UK: The Vamps to Perform at ‘You Decide’

united kingdom UKUK – The United Kingdom’s national selection takes place on Friday 27th January 2017, and it’s just been announced that top boyband The Vamps will be performing at the event.The 6 songs in the UK final, Eurovision: You Decide, will be revealed this coming Monday on the Ken Bruce radio show, on BBC Radio 2, at 10:30 (CET). 

Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009) will also perform at the event which takes place at Hammersmith Apollo. The event had not sold out to date as it did last year, partly due to moving to a larger venue, but the addition of The Vamps will hopefully help ticket sales and draw in some younger non-Eurovision fans.

You can buy tickets HERE.

The panel that will comment on the songs has also been revealed:

  • Bruno Tonioli – Choreographer and Strictly Come Dancing Judge
  • Sophie Ellis-Baxtor – Singer
  • Cece Sammy – Vocal coach

UK You Decide.png

64 comments on “UK: The Vamps to Perform at ‘You Decide’

  1. *thinks of the UK in ESC* … *shudders*

    Sadly, there hasn’t been a single UK entry scoring higher than 7/12 on my list since their two consecutive 12/12 scores in 1997 and 1998.

    7/12: “Come Back”, “Hold on to Our Love”, “Even If” and “Children of the Universe”.

    I would love to root for the British entry again. Good luck!

  2. More of the same….nothing expected here.

  3. I do want to feel good about what I read, but my expectations are quite low. Next Friday – noted. Good luck!

  4. Off topic – FdC17: Lisa Garden (Ana Pimenta) will be singing an electro-disco (what the heck is that?) song in English; something like this, so she said:

    Deolinda Kizimba/Rita Redshoes will sing a song in Portuguese, even though Rita usually writes English lyrics.

  5. lol The Vamps are such wannabes

  6. I want to believe the UK can find the compass for ESC again..
    I don’t want to accept that the UK can’t be back on the track..

  7. No A Dal tonight. The show has been postponed to a yet to be announced later date due to the bus accident with the hungarian students.

  8. In other news, this is happening in Lithuania…..

  9. LOLITA ZERO go to Kyiv! Just cancel the competition, Loilita is the winner! <3

  10. Another Ukrainian semifinalist:

  11. Changes to the Supernova rules:1 SMS counts for 4(!!!)votes,1 call,1 online vote and 1 spotify listen for 1.I can understand why they do it for the online votes and spotify listens but why would an SMS count more than a phone call?

  12. The Supernova 2017 spotify playlist.Remember that each listen counts for 1 vote.

  13. The UK songs are out and they are bad – I can’t post a link unfortunately…you can find them on BBC’s website.

  14. I have just listened to the British hopefuls and I need to watch my language now. Really BBC? Are you making fun of everyone or do you really think that average songs with corny peace or love lyrics are still appropriate for ESC in 2017? I already feel very sorry for all those young and talented artists because one of them will probably come bottom 5 in May. All the songs are so terribly bland. If I was forced to choose one, I’d probably go for Holly Brewer because her song has an anthemic quality at points that makes it a little bit memorable at least.

    Good luck!

  15. Yet again I am embarrassed by my country. Awful.

    We know Lucie and Danyl from XFactor days through Jedward, both are lovely, really liked Danyl, he was fun.

    Every one of the 6 has been in XFactor and not made it far. The songs are lame and we’re coming last again.

    • Hulluna sine you are here. Could you investigate smth from me. I believe WordPress is not allowING me to post links on ET. I used to have the same issue at Patrick’s and Nick’s blog but Patrick was able to fix it for me. Do you think you can do anything about it? Thanxs!

    • Last? You better wait for the German song first …

  16. “What Are We Made Of” – A rather pompous and pretentious song, especially when it comes to the lyrics. It’s not entirely without musical qualities – I think the title phrase will be quite effective, and they should have credits for using the not so common Mixolydian mode (which by the way also did occur in “You’re Not Alone” from last year), but the melody could be stronger. Biggest problem however is the words.

  17. “I Don’t Wanna Fight” – Now this is bad. It is basically a mix of all the worst clichés of the last 3-4 years’ Eurovision. Even including the title phrase from Ireland 2013. And “put down our weapons”: Well, I do prefer world peace too, but there have been way too many of these songs in, and I have said so about quite a lot of songs in the past too. Nothing wrong with wanting peace instead of war, but it ought to be done in a more original way. Here it sounds hollow. Why not a song about the things that actually create war? That would be a welcome issue, and much more constructive. 2/12

  18. “Light Up the World” – Equally bad. A lot of what I said about the previous song can be said here as well, so in fear of repeating myself, I will get straight to it: 2/12

  19. “Never Give Up On You” – I can better live with this one. It has a fine build-up, but unfortunately the melody is very monotonous. The vocals sound very cold. Reminds me a bit of “Frozen Silence” from the German final in 2015. 5/12

  20. “I Wish I Loved You More” – An OK song, but rather anonymous song. At least there are no hollow “together we will shine” clichés in it, but it will be forgotten. 5-6/12

  21. The only honest and solid effort seems to be Lucie Jones-Never Give Up On You!The rest sound pompous,fake and/or corny.

  22. “Freedom Hearts” – Another “4 chord song” – of which there are a lot in pop music, especially in the last 20-30 years. It is almost entirely built on that chord progression, apart from the middle eight (which btw. uses another progression that has been over-used in the last few years), and there are no outstanding musical elements to counterweight the 4 chord progression. It is well performed vocally, but it cannot add up to more than 5/12.

    If you want to understand what I mean by “4 chord song”, just watch this video.

  23. My favorite is definitely “I Wish I Loved You More”. It was the only one I wanted to listen to again. “Never Give Up on You” is okay, and “Freedom Hearts” is good (not counting the cringey lyrics/title). The other three I don’t like at all.

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