fan of Lucie’s singing voice either but that is just a matter of personal taste. Good night!

    • I bought tickets for Madrid for 10.-15.04.2017!
      YAAAAAY, finally I go to Spain and that will be for Semana santa! It’s only 5 nights,
      I go with my father, I wanted to go to Madrid for his birthday (12.04.), he has been to Barcelona, but his wish was to see Madrid and Lisbon..and for Madrid I found really cheap tickets on AlItalia (via Rome)! :))))

      • WOW. I love Madrid, in particular the museums and the nightlife. :)

        • GREAT, you can recomend us some museus untill April, you can write on my mail, its the same as earlier, when you hqve time tobwrite me.. :) we will be only 5 nights, its the little time for Madrid, but all right, we can see major atractions..Id like to go to Toledo one day, Im not sure if that is good idea, by train it is only 30 minilutes, maye half of the day is enough.. :)

          • For Toledo you need 1 full day at least. I also recommend to visit Segovia, which can be reached within an hour too. Skip the Escorial instead … More by e-mail. :)

  10. The lives said it all, I gather. Lucie was the best live singer and she gave her bland ballad her all. The UK has made a wise choice, imo, given the available material. That said, I must add that it is rather sad to see a country like the UK go for 6 bland and souless songs – laziness, lack of interest, perhaps? Good luck!

  11. On FdC 17 – Noiserv was forced to choose another singer, because he and Elisa Rodrigues were involved in a car accident in Lisbon. They’re both OK, but Elisa does not feel well enough to rehearse properly. I hope she recovers quickly. Elisa is a very good live singer and I was curious to see what she would do with Noiserv’s song. Here’s an example of her work:

  12. After all tonight’s blandness, I could not not post Gina Kanizsa’s acoustic version of ‘Fall like rain’:


    This is excellent stuff. She should actually perform this version tomorrow! I will be paying attention.

  13. Just watched Lucie’s winner’s press conference. She seems like a really sweet girl and is actually a big Eurovision fan. Her favorite song is Ukraine ’08.

  14. A decadent and Dionysian dance on a volcano that can erupt at any time. That’s what it is :-)

  15. Listening to the live performance of the UK entry right now. I’m not entirely convinced.

    Her pitch is a little bit uncertain, and indeed for some types of performances that can be a positive thing, especially if there is some sort of edge present, as with Lena or with several types of rock music (especially the more punky ones).

    The problem here is the combination of the slightly uncertain pitch and a soft vocal sound, and that is not a particularly lucky one. I think she will have to either work on her vocal pitch or take on a more raw vocal expression. The latter would clearly give the very soft sounds some welcome counterweight and perhaps add a bit more personality.

    Still, it cannot hide that the song is not too well written. It contains a rather unnatural melody that is going nowhere and which doesn’t really express anything (which is sadly the case of many pop melodies nowadays), and there isn’t put much creativity into the orchestration either.

    • She doesn’t have a bad voice though, and in some passages there’s nothing to put on her pitch. It differs throughout the song. But it is by no means an interesting vocal performance. It lacks nerve and personality.

      • precisely, I thought there was something off with the performance. Her voice is really good, but her usage of it is off as you say and it gets kinda weird when she have that sorrowful expression and her voice lacks the same emotion.
        Weirdly enough there are a lot of good vocalists that lacks the raw emotion and feelings of such performances. They simply dont dare to take it to the next level, cause it is an extremely hard technic to pull off and even Jamala failed a bit at it imo in the national final when her emotions took the better out of her vocal performance. The key is to create a perfect balance between the two which I think she more or less did in Stockholm.

        • I think that may explain some of my initial reservations towards Jamala and “1944”. It started with a 6/12 in my rankings. When it came to Stockholm, it suddenly sounded much more intense, and the expression was more homogeneous too. I still have mixed feelings about the lyrics for several reasons, but I had to surrender to the music.

          I also think it was very well staged. The music (including the vo

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