Lithuania: 51 Participants Start the Battle to Represent Their Country

lithuaniaLithuania – The sometimes rather inexplicable Eurovizijos atranka starts on 7th January 2017 with a whopping great 51 participants who want to represent Lithuania in Kyiv… and to confuse us more than ever there are some format changes this year.
The first four weeks will see all 51 acts perform. About half will go through to the fifth show and then there will be 5 more rounds! They also seem to have got rid of the confusing matching songs to artists system and shortened things a little though.

Two returning acts have previously represented Lithuania at Eurovision, Sasha Son and Vilija Mataciunaite.

The final will see 6 acts battle it out and take place on a Super Saturday, the 11th March 2017.

The 51 entrants are:

Golden monkeys
Auguste Vedrickaite
Edgaras Lubys
Tadas Rimgaila & Tina
Sasha Son (Lithuania 2009)
Ruta Andruskeviciute
Benas Malakauskas
Audrius Petrauskas
Justin 3
Dagna Kondrataviciute
Paula Valentaite
Valdas Lacko
Monika Meciute
Rugile Daujotaite
Kotryna Juodzeviciute
Deividas Zygas
Rasa Kausiute
Gabrielius Vagelis
Ieva Zasimauskaite
Vidas Bareikis
Marius Petrauskas
Milda Martinkenaite & Saulene Chlevickaite
Erika Astrauskaite
Virgis Valuntonis
Greta Zazza
Vilija Mataciunaite (Lithuania 2014)
Dovydas Petrosius
Alanas Chosnau
Valerija Iljinaite
Ruslanas Kirilkinas
Vlad Max
Queens Of Roses
Evaldas Vaikasas
Elvina Milkauskaite
Aiste Pilvelyte
Julija Jegorova
Audrius Janonis
Rasa Vastakaite-Shiny Raia
Neringa Siaudikyte

56 comments on “Lithuania: 51 Participants Start the Battle to Represent Their Country

  1. Of course they needed to change the format because the last format was obviously too simple to follow. Lol

    I’m watching this monstrosity as long as Ieva, aka Lithuania’s greatest ever person, remains in. If they decide to eliminate her, I’ll stop following this convoluted competition.

  2. alexesc you sure would get my vote for ESC ! with your comments even about what will never be :-)

  3. Golden monkeys, Justin 3, Lolita, Fusedmarc, Hit, Greta Zazza, Vlad Max and Queens Of Roses sound interesting! We will see..

  4. I really enjoy this NF, it’s my 2nd favourite (hard to believe it, but it’s true). Rooting for the previous participants Edgaras Lubys and Ieva Zasimauskaitė. Hopefully Aistė Pilvelytė will return with a better song and ready to perform it like a million times just changing her costume/make up/backdrop. Mia will finish 2nd again.

  5. Ieva, Gabrielus (his 2013 entry was pretty nice), Aiste and EGO are some standout names. Hope we have another entry from Leon Somov as well- he’s a great producer, did Skestu in 2015, and could give Lithuania its Latvia 2015 moment.

  6. Oh my, it is Eurovizijos atranka time again. I won’t dare go near it. LOL
    Sascha Son’s entry is still my favourite Lithuanian ESC song. :)

    Good luck Lithuania!

  7. Slavko Kalezić will represent Montenegro in esc 2017 :


    • I always have objections with extremely conservative countries picking such flamboyant artists tbh..

      Other than that I checked a few of his youtube videos and I dont see much there in terms of talent..sure he is hot but thats about it. Lets wait for the song though..

      • Why do you think Montenegro is so extremely conservative? It’s just another balkan country slowly opening up to the world as most of them are.

        My problem with him is that I discern hollow cheekiness rather than talent. Plus he looks a little short of stature to really play the sex-symbol.

        • There is snail-like progress but it has a long way to go and such entrants seem like an effort to convince the rest of the world that they are something they are not imo. On the other hand one can argue that such entrants help bring down the macho montenegrin culture that is very prevalent. I think it is the wrong image promoted though through the lens of what a very conservative society considers progressive.
          Its a complicated issue for sure.

          • Well, I think there is a lot of entertainment flamboyance in more traditional macho cultures. It’s the peacock syndrome :-P It is complicated for sure, but the prerequisite for anything to work and make an impact is having talent. And I don’t see talent to spare here :)

            • “Well, I think there is a lot of entertainment flamboyance in more traditional macho cultures. ”

              Yes but it mostly exhibits characteristics that relate to a “monkey in the zoo” mentality.
              These uber flamboyant people only exist in the artistic bubble and serve as entertainment for the “normal” world that enjoys what they consider their humiliation.

              I didn’t see uber flamboyant artists offering any substantial real-world progress in Russia for example.

