Sad News as Esma Redžepova Passes Away

esma-redzepovaFormer Participants – The Eurovision Times is very sorry to hear that Esma Redžepova has died aged 73. Esma represented her country at Eurovision 2013 with he song ‘Pred da se razdeni‘. The Queen of the Romany music in the Balkan regions had recently been in hospital with a lung infection. 

She performed for FYR Macedonia in Malmo in 2013 with Vlatko Lozano.

Redžepova was particularly noted for her powerful and emotional voice. In 2010, she was cited among the 50 great voices in the world by NPR, a prominent American media organization. Redžepova was also noted for her extravagant attires and her turbans, as well as the use she makes of typical stereotypes about Roma women, such as sensuality and happiness. In 2010, she was awarded the Macedonian Order of Merit, and she was entitled National Artist of the Republic of Macedonia in 2013 by the Macedonian President, Gjorgje Ivanov.

With her late husband Stevo Teodosievski she fostered forty-seven children, and received numerous accolades for her humanitarian work. She supported Roma and women rights and was also involved in local politics in her hometown, Skopje.

RIP Esma.

16 comments on “Sad News as Esma Redžepova Passes Away

  1. She was an ethnic powerhouse. Thank you and RIP

  2. May she RIP

  3. Sad news.May she rest in peace.

  4. Thank you for the music. RIP.

  5. Rest in peace.

    I’ve always felt as if Esma and Lozano unintentionally worked against each other back in 2013. Both of them could have done a good effort on their own, but they didn’t match together.

  6. This gives me goosebumps! :(

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