Spain: Objetivo Eurovision Songs Revealed

spainSpain – Following Thursdays edition of Objetivo Eurovision where the public Wildcard was chosen, TVE have released the other five entries in contention to represent the Big 5 Country in Kyiv. Joining Wildcard winner LeKlein will be Paula Rojo, Mirela, Maika Barbero, Mario Jefferson and Manel Navarro

The artists and songs that could represent Spain this May are:

Paula Rojo “Lo Que Nunca Fue”
Mirela “Contigo”
Maika Barbero “Momento Critico”
Mario Jefferson “Spin My Head”
Manel Navarro “Do It for Your Lover”
LeKlein “Ouch!!”

The songs can be heard below:

There are four female acts to only two male singers in what is already looking to be a female heavy contest this year. Do you think Spain will be adding to the female cast or will a male take the ticket? Which is your favourite?

The national final will be taking place next month.

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192 comments on “Spain: Objetivo Eurovision Songs Revealed

  1. I have just listened to the Swiss hopefuls and fear that Switzerland might come last in the semi final once again.

  2. So many new songs and news coming everywhere!

    Some of you may already this; the Portuguese singers from SF1 are known:

    Márcia (Márcia)
    Golden Slumbers (Samuel Úria)
    Fernando Daniel (Nuno Feist)
    Deolinda Kinzimba (Rita Redshoes)
    Rui Drumond (Héber Marques)
    Lisa Garden (Pedro Saraiva)
    Salvador Sobral (Luísa Sobral)
    Trio led by Kika Cardoso (Nuno Gonçalves)

    It seems that at leat 3 songs will be performed in English in both semis. Fernando Daniel has just won The Voice of Portugual and he has made quite the impression on people; he also got involved in some kind of scandal involving photos and facebook posts. I do not watch The Voice and I am not particularly impressed by his demeanor, but he seems to be a good live singer. He will most probably fare very well with the televoters.

  3. Eesti Laul.Ariadna shines on stage even in the acoustic version of her song.I wouldn’t say no to an Ariadna win. :P

  4. Taken from the Moldovan preselection.This guy sings a song titled “2 Cats”.lol

  5. This has been a long day and I still have not had dinner. I am leaving you with this one (Georgina Kanizsa, from A Dal 17, is the soloist):


  6. One more Ukrainian semifinalist:


  8. Aghiazma’s entry:

  9. So many links and so little time to go through them. :(

  10. I just wanted to add that initially this link was about Spain ESC and the consequences, and evolved into other ESC matters which I completely understand and I kept checking here for comments about Spain, which got lost after a few comments, so thus now when I’d like to comment on Spain, that whole idea is gone, in the end whatever I want to say is lost, just for your ESCtimes reference potential Spanish contributors here in Spain don’t bother posting because the thread has been overtaken, as a journalist and for your reference

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