Spain: Last Three Battle it out in Objectivo Eurovision

spainSpain – Broadcaster TVE today announced that it had chosen 3 of the remaining 10 acts in Objectivo Eurovision, their wildcard selection. The winner of Objectivo Eurovision will go through Spain’s national final. 392 entries were voted for originally online. The next audition is scheduled to be held on 12th January in Madrid.

The winner will go on to join internally selected finalists in the Spanish national final on the 1st of February.

The three remaining acts are:

LeKlein – ‘Ouch!’
Fruela – ‘Live it up’
Javian – ‘No somos heroes’

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65 comments on “Spain: Last Three Battle it out in Objectivo Eurovision

  1. About the 2nd semi of FiK: My favourites were “Pse Prite Gjatë”, “Koha Plaket” (I had better luck in 1st semi) and once again the stage :P I also see the potencial of “Botë”, but “Përrallë” was perfect and we all know what happened…
    The final line-up is super weird, but that’s how it works in Albania :)

  2. Uuuuh I’m afraid this will be disaster for Spain, both in my list and resultevise in Kyiv! :(

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