Finland: UMK Videos Online

FinlandFinland – National broadcaster, YLE, has uploaded the videos of all entries in this year’s UMK competition which will decide Finland’s representative in Kyiv. You can watch the videos here. A preview show will take place on December 31st and a panel made up of Jaana Pelkonen (host of Eurovision 2007) Eini (UMK16 finalist), Tuija Pehkonen (radio and tv host) and singer Suvi Aalto will decide their favourites.

The UMK17 final will be held in Espoo, just outside Helsinki on 28th January 2017 at the Metro Arena. It will be hosted by Krista Siegfrids (Finland 2013) and the interval act will be Norwegian pop duo Marcus & Martinus who won Melodi Grand Prix Junior in 2012.


17 comments on “Finland: UMK Videos Online

  1. I’ll check the songs later today even though everything I read about the UMK line-up did not lead to high hopes on my side. Anyway, I need to go to the grocer’s first. :)

  2. Both Emma’s and Alva’s songs are extremely bland sleeping pills. Depending on ESC’s 2017 line-up they would either die in the semi-final or come bottom 3 in the final.

  3. In contrast to the first 2 songs “Love Yourself” is still alive at least. Alas, I wish it was dead. It’s a very simplistic composition with an annoying beat. Brain damaging Ballermann stuff.

  4. And with Anni we are back to the world of 16 year olds with appropriately trite imagery to further enhance this impression. The song itself is as interesting as packet soup but I like Anni’s voice and the feeling of coziness and hope (in a pink girlish way though …) the song gives me. My favourite so far and way ahead of the others with a score between 6 and 7/12.
    GOOOO Anni! LOL

  5. Btw, “Love Yourself” would probably die a miserable death in the semis, killed without mercy by the juries. Anni on the other hand could come 15th-20th in the final with a simple and charming presentation and spot-on vocals.

  6. It is getting languishing with Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies’ contribution to the UMK line-up. The song is a total mess though and couldn’t be further away from what I enjoy listening to. Every mildly talented caveman would have come up with sth much more worthwhile. Bottom 3 in the semi.-final.

  7. So far Norma John’s “Blackbird” is closest to what I would normally listen to, but only in a very general way. It’s a tad too sentimental for me to enjoy and unfortunately, the blackbird never really gets off the ground. She might as well sing “Blackbird don’t fly”. Still, it is a sweet little ditty and up there (*cough*) with Anni’s song. Depending on the ESC line-up this one might scrape through to the final, but only by the skin of its teeth.

  8. With Lauri a Morgan cover boy enters next. :) His song is in Finnish, a language I love listening to when sung, and thus “Helppo elämä” gets a + 1 from me before i press the play button. The songs goes for contemporary instrumentation and all in all is inoffensive. Alas, it is a tad disjointed too and becomes rather repetitive towards the end. I can’t see this one making it into the Kiyev final either. :(

  9. Club La Persé sing “My little word is going nowhere”, and this line pretty much sums up everything that needs to be said about this song. Later they sing “My little world is doomed”, a line that accurately describes the fate the song would have if it won the ticket to Kijev. Dead last in any semi-final.

    My winning song when I watched ESC 1976 live as an eight year old. It has lost a lot of ground since …

  10. Zühlke’s “Perfect Villain” is one of those generic and pretentiuos songs casting starlets so much enjoy singing. If you have a closer look, you regularly realise that there is very little substance below all that self-confident pompousness. At the end of the day, the song is rather funny because it tries to dissimulate an artistic void by the use of excessive melodramatics. At least Zühlke seems to have a strong voice, and if she is good live, I’d put her “Perfect Villain” in third place for now.

  11. I don’t really know what to write about My First Band’s “Paradise” which automatically gets them into the upper half of my ranking. It’s inoffensive, I guess. It starts, goes on for 3 minutes, never tries to be innovative, great or sth special, and then ends without having done any harm. If paradise sounds like this, I need to change my faith now! The song would drown in the semi-final for sure. People would start talking, getting drinks, going to the loo etc.
    Zühlke would probably struggle too but with a revamp, a dramatic show and strong vocals she might just make it into the final to come bottom 5 there.
    Alas, I can’t see Finland getting a top 10 result with any of those songs. My favourites:

    1st Anni 6 or 7/12
    2nd Norma 6 or 7/12
    3rd My First Band 6/12

  12. Club La Perse is UTTERLY AMAZING!!!

    Their masks, their video, lyrics..everything is HYPNOTIC!

    Club la Perse go to Kyiv!!

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