Armenia: It’s Artsvik to Kyiv!

artsvik-armenia-2017Armenia – Last night saw the long awaited national final of Depi Evratpesil in Armenia. After 3 long months it was a sing off between the remaining two artists, Marta and Artsvik, for the golden ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Marta was mentored by Anush Arshakyan and Artsvik by Essai. 

Marta sang Rihanna’s ‘Please don’t stop the music’ / ‘Only girl in the world’ medley plus an Armenia sing and Artsvik sang “I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston before singing in Armenian a song written by Inga and Anush Arshakyan called ‘Aprelu April’.

The results  were as follows:

Jury vote:

Marta: 19%

Public vote:

Marta: 10%
Artsvik: 40%

Artsvik was therefore crowned the winner wth 71% of the joint vote and will represent Armenia in Kyiv.

15 comments on “Armenia: It’s Artsvik to Kyiv!

  1. I’ll check this artist once I have finalised my points for FdlC 17. Good luck Armenia!

    And merry christmas to everyone on ET: :)

  2. Have a lovely Christmas and holiday time, everyone!

  3. Some sad news unfortunately as 64 members of the Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble were killed today at an air crash.May all the 92 victims rest in peace.Among them were the members who wanted to represent Russia in esc:

  4. I think she will be female Hayko
    good luck

  5. George Michael died. :(

  6. Listening to the latest batch of songs from A Dal,this is one of the songs that stood out for me:

  7. Well she can sing very well indeed. So nice and interesting choice! Hoping for great song for her! And very best of luck to you, Artsvik and also to whole nation of Armenia! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  8. While some aged amateurs chose their song Iveta released an album IVAVERSE. I attended the presentation of album and I must say that there are some great songs in it. The most beloved track in that album by fans is “Amenalav”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xegqcYC3BR4

    Soon she will release a video:

    She, Aram MP3 keep proving that internal selection of Artists was by far better than this stupid talent show.

  9. One more update
    Lilith Navasardyan the composer of LoveWave composed a song for AramMP3 and Mika (JESC)

    Hope Lilith Navasardyan will send something for this edition as well.

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