Austria: It’s Nathan Trent to Kyiv

nathan-trent-austria-2017Austria – In a surprise announcement Austria today revealed an internal selection and will send Nathan Trent to Kyiv next May. The relative unknown was also shortlisted for the German contest this year. Music-experts Eberhard Forcher and Christof Straub, scouted within the young Austrian music scene and asked Nathan to submit a song.

Nathan said,

“BIG NEWS: I can now proudly announce that I will be representing Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. This is so overwhelming! I feel very blessed and I can’t put into words how thankful I am. It’s an honor to sing for my country and I hope you’ll support me on this special journey!”

His debut Single “Like It Is” was released on June 18th 2016.

The song that Nathan will song will be revealed in February 2017.

13 comments on “Austria: It’s Nathan Trent to Kyiv

  1. As a first reaction, I am not terribly impressed. But since Zoe’s father is involved, perhaps I should give him the benefit of a doubt :-P

    However, why complete unknowns merit internal selection in yet another country is completely beyond me.

  2. Adn his message:

  3. Yawn….I’m not impressed by their choice is an understatement.With this trend of internally selecting talent shows wannabes i’m getting kinda pissed.

  4. It looks like he lacks charisma, and that is the most important, but we have to wait for song, maybe it will surprise us positively..

  5. Georgian national final on January 20 the same day Belarus(Lukashenko) decides.

  6. MGP final on March 11,like really???

  7. Romanian NF on March 5.
    26/02: Semi-final (15 participants, maximum of 10 qualifiers)
    05/03: Grand Final (10 participants, televote to decide winner)

  8. With a song similar to the one posted here he probably won’t survive the semi-finals. Let’s hope that he will find sth stronger. Good luck!

  9. Surprising internal selection for Austria and surprising actual choice.
    He seems like a nice guy and he is talented for sure. A promising choice.
    Now let’s wait for the song.

    Good luck !

  10. That was a bad song there, but he seems like a good singer, so hopefully they have something good stored for this year!

    One day until FIK starts! I would say Linda Halimi, Dilan Reka, and Rezarta Smaja are the favourites, just given by name, but we’ll their songs. I just wanted to post my favourite FIK winner ever, back then when it was actually a good contest with quality songs. 1991, Ardit Gjebrea, Jon

  11. Well good choice which you have made, dear Austria. I’m just curious to find out his song eventually, hope that it will be great! Anyways very best of luck to Nathan and to whole Austria! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  12. He needs a good song :)
    good luck

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