Bulgaria: Representative to be Chosen Internally

bulgariaBulgaria – BNT, the national broadcaster of Bulgaria, has confirmed on its Twitter account that the country will again opt for an internal selection for Kyiv. After last year’s success with Poli Genova, when she finished 4th, Bulgaria think it is the best option. The country will put out a public call for projects, composers and producers to match with their chosen representative.


Out of 10 entries, Bulgaria has only qualified for the final twice, once in 2007 with Elitsa & Stoyan who finished 5th an then last year when Poli Genova finished 4th.

2 comments on “Bulgaria: Representative to be Chosen Internally

  1. Good, I hope they will continue the way they started last year..maybe even smth more genuine, sophisticated and in Bulgarian language,..why not?

  2. Both years they finished top 5 was very well deserved. Same applies for their flops (debut and 2011 excluded)

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