Spain: Wildcard Slot goes to LeKlein


spainSpain – Last night’s Eurocasting show gave one act a chance to take part in Spain’ national selection, Objetivo Eurovision, this year. In first place and now with a chance of representing Spain in Kyiv was wildcard web applicant LeKlein with over 63% of the votes singing ‘Ouch!‘. She finished ahead of Javián on 21.7% and Fruela on 15%. LeKlein will now go head to head with 5 other finalists who have been announced.

The Spanish final date has not yet been announced. The acts joining LeKlein in the final will be

  • Mario Jefferson
  • Maika
  • Mirela
  • Manel Navarro
  • Paula Rojo


7 comments on “Spain: Wildcard Slot goes to LeKlein

  1. Judging by the snippets,it’s another weak final for Spain.Good luck!

  2. She has some Barei vibes and I like that. The edgy looks works but she needs to work on stage presentation. Let’s see how she holds up compared to the already chosen finalists.

    Good luck !

  3. am guessing that if that’s the final list for TVE Paula Rojo will be the one to represent Spain and all the rest will be just euro fodder Spanish style, she is from The Voice Spain and has notoreity here in Spain, will try to find an example here of her

  4. LeKlein was clearly the best of the 3 options, but I am not much impressed. I haven’t listened to the snippets yet. Good luck, Spain!

  5. Manel Navarro’s song has leaked.Listen to it before it’s taken down:

  6. I agree. The snippets are not very impressive. At first glimpse nice but harmless songs.

  7. Love the song title. There aren’t enough songs called Ouch.

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