Belgium: Loïc Nottet to Tour Europe

loic-nottettFormer Participants Loïc Nottet who represented Belgium in 2015 has today announced a European Tour for 2017. This follows the recent release of his first single since the contest “Million Eyes”.  Loic will be playing in seven European Countries with maybe more to come.

Nottet will perform two dates in Switzerland, France and Germany as well as a visit to the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. The dates and venues can be seen below:

Brussels Ancienne Belgique 22nd & 23rd April 2017 Sold Out
London Bush Hall 27th April 2017
Luxembourg Rock Hall 2nd May 2017
Paris Le Trianon 3rd May 2017 Sold Out
Geneve Thonex Live 5th May 2017
Amsterdam Melkweg 8th May 2017
Cologne Stadtgarten 9th May 2017
Berlin Frannz Club 11th May 2017
Zurich Plaza 13th May 2017
Paris Salle Pleyel 25th May 2017
Brussels Forest National 25th November 2017

In October Loïc premiered “Million Eyes”, his first single since coming 4th in the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2015 and to date has seen 2,570,945 views on YouTube.

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9 comments on “Belgium: Loïc Nottet to Tour Europe

  1. Grrr when he’s in London I’m in Belfast.

    • Tickets are only £10 as well. Getting there will cost more lol.
      I may go but then again it’s London and I hate it there

    • Have you been to Belfast before Hulluna? My original home town.

      • Good news is finally after many years I’m going to Belfast (or at least Castledawson on Loch Neagh) to catch up with all my family in 2017 for my big anniversary! am so looking forward to it, last time I was there there was British army on the street and I was told to keep my mouth shut when walking about :-( !

        • How cool. Major changes there now of course. If you get a chance pop into the Crown Dining Rooms (above the historical Crown Bar) it’s a nice enough eatery but was where I grew up when my parents ran it as The Crown Hotel from 1949-1972. Am sure you will have a wonderful time. When are you planning to be in Belfast?

  2. Why does he have tour dates on Eurovision nights?

  3. Bush Hall is a lovely venue in Shepherd’s Bush and quite accessible. For just a tenner I may well go for this.

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