Hungary: A Dal Kicks Off Tonight!

logoHungary – National Broadcaster MTVA starts the national final, A Dal used to choose their representative. This is the first of three heats, with ten entries fighting for a place in one of the 2 semifinals. The final will take place on 18th February 2017.

This is the 6th year Hungary will use A Dal to pick their Eurovision entry, which has been related to the revival of Hungary in the contest (Top 10 results in 2013 and 2014 for instance). This year the format is very similar to last year’s national final. Three heats of 10 entries (6 qualify, 4 out), two semifinals of 9 entries each (4 qualify in each), a final with a superfinal.

So tonight, the jury will pick five songs that will qualify to the semifinals and televoting will select the 6th qualifier out of the five the jury did not select. The singers tonight are as follows (alphabetical order, the draw is not yet known):

  • Benji – Karcok
  • Calidora – Glory
  • Dávid Henderson – White Shadows
  • Kata Csondor – Create
  • Leander Kills – Élet
  • Rocktenors – Ősz
  • Roma Soul – Nyitva a ház
  • Spoon 21 – Deák
  • The Wings – Mint a hurrikán
  • Viki Singh  – Rain

he jury consist of Zséda, Károly Frenreisz and Miklós Both like last year, and Caramel replaces Pierrot as the fourth jury. The public are able to vote from the A Dal App, SMS and the A Dal Website. The show begins at 19:40CET (18:40GMT) and you can watch it by clicking the link here.

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124 comments on “Hungary: A Dal Kicks Off Tonight!

  1. I hope the televoters go for Benji or The Wings.

  2. And Benji is through to the next stage. :) Good job!

  3. Dimitri, what did you like in Calidora’s live performance?

  4. Yes Benji made it ! Kata Csondor out though :(

  5. The Wings are out. :(

  6. Catching up with the last finalist I did not get a chance to listen yet :

    David Henderson : I’d prefer a less repetitive chorus with a less annoying orchestration tbh. The verses are great and I was expecting a better chorus here. Overall worthy qualifier but I can’t see it going further with this chorus – 6+/10

  7. Continuing my Orsi Sapszon campaign, here she is, with the composer of her entry, singing live in Los Angeles:

    I love this.

    P.S. – She will not disappoint live, that’s for sure.

  8. Just got to watch Spoon 21’s live performance. They really need to improve vocally if they want to do well.

  9. Hungary made good decisions tonight. Happy for both Spoon 21, Leander Kills, Benji and Roma Soul.

  10. Just watched tonight’s live performances. It was a weak heat imo
    Here’s my ranking
    1.Leander Kills (7/10)
    2.Dávid Henderson (7/10)
    3.Roma Soul (6.5/10)
    4.Spoon 21 (6/10)
    5.Viki Singh (6/10)
    6.Benji (6/10)
    7.Kata Csondor (6/10)
    8.Rocktenors (6/10)
    9.The Wings (5/10)
    10.Calidora (5/10)

  11. Oh, I missed the first heat. :( Is there a song worth checking out?

  12. Spoon 21’s song was probably my favorite based on the studio versions but it’s live made it drop a bit (the fake guitar solos made me cringe). On the other hand, Roma Soul’s song sounded a lot better live to me because of gergo olah, I overlooked their song before but Leander Kills easily had the best live performance and I’m pleasantly surprised I liked it lol.
    Still looking forward to Totova and Papa Joci the most.

  13. Once again, Hungary’s trend of underwhelming lives continues:

    Benji: He’s gotten better than before, but I still don’t care for his vocals. The song was alright, but there was nothing special.
    Calidora: Her voice is naturally whiny, which is fine, but it was painfully whiny during the vocals, and at this point in her career, she has little to no stage charisma. It was a bit painful to watch.
    David Henderson: Another song that really went downhill in the chorus. It got very repetitive, and while some stage charisma prevented me from getting completely bored during the performance, the song is made to be forgotten.
    Kata Csondor: I kept waiting for a payoff in this song. It felt like it was building up to something that was never really achieved. The melodramatic performance was a kiss of death, and her voice was a bit on the grating side. I feel like a different performer could have made this song shine.
    Leander Kills: While I’m not a huge fan of the song, there’s no denying that they gave their all in performing it. His husky voice has a place in rock music, it has no appeal to me. I wouldn’t fault Hungary for liking this and sending it far, but I would not support it.
    Rocktenors: Oh god. The trapeze artist. Why? Pitchy, their voices don’t really blend together, a melody that isn’t really that melodic… this was a bit of a trainwreck.
    Roma Soul: Visually Gergo Olah is also a bit hard to look at. The colors and patterns he uses on the stage and costume is a bit too much for the eyes. However, in terms of crafting an enjoyable song to listen to, he once again succeeded.
    Spoon 21: The lead singer is much more confident singing in Hungarian than he was singing in English two years ago, and I much prefer his style now. They present a very modern song with a very modern stage presentation. Very interesting visually, and there’s no way you’re going to get bored watching that song. They managed to do the shout I had worried about effectively (though I worry about the translation to a smaller amount of people on stage should they go through to Eurovision). However, the lead needs to consider jumping around a bit less because he does get breathy, which causes him to also get pitchy.
    The Wings: I loved the background on this one. Soothing color palette with a romantic flair (and a slight ethnic one). However, that’s as far as my love go. The song is pleasant acoustic fest with a singer that is a notch above okay. A better performer would have made this shine.
    Viki Singh: A prototypical Viki Singh ballad. It’s got its big moments, but it mostly sways along with the breeze, trying to tug at heartstrings without pulling them too much. We need a couple of these every year, and at least Viki Singh is a great vocalist.

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