              That’s what makes me inherently negative towards such choices from countries such as Montenegro.

              Talent is another issue that goes on merit. Something I think the montenegrin broadcaster did not really consider in this case – there seems to be an agenda to show a pro-LGBT image (how they picture it from their perspective) in light of a possible EU membership status..

            • Yes Russia has its fair share of Liberaces and Turkey too (including some openly transexual ones), Ukraine has Kazaki etc. In the ESC the campest things we have seen recently came from the East like Azerbaijan, Romania and Bosnia. And let’s not forget that Conchita also came from a very laced-up catholic country – the main difference being that her talent turned what could have very easily been a circus act to something completely different. But I don’t think they do it necessarily to appear more “progressive” – they seem to genuinely enjoy that sort of thing. See Azis from Bulgaria for example: they have never sent him to Eurovision but he is still pretty huge there.

              On a totally unrelated note, will you join us at FdlC in January? We’d be glad to have you!

            • I dont see most things you mentioned like that but anyway.

              I am afraid I cannot time-wise :-( My academic work is pilling up, I have to start working on a thesis and I am afraid I will barely have time to listen to the songs in the esc national finals to begin with..Best I can do is say I ll try..

            • Ok. Good luck on your thesis then! :)

  8. Oh and Lithuania : I dont care. Till they decide to go for a format that does not require a PhD to understand it I will just watch the final probably.

  9. Why don’t they make things easy and just send Donny every year?

  10. 2 Changes introduced in Polish national final:The artists are required to have the Polish nationality and there will be a jury determining 50% of the vote.

    • That’s very PiS … :(

      • Indeed.It would be ok if the rule was for people living in Poland but the citizenship thing is so PiS.On the other hand,i’m against all these esc junkies hijacking every available NF just because there are no limitations.

        • I wonder if they need to have Catholic faith too …
          I would be totally fine f. e. with a song by Syrian refugees in Arabic representing Germany because that is our daily reality atm but I totally detest those ESC mercenaries who will do everything for anyone if there is enough cash involved.

          • Why not if they’re Syrian artists integrated well into the German society and culture.

            • It’s a sad story. We have an Afghan composer here atm who is perfectly integrated and even composed music for the famous Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele (Ludwigsburg Palace Classical Music Festival). Our hateful federal administration wanted to deport him before Christmas but luckily a local grassroots movement made them change their mind … but only until mid-January. It’s so inhumane, silly and contemptible.

    • We’ll probably get sth patriotic. Sth about the delights of the traditional family would be lovely, wouldn’t it?

    • I am surprised the entrants don’t have to pledge loyalty to PiS tbh before they are allowed to enter…
      Count me in the crowd of not surprised people if something on the lines of “I love Belarus” wins with a pinch of homophobia in it.

  11. The song that will win Mesc 2017 will go on to represent Malta in Kyiv.

  12. We now have two yearly tidal waves during the season – huge amounts of glitter and gloss coming from you know where and the countless pages detailing the rules of the Lithuanian NF. The equilibrium has been restored. Good luck, Lithuania!

    P.S. – reading glasses must be a fashion statement in Lithuania.

  13. Aminata wrote Aistė’s song, so that’s the only one I’m particularly looking forward to.

  14. Omg. Vlad Max is back. He was hilarious last year.

    A lot of names I recognize, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A few of these artists should have gone to Eurovision already (looking at you, Aistė).

  15. The songtitles and the artists’ allocation in the first 4 elimination shows have been revealed.Some songs are also available.The first show is on Saturday: http://wiwibloggs.com/2017/01/01/lithuania-song-titles-and-show-line-ups-revealed-for-eurovizijos-atranka/162601/

  16. Oh Lithuanian NF finally has something valuable to offer, I LOVE Samanta Tina Tadas Rimgaila “Tavo oda” (In Latvia, I think, I never like Samanta Tina)

    Sasha Song is GREAT too:

    And this one in Lithuanian language is so good in studio version:

    I hope more good ones will appear! :)

