Ireland: Brendan Murray to Kyiv!

brendan-murray-smallIreland –  Irish broadcaster RTE will tonight revealed its internal selection for Eurovision 2017 on the Late Late Show, and name former boyband Hometown singer Brendan Murray as its selection. Louis Walsh, Hometown’s manager, will then help a jury choose a song for Murray. 

Brendan has been a member of the successful boy band “Hometown” since he was 17. Hometown’s first single “Where I Belong” became the fastest-selling single from a debut act and the fastest-selling single from an Irish artist in 2014, reaching number one in the Irish charts.


Check out Brendan’s Facebook page here and follow him on Twitter @brendan_m96

Walsh was involved with previous Irish Eurovision winners and contestants Johnny Logan, Linda Martin and Jedward so has a history of involvement in Eurovision.

RTÉ is now inviting interested parties to submit a song for consideration by Louis Walsh in conjunction with a judging panel to be selected by RTÉ. Louis Walsh and the judging panel will consider all songs but will not limit themselves to considering songs solely submitted through this process.

Songs must be no longer than 3 minutes in duration. Compositions submitted for consideration (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released and/or publicly performed including online video platforms or social networks, in full or in part, before the 1st September 2016.

The closing date for entries will be at 5pm on Monday, the 16th of January, 2017. Entries should be submitted to Eurovision Song Contest 2017, RTÉ Entertainment, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Source: RTE

69 comments on “Ireland: Brendan Murray to Kyiv!

  1. It can be all right. Now everything depends of the song..ballad would suite him the best IMO..good luck Emerald Isle..

  2. I’m so pleased for Brendan. Me and Jane met him just before Hometown were revealed a few years ago, he’s a wonderful talent, and it will be lovely to support him in Kyiv.

  3. Another ETSC contestant to ESC :)

    I loved “Where I belong btw” :)

    Good luck !

  4. From ETSC 6 to ESC; well, one of them at least. Good luck, Ireland!

  5. Martin, what have you to say about this choice?

    • Am livid! Perhaps with a decent song but I am not holding much hope. Sweden has their eye on that record and tbh honest I wish them the best of luck getting it.

      • I must say that on paper this choice comes across as a bit flimsy, but we have not heard the song yet. One thing is very likely at this point in time: he may get the female teenage vote just by stepping on stage and securing said demographic group is important in this day and age. We’ll see.

        P.S. – I’ve just managed to finish two excel files I needed to tackle! I am not a fan of excel, I’m afraid. Will have some cheese and red wine now, while relaxing after an exhausting week.

  6. After Dihaj another former ETSC contestant goes to ESC. Are they reading this site or what?

    Now I can get my hopes up that Papercut will write or produce the next greek entry :-P

  7. I am beyond furious. Louise (sic) Walsh is a complete buffoon and once again he has a vested interest, he should NEVER be allowed anywhere near Eurovision. The whole things reeks of laziness and RTE should hang their heads in shame. Perhaps Brendan has a nice voice and is probably a lovely lad but for goodness sake he will be like a rabbit in headlights and will more than likely fall the same way as that disaster that was Nicky Byrne. I would love to be proven wrong but at this point I very much doubt it.

  8. This might turn out to be quite good!

    • ‘might’ being the operative word. We can keep dreaming but this has disaster written all over it imo. Lets wait and see what Louise decides as a song (probably Shane Filan is writing one as we speak) ;(

        • Lol Probably not, don’t worry ;)

          • You did made me worried. He probably is trying to get desperately in. Isn’t he bankcrupted or something?

            • I would be surprised if he even submitted a song tbh. Yes, him and his brother were involved in property development which went belly up which is quite sad. I think he’s trying to turn it around and is seemingly doing okay from what I gather.
              I just watched Louise on The Late Late Show with Brendan who sang Hold Me Now. I was completely underwhelmed. Still, we shall wait and see what big ballad (for that is what it will be) is decided upon and then move on from there. I really hope they can pull something good together of course and I will totally support them if this transpires.

            • You can’t go wrong in ESC with big Westlife ballad, but it has to be BIG. It’s not the easiest genre. Besides we haven’t heard them since Westlife called it a day.
              Yeah, Shane’s business’ are really sad. I hope him all the best, but no more solo albums please. We can always listen to Westlife back catalogue.

