Greece: It’s Demy to Kyiv!

demy-greeceGreece – Greece has finally confirmed that its representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be Demy. Dimitra Papadea, also known as Demy, is a Greek singer who is signed with Greek independent label Panik Records. She has released 2 albums and 19 singles. She won the Best New Artist award in 2012 at theMAD VMAs.

Demy has some Eurovision connections. She has sung with Dima Bilan (Russia 2008) during the Eurosong 2013 national final, and also with Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2011, 2016)

National broadcaster ERT will hold a selection programme to et viewers choose between 3 songs for Demy to sing in Kyiv.

51 comments on “Greece: It’s Demy to Kyiv!

  1. my dearest Oxi promise to update you soon! in the meantime your thoughts and info on who she is?!

    • She is a 26-year-old law student and a pop star favoured by the Kontopoulos-Evangelinos team (Ukraine 2008, Azerbaijan 2013, Russia 2014, Russia 2016). Kontopoulos writes most of her hits, while Evangelinos was of course the choreographer for Greece’s victorious effort in 2005. In the last few years she has also starred in four major musical theatre productions on the athenian stage: “Fame”, “The sound of music”, “Mamma Mia” and the “The Addams Family”.

      This is probably one of her biggest Kontopoulos summer hits:

      And here she is singing live songs from the “Addams Family” in a TV show:

  2. From what I can hear, she is a good vocalist!
    Her English is very good, that is a good fact..maybe her english and vocal would suite to smth like Cyprus 2006 – Annet Artani – “Why do the angels cry”! <3

  3. Demy seems to be able to sing live. Waiting patiently for the song, but after reading who will be behind it, I suspect that more glorified plastic is being thrown our way; I hope I am wrong. Good luck, Greece!

    P.S. – send Liebe instead, please.

    • querido mio cuanto tiempo ! you are right, maybe another decent singer with another plastic song, oh to let you know you I mentioned you at a Català -Portugues journalist soiree in Barcelona before xmas, don’t worry it was when we got onto the similarities in both languages, and portuguese guys admitted they also loved Eurovision :-)

  4. As a fan of Kontopoulos-Evangelinos team and Demi, beautiful young Greek pop star, I can only say that my ESC season started right here, right now. Thank you, Athens. Big hug and lots of kisses! Send in the dancers 😃

  5. I like her. She seems classy, elegant and talented. She has a strong team behind her as well. This could be a winning combination. It is certain to bring Greece back to its old glories for sure.

    Good luck !

  6. Well,that wasn’t a surprise.I’m not really excited but at least we avoided the 2014-2015 messy finals and last year’s horror.Demy is a likeable person though,she never wowed me with her stage charisma.Kontopoulos has been really underwhelming in both his efforts with Greece(Greek NF 2006,Greece 2009)so i’m really skeptical about what he will prepare for this year’s NF.Good luck!

  7. I am actually looking forward to seeing what Greece deliver this year. Demy seems perfectly charming and capable for the challenge. Good luck Greece! :)

  8. Great news! She is the best Greek singer alive today.

    Her well written Wikipedia page has a lot of details about her. I should know since I started the page and wrote about 90% of it. Lol

  9. So we are back at good production values and professionalism regarding the esc package. Safe stuff…
    I think Demy is a likeable singer let’s see what Kontopoulos brings. I definitely think Fokas is needed…

  10. Some of her songs I can enjoy a lot :
    Πόσες Χιλιάδες Καλοκαίρια (Composer : Kontopoulos)
    The Sun (Composer : Alex Leon from Greek NF 2013 with Angel ft Giorgina)
    ΟΣΟ Ο ΚΟΣΜΟΣ ΘΑ ΕΧΕΙ ΕΣΕΝΑ (Kontopoulos)

    and of course her debut hit :
    Μια Ζωγραφιά

    For more “international” taste there’s also :

    These 5 songs are quite representative of her discography for anyone interested.

  11. Interesting choice, indeed it really is. She is good singer. So let’s just hope that her song will be great! Very best of luck to Demy and Greece! From Finland :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  12. Good Luck Greece !Waiting for the song !

  13. Kontopoulos and Evangelinos again again?

    Well, like with most of the songwriting legends Dimitris Kontopoulos has written both good and bad songs, so let’s see what he brings. With Fokas Evangelinos I fear an over-produced staging…

    As for the singer it’s definitely not the kind of artist I can relate to, but she seems to know what she is doing.

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