  17. Maybe no one’s following this, but here are my opinions:

    Justin 3: I really liked the song (sorry, maybe I have bad taste :( )
    Rūta Andruškevičiūtė: It was bad, even in the early 80’s. The team behind the song is from Spain and they have submitted bad songs there too.
    *Paula: When you have a “current” song it has to be better than the others or it must have something extra and it wasn’t the case. As one of the juries said (probably using another word), it was flat.
    *Golden Monkeys or just Vilius: The original version is in English? It sounded strange… I didn’t like it.
    Augustė Vedrickaitė: I liked this one (my bad taste again?). It deserved to qualify, but it was going to be eliminated in the next round. The Eurovision journey is not over, not for her :P
    *Sasha Song: Another unexpected song. I prefer him as a songwriter than as a singer (meaning he is not someone I enjoy watching on stage). His song is “current” too and better than Paula’s “Never Let You Go”. I have an idea: Sing the Lithuanian version to hide the awful lyrics (I wanna fly, fly, never felt like this before…). :)
    Dagna: I have a big problem with her “singing technique”. Her song was interesting but I didn’t like it.
    Audrius Petrauskas: Oh God, I hated the song. One of the songwriters (the only one I checked) was on Tom Dice’s and Axel Hirsoux’s team.
    *Benas Malakauskas: It was my favourite until the chorus came in. That part, the most important, is extremely bad.
    Tadas Rimgaila & Samanta Tina: I didn’t notice her name in the line-up at first. It was more an act than a song. I would love to see her trying again in Latvia.
    *Otreya: Oh, the Lithuanian Avril Lavigne has returned! Her previous attempts were better.
    *Edgaras Lubys: Damn, I knew this was going to happen :'( “Karnavalas Baigės” was good, “Could it be” isn’t.

  18. I sort of went through this offering while cooking lunch. They all try to sound modern and oh so current, which more or less means that the songs have little to no character, unfortunately – the lyrics did not even register on the radar. Safe and, yes, quite bland and boring.

  19. Justin3: The song is that bland radio-friendly pop-rock that you instantly forget about after the song is over. I actually like the concept of the lyrics, but it doesn’t translate into the song in a way that comes off as meaningful.

    Rūta Andruškevičiūtė: Bad cruise ship entertainment at B-Deck, where the people that are have existential crises go to brood. Lol.

    Paula: She’s quite pretty, but that dancing was horrific. One of the most embarrassing acts on stage. The song was that average-y kind of listenable that is just kinda there.

    Golden Monkeys: His voice and the music clash. While there are some laughable moments in the stage show (the dancing lady dramatically presenting the violin from behind), I feel like there’s a well thought-out visual concept in there that just needs somebody to come through and edit.

    Augustė Vedrickaitė: Decent singer given a bad to tasteless song. The quiet moments in this song were actually very pleasant, but the chorus and bridge are impossible to listen to, and ugh. Next.

    Sasha Song: First of all, what is that hat? It’s silly. That’s what it is. Then again, Sasha Song has always been the definition of tacky, even if I’ve personally enjoyed some of his tackiness in the past. This one, on the other had, does nothing for me.

    Dagna: She needs more vocal control, but I enjoy the melody. The verses are better than the chorus though.

    Audrius Petrauskas: By the outfit and the tempo of the song, it seems he’s trying to piggyback off the success of Donny Montell, but without the charisma, technique, looks, or voice of the latter.

    Benas Malakauskas: Somebody call the fashion police because that look is an eyesore. I know my comments have had a lot to do with looks but that’s because these songs have all been very MoR, which are hard to comment on. His voice is really pleasant when he’s on point, but he’s vocally inconsistent, so there are plenty of times that are just painful.

    Tadas Rimgaila & Samanta Tina: As soon as I saw her name, I knew it would go in my NF insanity playlist for the year. Her stage shows are always ridiculously over the top, and this is no exception. My lord, that lipstick.

    Otreya: Is that Liene Candy? Why does she always have a new band?

    Edgaras Lubys: I actually kinda like the music in this one, but the lyrics and vocal performance were almost an afterthought.

    I don’t think the winner was in the semi.

  20. After watching the dissapointing performance of Spoon 21 and listening to the Spanish entries…

    *Mia: This is GOOD, to the point I forgot I didn’t like Mia. It is a very thoughtful effort.
    *E.G.O: They have improved a lot. Everything is good, but the song.
    Monee: From “Ouch!” to “nnn”. James Bond-esque verses, she has a good voice. The chorus ruined this, it’s the new trend this year.
    Varjetė: Two songs with the same title in the same heat? The comments of the juries were rude, it wasn’t that bad, I’d say it was OK and the concept was clear.
    *Gabrielius Vagelis: Are all the songs better than the ones in the previous heat? I liked it, sincere song. Everybody will say it is boring.
    *Ieva Zasimauskaitė: Very Ieva, “Life (Not That Beatiful)” was better, there was vocal issues. She won’t win, but she is so nice :)
    Rugilė Daujotaitė: What was that? If you ignore all the joke elements, it wasn’t that bad.
    Deividas Žygas: The juries were on point. This is a strong contender for the title of “Worst Song” and “Worst Performance” of the season.
    Rasa Kaušiūtė: I dislike her voice (or was she out of tune?). If they are not going to switch songs later, please send her home :P
    Gabrielė Vilkickytė: I believe in this: if an “alternative song” is good, no one is going to say “hmmm, I don’t know, this is not for Eurovision”
    Lawreigna: Keep trying, good luck, don’t stop singing.
    *Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė: Strange melody for the verses. Weird.
    *Valdas Lacko: Poor Valdas, his song is really bad. It’s so unfair.