            • Even that is a struggle for me lol. :D
              After hearing Brendan’s ‘wait till my balls drop’ voice, am not quite sure if he can even deliver a Big ballad. Again, we shall just have to wait and see, perhaps they’ll have dropped by May ;)

            • Hahhahahhahaa! Big choir works miracle. And stool choreography 😃

            • And no worries about Westlife. I’m just boyband and girlband afficinado 😃

            • Girlbands yes! Am a huge fan. (I secretly like some boybands but don’t let on ;) )

            • That’s why I am also familiar with sad history of Westlife solo projects.

            • I wouldn’t have a clue on their solo stuff (I quite liked Shane and Nadine Coyle’s duet) although I know Mark also released some stuff. I would be looking up Wikipedia and YT to find out but that’s as far as it would go I think.
              Btw. Random fact. I once was a stand in during the week of rehearsals when Westlife were guests on The Kumars at No.42.The Kumars would rehearse their gags and situations with us and then when Westlife turned up on the night to go live it was all played out with The Kumars knowing what was coming next but Westlife having no clue.(I played Shane funnily enough) I met them after the show and they were actually nice lads.

            • Of course they are, they are Westlife 😃

  9. Good luck to Ireland and Brendan.I just want to note that success is usually the result of clear goals,program and work towards the goal.Some countries-Greece included in many occasions-should not be moaning about their esc results.Lazy efforts usually lead to poor results.I hope Brendan will be given a good song anyway.

  10. The jury ofthe Ukrainian NF: Konstantin Meladze,Andriy Danilov and Jamala.
    On another note,6 more songs of A Dal 2017 have been released:

  11. Well, it’s not a song yet, so we’ll see. I do think that he might be a tad too insecure to shine in the big stage, but who knows?

  12. Give him a gown, some hair and a beard and even a big ballad wouldn’t be a problem anymore.^^

    I hope Malta doesn’t pick Franklin this year.

  13. When Brendan joined Hometown he looked about 12, we’ve watched him grow into a confident young man, I don’t think ESC will phase him at all after that first initial ‘OMG moment of walking on the huge stage that all the artists get. He’s been learning his stage craft and media work over the last 3 years and done big gigs and TV shows. He’ll love it all I would imagine. I guess his voice could be a bit marmite but he can hold a tune and is quite unique and with a special song it could be really quite current and capture the imagination of the public as something different. The negative comments from Irish fans and commentators has left me quite shocked tbh. I appreciate the hatred of Louis, after what he’s done to his previous acts and how he behaves I have no time for the man, but I hope people give Brendan a chance and lets hope he gets a song that really works for him.

  14. Ι have to agree with Martin on this one. He can sing but his voice is too high-pitched and not that pleasant to listen to really.

    At least they picked someone from a current boyband instead of one from 20 years ago. But it doesn’t look like Ireland is putting up much of an effort to be honest.

  15. People are complaining about Louis Walsh being involved yet they quickly forget last time he was involved was the last time Ireland got a top 10 placing.

  16. I have just started listening to “Otello” but will check this choice later today.

  17. I’ll wait for the song but looking back at the past 20 years of Ireland in Eurovision, my hopes are not very high. The Irish seem to have had an unfortunate tendency to get it all wrong for some time now. When was the last Irish entry I really liked? 1999 …
    They’ve had some songs since that I would not skip if they came up on my playlist by some miracle, like “They Can’t Stop the Spring”, “Lipstick”, “Playing with Numbers” or (blush) the awful “Heartbeat”, for which I have a soft spot without knowing why, but fact is that Ireland is the only ESC country without a score higher than 7/12 since The Mullans got a 9/12 from me back in 1999. The 9/12 wins “When You Need Me” the bronze medal on my Irish list btw.

    Gold: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids”
    Silver: “I Am Walking the Streets in the Rain”

    Good luck!

