Armenia: Last two Finalists Remain

armeniaArmenia – The Armenian national selection programme Depi Evratesil has reduced the number of contestants down to two in its latest episode in which an international jury including Sweden’s Christer Björkman helped to select Arstvik and Marta. It is expected that the final winner will be chosen by a jury / SMS 50-50 vote. Check out the two finalists:

The song that the winner will sing will be decided at a later date. Who do you think should represent Armenia?




29 comments on “Armenia: Last two Finalists Remain

  1. It will be really hard to top last year Armenian GREAT entry and that powerful vocal Iveta had. I think none of these is that good singer….I’d chose Artsvik, but here 95% depends on the song which will be chosen for ESC, and not on the artist!

    • I agree regarding Armenia 2016 which was not only a challenging song but a very professional stage performance as well !!! <3

  2. No Egine? :(
    Probably they wouldn’t like to opt for female sexiness and empowerement twice in a row :P

  3. I will repeat what I said earlier many times: This is not the format Armenia needed unfortunatly! There are a lot of talent shows here with many outstanding amateurs who are not worse than the ones who will fight for the tickets to Kiev. There was no need of this farce.
    There are a lot of good singers/bands who would never take part in this talent show but deserved to be introduced to the audiance of Eurovision :( Well I will introduce some of them in upcoming ETSCs.
    I still remember our national selection of 2009 when many great singers bands like Dorians, Bambir, Anush&Inga took part! It would be great if AMPTV opted that format once again with better production!

    From these 2 ladies I prefere Martha. She is more flexible and modern artist though she is too jazzy for Eurovision and must work on herself. Artsvik destroyed Aguilera’s Hurt but judging her performances of cliche ballads of 90s I think she can perform bland ballad in Eurovision quite well!

  4. Arstvik is a better singer imo in a more conventional way – on the other hand Marta seems more versatile but her vocals are so-so (she also looks like Ruslana a bit I think !). Tough choice for Armenia tbh. We have to wait for the song of course but when it comes to singers neither of these ladies sounds like an esc winner to me.

    Good luck !

  5. Eh, I am glad Egine got eliminated lol but sad for Syuzanna. These 2 finalists are decent but there were better options for ESC (Hasmik Shiroyan). Not even sure which I prefer of the 2 but I think based on potential songs for ESC I’ll go for Marta cause Artsvik will probably have a dated ballad.

  6. My favorite electro entry of Eesti Laul 2017:

  7. Austria selected internally :
    Nathan Trent will represent Austria at the forthcoming 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. This is his “hit” debut single which I didn’t like it AT ALL :

    The 2017 Austrian Eurovision entry will be released in February

  8. On this internal picks trend i don’t really like it.It works well with some countries but it could lead to the shrinking of thr national finals season.

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