  21. Paula’s performance has a LOT of views (compared to the other videos) :(

  22. 3rd heat, here I go (I won’t give up):

    *Greta Zazza: Is she the favourite? At the beginning appeared a Justin Bieber’s concert advertisement on youtube LOL. How many “tropical house” songs have we heard this year? This one is really bad. “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” vs. “Like I Love You” (same author) is like an elephant vs. an acarus. The juries were blind and deaf.
    *Gražvydas: Boring song. After 2 minutes I remembered him, he was in another Lithuanian show competing as a composer and the song was good. Try again next year!
    *Fusedmarc: Bad song (or the problem is just the singer?) but it was a clear qualifier, maybe the LED stage helped.
    Marius Petrauskas: Ohhhh cheesy! If he was singing this to his girlfriend, she’ll be happy and that’s enough.
    Dovydas Petrošius: A rare case in LRT: An OK song paired with a bad singer/performer. I’m considering taking part of the NF hahaha.
    Strėlės: Catrinah (“Be Free”) + another girl. Bad, but it should have qualified. Keep trying Catrinah.
    Vilija Matačiūnaitė: Not even the staging saved her. It was better than “Attention” but it doesn’t means too much.
    *Milda Martinkenaite & Saulene Chlevickaite: I was expecting a disaster (combining their last attempts) and it was surprisingly good. The best of the heat. They must be best friends, it looks very professional (and that’s special in this NF).
    *Gytis Ivanauskas (Lolita Zero): WHAAAAAT? At least you can see an effort, watch and learn Greta. At the end, I think it’s not thaaaat bad :(
    HIT: All the girls seems familiar (maybe it’s half of Varjete group), but I can’t remember with that hairstyle. There’s potential in the group, not in the song.
    *Vidas Bareikis: Ieva again, she killed it! This is a rip-off, sorry. It’s so bad that it’s good.
    Erika Astrauskaitė: Another song that deserved to qualify. I don’t care too much.
    Virgis Valuntonis: 2nd candidate to Worst Song/Worst Performance. Again, I’m considering taking part of the NF.

    Looking at the number of televotes, the third heat was awful (even though only listening to the songs is more than enough to say that). Aistė/Aminata, save us, please! (And maybe we’ll listen the worst song next week too… high hopes!)
    PS: Just checked the studio version of Greta’s song. I honestly don’t get the hype.

  23. Here I go again…

    Elvina Milkauskaitė: Forgettable, not bad.
    Julija Jegorova: Bad
    *Evaldas Vaikasas: His voice doesn’t match with the song.
    *Neringa Šiaudikytė: Hi again! Does she like old fashioned ballads or LRT picks her to sing them? The song is not bad but when she comes with something written for her she’ll do better. One day I listened something like “iluminación verde es horrible, es de muy mal gusto” and this time I think that lady was right.
    Vlad Max: I think I’ve listened this song before… My front-runner for Worst Song/Worst Performance dissapointed me, I’ve watched two guys doing it worse than him.
    Shiny Raia: Why try to be experimental if you are going to create a bad song?
    *Alanas Chošnau: This sounds like it comes from 7 days and 40 years ago but I “like” it…
    *Valerija Iljinaitė: Awful dress. Sometimes I feel the Lithuanian NF is a church’s hits factory. And this qualified 4th???
    *Queens of Roses: Sounds stupid but I “like” it too :( (Because I need to “like” something). Another waste of talent.
    Audrius Janonis: I was expecting something like “run, run, run, we’re gonna run” like the previous song. This one is good judging by this NF standards. Very unfair voting by the juries.
    *Aistė Pilvelytė: So… is she like a woolf (whatever that means) or like a wolf?. OK, the song is good. She looks uncomfortable in some parts of the song, as if she’s trying to emulate Aminata’s voice and when she’s not doing that we can listen to the great side of her voice and the song shines. If this is the winner then I hope there’ll be a lot of work on it. I think she has the strong personality that Justs needed for his song… and yes, some parts of the performance were really bad (besides the 1st mistake and the “I’m sick”… well, she was sick, that’s true :( )

    Final thoughts: My favourite of this round is Mia (I can’t believe I wrote that), but at the same time the song is very predictable… then I’ll go with Aistė but she needs to work for it (and her team too), no one wants to witness the same problem of last year (even though she was right and there’s a point when the critics of the juries become just words… or at least that’s what I understood).
    I’ll wait the next round to pick a 3rd place, I forgot some of the songs.

    PS: I’m not sure, but the last part (the “a cappella”) of “I’m Like A Wolf” is out of the 3 minutes. It’s a shame, I liked that.

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