  18. I am surprised by all the negativity from irish fans mainly that I see online as well tbh. He seems like a nice guy, down to earth and he has talent. Yes his voice is high pitched but this just makes him more memorable imo and there are proper songs that can do wonders for him with that kind of voice.
    Ireland is going through faces in esc. The 90s were tailored to what they offered – which was undoubtedly of higher quality than what they offer now most of the time but still they are decent now imo. Apart from Jedward who are a category on their own and brought success everything else recently seemed to not have any proper target or cohesion and I am saying that from a point of view that favoured almost all recent irish entries. If I go after 2008 and that disgrace Ireland sent :

    2009 was a good song that was elevated a lot by a great live performance. A true pity it was underrated and did not make it.
    2010 was classy and well made and thought out (minus the dress) and I still listen to it and actually have Niamh Cavanaugh as a facebook friend :) !
    Then two years of Jedward crazyness which were right on point for that time and that showed.
    Then 2013 which, again, deserved anything but last imo and was a competent entry – but still not a winning entry.
    2014 – good song, poor live rendition – and that became a running problem for Ireland from then on as in 2015 Molly had the song to make it but an insecure stage presence made her forgettable.
    And we come to 2016 with yet again similar issues – Nicky improved a lot throughout the rehearsals but he still could not compete with the strong vocalists that the contest had this year.
    Ireland has stage presentation and performance issues to fix for 2017 mainly in combination with a good song.

  19. Eurovision.tv on whether being a fan favorite is a blessing or a curse:

  20. Hm. I have a strong aversion against boybands (and idol pop in general), but at least it’s not a talent show participant. Hope the song will be OK.

  21. My favourite Irish entries: What’s Another Year (10/12), Rock’n Roll Kids (12/12), The Voice (10/12).

    Other songs I like: Walking the Streets in the Rain, Chance of a Lifetime, All Kinds of Everything (blush), Horoscopes (blush), Terminal 3 (because of the instrumental intro), Wait Until the Weekend Comes, Hold Me Now, Take Him Home, Somewhere in Europe, In Your Eyes, Mysterious Woman, Is Always Over Now, They Can’t Stop the Spring.

    • And how could I forget “Playing With Numbers” which is a wonderfully moody and resigning song. Very beautiful, and very underrated :(

    • Horoscopes? You better blush indeeed … ;)
      *Xandee calling*

    • I don’t know but I never enjoyed Johnny Logan’s ESC songs. Probably too much histrionics and quality screaming for a guy like me. I do understand the appeal of his songs though …

      • I don’t experience it as histrionics and screaming. If anything his way of singing can become too sentimental, especially in “Hold Me Now”, but he still has a good voice.

        As for the songs, I’m not equally fond of his own compositions, and especally not “Why Me” which I think is very thin musically. And as mentioned about “Terminal 3”, it is mostly about the intro for me. Try to analyse these opening chords ;)

        But I think “What’s Another Year” (which he didn’t write himself) is a really great song containing a lot of emotion and tension in the composition. Beautifully sung too :)

      • My 1980 winner is Belgium though.

        • It was a weak edition imo. Belgium and Morocco for me.

          • I like many songs in 1980: Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Spain, Belgium.

            Perhaps Morocco too, but tbh. it leaves me rather untouched. Unlike the Petrol song which is my all time favourite Turkish entry.

            Then of course there are some mediocre to bad stuff too: Austria (corny lyrics), Luxembourg (silly concept, though quite fun in its own way – I have always had a passion for silly things), Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and an awful song from the UK.

            And then there is Finland and Greece somewhere in between.

            • Besides Belgium and Morocco I can tolerate Turkey, Denmark, Sweden and Spain. Germany and the Netherlands wasted very strong singers on weak songs imo.
              Portugal sent one of the worst songs in its contest history imo and I totally detest Luxembourg.
              And then we have those hideous 80s visual aesthetics on top of it all. LOL

            • Look what I replied to Anders! It’s good to see we still agree a LOT on older contests ;)

            • I agree on all the songs you said you disliked, I agree on what your favorite songs (behind Ireland winner I have Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey). Germany and Belgium are the ONLY ones I think we disagree in 1980: I recognize both on merits but can’t stand listening to them (and I have Luxembourg last).

    • oh wow, these three are the three times Ireland is my esc winner actually :o

  22. He seems to be pretty cubbish. That could go both ways: truly bad like Josh Dubovie or pretty good like Roberto Bellarosa. It all depends on the song and the performance. Let’s wait for that.

    And oh, the best Irish entries ever are 1994 and 1996. No competition whatsoever.

  23. Nice and interesting choice for Ireland, indeed. Hope that his song will be great. Well just have to wait and see what will happen with him. Anyways very best of luck to Brendan and to whole Ireland from Finland! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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