Poll: Who Should Represent Armenia?

armeniaArmenia – Tonight is the Grand Final of Depi Evratesil which has been airing since October.  Contestants have been competing to become one of four acts in a group led by one of the six Judges and tonight it all comes to a head when the final two fight to become the Nations Eurovision Act

The six judges of Depi Evratesil all have Eurovision Experiences having all performed for the contest themselves:

Iveta Mukuchyan (2016)
Essaï Altounian (2015)
Aram Mp3 (2014)
Inga Arshakyan (2009 and 2015)
Anush Arshakyan (2009)
Hayko (2007)

We now have our two finalists and one will be going to Kyiv next May. These are Marta, who is on the team headed up by Anush and Artsvik who is mentored by Essaï.

Below you can see Marta’s Journey on the show:

Pre-Semi Final – “Siro Kamar” by Arthur Grigoryan

1st Semi Final – “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce

2nd Semi Final – “Popuri” by Komitas and “Rhythm Inside” by Loic Nottet

Below you can see the performances by Artsvik

Pre-Semi Final – “Stand Up For Love” by Destiny’s Child

1st Semi Final – “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera

2nd Semi Final – “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and “A Million Voices” by Polina Gagarina

Who do you think Armenia should choose?

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19 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Armenia?

  1. If anyone can tell me who sang the original “Popuri” and “Sari Kamar” I will update but couldn’t find.

    ESC2017 is already looking to be female led. I want Marta of these two because she’s more interesting and diverse

  2. From these 2 I prefer Martha she isn’t as annoying as Artsvik though surely Artsvik will win tonight regardless many weak performances!
    This project sucked from begining but the best personality I found here was this undereated girl with her nice covers !


  3. Feliz Natal to everyone celebrating it this weekend!

  4. I have to go with Artsvik, I feel she is more consistent.
    Marta absolutely murdering “Rhythm Inside” did make my choice easier as well.

  5. Not really excited, Marta doesn’t interest me and Artsvik will probably bring a dull ballad to Eurovision. Sorry Armenia.

  6. From what I’ve watched and heard, Marta is a far more interesting performer and singer.
    Good luck Armenia <3

  7. Neither of them?I have to listen to some more performances.
    PS:The Cypriot contestant Hovig will be the guest act.

  8. Congratulations Artsvik ! She was the right choice. Still nothing exciting and it will all depend on the song. It’s Armenia so I do not expect a very bad result anyway but I can’t see them repeating a 2016..

  9. Clearly they chose the better singer, Marta also had extremely bad enunciation issues when singing in English. Artsvik isn’t an artist that particularly interests me, but she has a strong voice and Armenia usually doesn’t disappoint with song choice, so I guess we’ll just wait and see how good she can be.

  10. So it’s Artsvik!Good luck!

  11. Eh yeah not a big fan of this project lol. There were a few interesting singers that got eliminated for not fitting the typical eurovision diva personality (Sona and Anna). And it’s weird that Marta destroys televote of first two semis and then somehow loses the final televote lol. I guess I am okay with Artsvisk winning, she is a better singer. However, she isn’t really an extraordinary singer and I think she will struggle to get people to connect with her if she goes for a big emotional ballad. Anyways, congrats and goodluck Artsvik!!

  12. Yes Artsvik can sing ballads, she has a voice but who is Artsvik? Participant of Russian voice … Did she deserve this ticket more than many local good singers working hard in small Armenian market, releasing good songs, shooting music videos and work hard whole day long in small clubs for some little money? Anyways goodluck her ! Surely she will perform a ballad so I hope atleast she will sing an Armenian song and with folk motives!

  13. As I expected, I’ve watched all the shows but I missed the final…
    My favourite has won, but I think the good feeling is lost if the people she is representing isn’t happy with the choice (Avat, for example). I hope the song will be great and everybody in Armenia will be happy supporting her.

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