Georgia: 26 Finalists Revealed

flag_of_georgia-svg Georgia – National broadcaster GBP has announced the remaining acts in the Georgian selection process. Two acts have dropped out but we still have 26 artists in the running to represent the country in Kyiv next May. It’s unknown what happens next or when! 

Here are the artists and their songs (listen on Soundcloud) that are still in the competition…

29 comments on “Georgia: 26 Finalists Revealed

  1. So glad we can hear at least smth in Georgian language..that is a novelity.. :)
    2 songs in Georgian at least, I will listen to them first..

    • I only see 2 titles in Georgian, Marko. I’ll try those 2 for now.

    • They sound different from one another, don’t they? I like all 3 of them. If all the other songs are at the same level, this will be a very interesting NF! This being ESC, I am eagerly waiting for those pivotal lives (if they reach that stage, that is).

      Dinner will now be served.

      P.S. – the orchestrations are quite distinctive, imo, but I am not used to Georgian music.

  2. I really like “The song of love”. I am conflicted on “Nature”.

  3. Nice selection. Liked “Me Da Shen“ as it’s exactly what I understand saying Georgian song :)

  4. My first comment after a long break :) I’ve missed ET❤️
    Big line up from Georgia…I only know Nutsa…she competed in The Voice Turkey :)

  5. georgia always gives a diverse and interesting lineup :)

    “the song of love” which is now renamed “lileo” is my absolute favorite especially with the georgian chorus

  6. We have never heard Georgian and Azeri language in ESC, and they compete for some time, it’s really time to listen to them in ESC!

  7. Trio Mandili — “Me Da Shen“ is pure ethnic, i LOVE it, with real georgian ethnic elemnts, this is totally awesome, fresh..

    Davit Shanidze — “Mtveris Kaci“ – so deep, melancholic, unique, the part with saxophone is mesmerizing..

    Nino Basharuli — “The Song of Love/Simgera Sikvarulisa“ is maybe even the best one.. ..what a magical entry.. :)

  8. A final show with 25 entries will take place and there will be a 60-40 jury televoting delibaration.

    • Ok,i should clarify that out of these 10 a jury will select the 3 that will make it to the eurocasting final the winner of which will take part in the Spanish final alongside other entries handpicked by RTVE.

  9. Kerli’s song is not really good. :(

  10. Neither the Sven Lohmus song is really good.

  11. Ok.Another okish and rather boring song from Daniel Levi.Angeelia’s song is probably the most interesting electro entry but then again…
    Close to Infinity’s hip-hop song is my least favorite of the semi.
    Antsud is the best followed by Rasmus Randvee and of course the weird and addictive “Make love not war”.LOL!!!

  12. Even though i expected more from Sven Lohmus i think “Verona” will be among the favorites even though the juries won’t support it.

  13. Again some song titles that have been used before…

  14. After listening once without paying close attention (I am still at work), ‘Lileo’ and ‘Me da shen’ are my favourites. Those 2 were the only songs that made me stop, listen and check what I was listening to.

  15. The second semi from my brothers and sisters in Estonia is the best batch of songs so far and even this early I bet not many other countries (if any) are going to match this depth from 1-10.

    Sven comes up with another winner as usual, he isn’t the best Estonian songwriter by luck, but even he takes a back seat this year to “Make Love Not War” which will be a top 5 song without a doubt if it wins, and one of the top 5 songs to not make the contest if it loses, and I say that in December.

    It will also be the second best anti war song in ESC history. Nobody is touching the number 1. That spot is locked in forever.

    As a bonus, if this wins, I’m dying to see how Inga remembers the order of all these countries. If she does it without any aids, it has to be the greatest display of memorization in ESC history as there isn’t any real order (geographical, or alphabetical) in the roll call.

  16. Oh, and all his talk about the greatest anti war song reminded me to post her new video. It’s a re-release of an old singer of hers, but the video is so awesome and creative, that I don’t even need to spend a second hyping it up because it speaks for itself:

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