Montenegro: It’s Slavko Kalezić to Kyiv!


slavko-kalezic-smallMontenegro – Today we found out another artist that will be performing in Ukraine next May as Montenegro announced the internal selection of Slavko Kalezić. The former participant in series 1 of X Factor Adria will sing the song ‘Space’.   

Slavko is an all-rounder who can sing, dance, act and present and has had several hits in Montenegro after his climb to fame via X Factor.

Slavko Kalezić.png

The song will be revealed at a later date. Here’s some of his previous work.

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190 comments on “Montenegro: It’s Slavko Kalezić to Kyiv!

  1. It’s almost obvious that Loreen is push in front for victory..it will be almost impossible to beat Loreen this year, I predict landslide victory..
    at the same tie it gives me bad feeling, I don’t like predictable MF show.. :( i just hope her song will be better than “Euphoria”, smth more quality, different, unique, genuine…

  2. Off topic: the English lyrics of ‘Hunyd le szemed’:

    now the silence is
    resting between us
    on a ray of moonlight

    you are looking at me
    in love and
    I’m playing with the memories of you

    close your eyes, thus let me go
    hear how my heart responds
    i don’t hope it anymore
    but maybe someone else is also waiting for me
    waiting for me

    you’re still here
    although that was it
    a dream is ending now

    we have to trust
    let’s go forward
    and tell me I still have something to wait

    close your eyes, thus let me go
    hear how my heart responds
    i don’t hope it anymore
    but maybe someone else is also waiting for me

    and then really
    close your eyes and let me go
    hear how my heart responds
    no matter how much it hurts
    i believe that someone is still waiting for me
    waiting for me
    only for me

  3. I’m planning to do the Hungarian hopefuls now, or at least a bit of them (30 in a row is a little too much). I gotta say that this could be pretty good actually. It’s just a little sad that Dani Im’s heavy beats seem to be the trend of 2017 for now.

    • tell us what you thought, give us recommendations

      • I liked it! Maybe not overcrowded by great songs but at least several good songs and very few bad ones. If I would make a Niclas Top 5 for now it would probably be:

        1. Gina Kanizsa (guess though that not many people will agree here)
        2. Orsi Sapszon
        3. Spoon 21
        4. Anna Elza feat. Kása Juli
        5. Leander Kills

  4. I will probably listen to everything when the national finals are on (and maybe not even then)..This is going to be an esc season I won’t be able to follow as closely probably :(

    Anyways, Latvia has announced the supernova finalists :


    Could be Markus Riva’s year imo, he has tried a lot after all..Also glad to see Katrine Lukins back !

    And ETSC artists continue to have a presence with Triana Park !

  5. Greece is semi-confirmed (?) I guess ? :


    And with Lazaravev’s team from last year nevertheless…This seems like a winning effort put here which I find quite surprising tbh. I wouldn’t think Greece wants to win the contest.

    • It is official: ERT has just anounced that Demy will represent Greece at Eurovision 2017. Three songs composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and choreographed by Fokas Evangelinos will compete in a national final to be held in February:


      They clearly want to do well but not win since they know the juries will probably not go along with a Kontopoulos victory 🙂

      • I agree with the esc juries that Kontopoulos didn’t deserve esc victory till now though,they had him in 2nd place in 2013.

        • A lot of the jury votes last year had more to do with the whole russian power trip presentation and less with Kontopoulos’actual song however. Conversely a lot of the televotes had more to do with an impressive and very expensive show that I don’t think Greece can replicate this year.

          • One of the many positives of the russian flop (I do consider a 3rd place a flop given the hype beforehand) is that it showed that the use of the same trick twice in a row does not work, especially when re-done without much of a concept, inspiration or artistry behind it – just replicating the technological aspects.

            I doubt this team will go for the same trick this time around, if anything they’ve proven to have versatility.

            IMO Greece is on paper the first frontrunner to win this year.

            • In my view, the russian presentation had a very clear concept that was a direct expression of russian history and power. You don’t dress a pin-up idol in total black and put him through Mission Impossible for no reason. I am not sure whether a pop song was the right vehicle for it however.

              Anyway, from paper to actual votes there is a long distance and let’s see if they will suffer from too much hype as well. Besides, isn’t Loreen the front-runner on paper? :)

            • Well my opinion was that russia went for the kitchen sink approach. Threw a lot of money, borrowed last year’s technological tricks from the winning entry, chose a recognizable singer and a solid team behind him and on paper they thought they had everything.
              What the presented lacked any kind of cohesion or thought behind it.
              It was bombastic, very expensive and very flashy but even for a dance/pop song it was hollow and silly, without any discernable concept behind it.

              Well Greece hasn’t done well for a few years now. In terms of televoting at least this is a team imo that can re-energize Greece’s numerous voting alliances (since I imagine quite a few promo will happen as well) and in a grim but honest note, the big waves of migration from Greece to other european countries that has been happening also has the potential to boost those votes.

              What will the jury vote do ? We’ll see I guess..

              Well on paper Loreen has not even been chosen yet to represent Sweden. And she competes in what seems to be a rather strong MF edition. We’ll have to wait and see.

          • I disagree.”You’re the only one” got the pts it deserved,imo.A top-5 result with the juries was more than i expected actually.

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