Albania: National Final Tonight

albaniaAlbania – Tonight is the first National Selection of the Eurovision 2017 season and we go to Albania and Festivali i Kenges. Fourteen Finalists will perform for the chance to represent the Nation in Kyiv next May. The winner will also be the first song we will know which is all very exciting.

The show starts at 20:35CET (19:35GMT) on RTSH and can be viewed on the RTSH website using the following link:

The finalists can be viewed here if you would like to get a head start.

If you will be tuning into the show please visit us here where you can all discuss as the show airs.


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111 comments on “Albania: National Final Tonight

  1. The vote is 60% jury, 40% online vote. Anyone around the world can vote on Facebook at “Festivali i Kenges ne RTSH”

    • I see. Thanks. I predict that Lindita will win the whole thing, whereas Dilan will win the facebook vote.

      • My guess to win it all is Dilan, but I still have a feeling we could see an upset, for some weird reason. Also both Linda and Flaka are popular in Kosovo so they may be stronger in the online vote too.

  2. There are some GEMS I ADORE and they are in ths order:

    1. Lorela
    2. Genc Salihu
    3. Flaka Krelani

    I hope one of them wins, but I doubt! :(

  3. the infamous albanian guitar solo

  4. @ Shevek and Toggie

    You will like the one which stayed in semis:

    It was magical, it would be my HUGE fave.. :( jazz + Albanian ethno, mesmerizing.. <3

    Shevek, Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli "Shkon e vjen" remind me of Portugal 2006 ESC, it was really horrific! hahaha :D

  5. my fave of the finalists is the glasses one ;p

  6. Comments on FiK Facebook seem to suggest Dilan Reka, Linda Halimi, and Ylli Limani are the public favs.

    Jury still holds the balance, but yeah, among those 3 maybe?

  7. A blonde lady murdering Bizet’s Carmen now …
    Oh Albania …

  8. Albanian 2005 representative remains beautiful

  9. Më lerni të qaj! :( I didn’t remember it was so boring last year :(

  10. Is this some experiment we are watching? Sth about attention spans or Frustrationstoleranz (what’s the English word?) …

  11. Lindita in the lead

  12. Genc is doing much better than expected in the jury vote but the public vote will kill him …

  13. They have a promotional clip for German speaking people. :)

  14. Who are all these people on the phone?The public jury?

  15. Are they calling every Albanian now in order to collect the votes?

  16. Anjeza still has shitty taste. LOL

  17. Yll Limani won the online voting?Awful.

  18. am I the only one reading the yt section with only trolls going “SPAIN WON” all the time? (and of ALL countries it HAS to be Spain, right?!)

  19. Lindita to Kyiv!

  20. Congratulations to Lindita. I hope that they’ll find a song that suits her voice and vocal technique better. Good luck!
    And Genc 2nd. WOW and thanks Albania. :)

  21. We have survived this! Congratulations to us, and Lindita, of course!

  22. Meeeeeh it’s ok, but nth special, I knew I will be disappointed in the end..
    Another singer from Kosovo, they send only ppl from Kosovo now, like all singers in ALB are from Kosovo.. :?
    I predict bad result in Kyiv, but it will depend on the other entries..

  23. It’s like listening to Elhaida’s original FiK entry 2 years ago. Same mood, same arrangement, same vocal technique. I think I preferred Diel.
    Hopefully they will change it :P

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