Will UMK Star Saara Aalto Win the UK’s XFactor Tonight?

saara-aaltoFormer Participants – Last year saw Saara Aalto try to win the right to represent Finland in Eurovision as part of UMK 2016. Unfortunately she lost out to Sandhja. Saara is no quitter however and decided to try her luck in the UK’s XFactor competition instead. 

After initially being rejected at judges houses, she was brought back as a wildcard. A couple of early tough weeks saw her singing for her life in the sing-offs but since then she has gone from strength to strength and won over the UK with her strong vocals and fun personality.

Mentored by Sharon Osbourne, Saara blazed her way to the final two last night after a powerful duet with Adam Lambert.

Tonight she will sing Bjork’s ‘Oh So Quiet‘ in the XFactor final.

Saara has also not ruled out a return to UMK in the future.



21 comments on “Will UMK Star Saara Aalto Win the UK’s XFactor Tonight?

  1. She fell to second in the odds after last night’s performance. She didn’t really blow me away last night and I think it was poor song choice. Unfortunately, I don’t think she chose the right song to perform again tonight (I would’ve went with “The Winner Takes It All”) but hopefully she’ll do amazing as she normally does.

    I’ve never liked Matt Terry and seeing the underdog take the crown from him would be so much better. I really really really want Saara to win (as does my whole family) so I’ll be sending my love to her all the way from Muttontown, LI (no longer living in France).

    I think if she can do really well on “It’s Oh So Quiet” and the winner’s single she can win, but the race is much closer than it should be.

  2. Saara is not British, not straight and more importantly does not attract the girlie, ‘he’s so shot’ bubblegum vote. Therefore she will most probably be second.

    • “‘he’s so shot”

      Someone is shooting hot guys at talent shows O_o ? Scandalous ! :P

      P.S. Saara is indeed not british and that’s why I would not expect her to make it this far in the first place. The fact that she did shows that she could overcome the ethnic obstacles. And if a 35 year old mother can win 3 years ago against the hot boys in the british x factor then so can Saara.

  3. Tbh I don’t care but good luck 😉

  4. Well, I have never liked talent shows, and the X Factor is no exception – too much glamour surrounding it – but may the best singer with the most unique and original expression win, whoever that is…

  5. Well,she didn’t.The winner is so boring and predictable…

  6. So dissapointed :( Seems like Saara is bound to be the runner up in general – two finnish nfs and now x factor uk..A pity. But still getting so far was such a huge achievement ! Congrats to her and I hope she builds on that success !

  7. The 22 San Remo campeoni participants were announced tonight: https://www.eurovisionary.com/22-campioni-artists-sanremo-2017-one-will-go-kyiv/

  8. The 26 songs competing in the Georgian final have been revealed:

  9. Thanks, Saara, and good luck!

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